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Do You Believe Someone Who Says They'll "Slowly Cut Back"?

Discussion in 'Questions About Treatment' started by bluedressed, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    Well, you make a good point, since we know that admitting the problem is the beginning. If they are acknowledging that they have a problem that has to be a good thing. That doesn't necessarily mean they will be able to "wean" themselves off their drug(s) of choice without help. Still, it may be a good first step on the road that leads to recovery.
  2. Juanpeace

    Juanpeace Active Contributor

    The key here is to be patient. If you are trying to help a friend or a partner in getting well from an addiction you have to work with him/her. These baby steps like a "cut back" needs a follow through like you can turn it into a game and giving a target until you reach zero usage and zero cravings. It is difficult for others to turn "cold turkey" therefore you are there as the wingman.
  3. danjon

    danjon Senior Contributor

    Before an action there has to come an intent. So if someone has decided they're going to have to do something about their addiction, then this in itself is the first step. Obviously, pushing through to the next step is crucial, and this is where friends and family can be really important.
  4. Kyndalion

    Kyndalion Member

    I think you should at least give them the chance to, as long as it isn't ALWAYS their answer. I say give them a chance, but hold them accountable. Check up on their progress, spend more (sober) time with them, and talk about it in a positive and constructive way. Don't lose them over this!
  5. melody

    melody Active Contributor

    I do not believe that cutting back slowly really gets anyone anywhere. I think that is an excuse that I used to use so that I would not have to quit, which shows that I was not serious about quitting. Knowing that about myself makes me feel that we have to be very cautious with others who tell us to they can cut back slowly. It might be the same song and dance I gave.
  6. johnyork

    johnyork Active Contributor

    You have to believe in that person or he will lose faith in himself. That's the first step. If ever he fails, that doesn't mean you should condemn him or put him in a really tight spot. Keep on encouraging the person so that your faith in him will fuel him to do better and recover with flying colors.
  7. Deeishere

    Deeishere Active Contributor

    I really get frustrated with my brother because he says this all the time. He says that he is tired and is going to rehab. Sometimes he does, but he goes right back to drinking. I don't understand. I realized that the body craves the drink and one must have the power to fight the urge of going back. I think a person must have a strong mind to overcome this and support. He does not have a strong support system since he burnt that bridge a long time ago. I don't live in the same state as he does so I do not see him.
  8. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I don't. My fiance now smokes 5 cigarettes (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and assume he is indeed smoking 5-6 cigarettes daily and not more), so assuming it is true he is smoking that many cigarettes, I'd say the fact he has cut back didn't mean much in the end. He has been smoking this much for a while already, I'm doubting he will never quit.