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Do you hallucinate after drinking?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Profit5500, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Zimbitt

    Zimbitt Senior Contributor

    Umm no can't say I have ever had those, jesus they must be drinking something fierce if they have legit hallucinations.
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  2. Pattyxxc

    Pattyxxc Member

    I do! Actually going through it right now. I was looking for some answers on the internet and came up with nothing so here I am. I'm hearing and seeing things, even feeling things. I'm not a super regular drinker so this is a weird one for me. I'll drink to excess on occasion but tonight I went to a concert and I only had shots so nobody slipped anything in my drink. A few hours later I'm feeling terribly. Normal hangover symptoms start. But now, I keep waking up in my bed thinking I'm still at the concert venue and I scream and leap out of bed and just generally freak out. Then I realize I'm in my room and nothing's wrong. This has happened 5 times tonight and it's really freaking me out lol. Has anyone experienced this??? I mixed at least 4 different kinds of drinks and I made sure to eat food before and after.
  3. Troysavage420

    Troysavage420 Member

    One time I was walking on the beach in Chicago and drink a pint of Smirnoff after staying up 36 hour and I black out for my longest of 6 hours. At the end of my blackout it felt like getting out of bed but I was walking and couldn’t understand anybody, birds were talking, hearing people calling my name and the building we’re moving
  4. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Troysavage420 hey there. sounds scary... i'm glad you made it out of that binge alive.
  5. Cametobelieve0202

    Cametobelieve0202 Community Champion

    I drank a bottle of vodka (sometimes I’d add some wine or beer but you catch the drift) everyday for roughly 5 years straight and I’m a very small woman in my 20s. I blacked out 90% or the time I drank. I can only recall missing one day because I was involved in a car accident (ironically not related to alcohol) and they gave me morphine in the ambulance which was wonderful so I skipped it that night. But that’s it, 1 DAY out of about 1800 days! Over the course of my last 3 years of drinking I went through having mile forms of withdrawal to being unable to function without alcohol in my system. I exhibited all of the symptoms of withdrawal (constantly shaking uncontrollably, nausea, sweating, unable to think straight, dizziness etc) except for delirium tremons. I think it’s fairly common among chronic alcohol to hallucinate during withdrawal/DTs. I lived with an alcoholic who was a few years older than me (27 at the time) but drank as much or more than me. He quit and experienced hallucinations, while he was in the hospital he died twice, became violent and saw spiders on his skin.
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  6. N2dbeach

    N2dbeach Member

    I literally just searched to see if it happens to anyone else I have been suffering from that as of late. Seeing trails. Nothing more but freaky. I have been on a binge.
  7. N2dbeach

    N2dbeach Member

    Not withdraw its while I'm drinking.
  8. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @N2dbeach i do hope you can decrease your drinking... sounds like this could really be affecting you in a negative way....
  9. One time I drank a lot and took a bunch of sleeping pills and the next morning I was throwing up at one point I blacked out because I don’t remember going into the bathroom i found myself in the tub throw up everywhere I went to my room and changed and layed down then i felt something and I look at my hand and I swear it was a spider biting me I didn’t think to much about it but then I look up and there is one on my cealing it’s making a web and then I see another one by it and I freak out at the point so I went to the living room and I’m laying on the couch trying to go to sleep but I can’t so I just look up and there is a HUGE ONE making a Webb ! I stare at it for a while and look over and there is more on the wall but smaller like baby spiders all over and I see another big one and I’m like papa (cause him and my gma are up at this point for work ) look at these spiders and he comes to where I am and like where I’m like right there on the pic frame and over there on the wall and. He’s like I don’t see any and I’m like what and he like I don’t know what you did but your seeing things! That day was horrible and I am stupid af for doing it I don’t wish that on anyone cause that **** horrible to experience! I never had any hallucinations while just drinking tho! Only mixed with pills
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  10. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @Anonymous747992 welcome to the site and i hope and pray thing's are getting better for you,definitely mixing pills and alcohol is very dangerous.I assume you came to the site because you have something else effecting you,some substance or trauma i cant really be sure as all i know is of the one story you have shared.Here in this community we all truly care and only want to help in anyway possible.I commend your courage in taking the first step and reaching out,that alone takes great strength and courage.Please share openly so we can advise with the best possible information we can.We do not judge for any reasons what so ever so as you reach out we reach back.Stay Strong and God Bless
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  11. HalJordan

    HalJordan Member

    Hey everyone. So I signed up to this site because it was the closest thing I could find on hallucinations and drinking alcohol. So I am 21 years old live in Ireland and I have very vivid hallucinations after a night out. I do not abuse alcohol or take any drugs or medication. You could say I’m healthy with no issues that I know of mentally and physically. I am a college student and just earlier today I was talking to my friends about disabilities in general and bla bla bla one thing led to another and hallucinations got mentioned and I said yup I hallucinate after alcohol and after a long conversation on my experiences they asked me to seek help and informed me that they have never heard of this happening to anyone. So I don’t take drugs I don’t abuse alcohol I only drink when there is something on like a birthday or occasion. The past few years I’ve been hallucinating when I come home from the pub basically after a night of drinking I would be drunk during these occurrences but not to the point of blacking out. I thought this was pretty normal because my family, girlfriend and friends all know this happens to me and just laugh it off at first the hallucinations were subtle with me thinking one of my friends I was drinking with that night was still with me and I would put out an extra plate of food or an extra blanket only for my friend who is actually with me to inform me that they are not here and they left hours ago. I would just shrug it off but throughout the years of casual drinking the hallucinations get worse (nothing scary or harmful just a bit weirder ) so I would now see people I have never met in my life and have conversations with them only to turn around and back and realise they are not there. I am very aware that I hallucinate after alcohol as sometimes I would go toilet in someone’s house with many people there drinking and I would have a conversation with a few people in the toilet only to exit the toilet and my friend or relative wouldn’t say who are you talking to and I would go back into the toilet and sort of get a shock that no one was in there. This one time I was at a buddies house after a night out and I made a pizza in the oven ( not that drunk so I was well able to cook ) and when I took the pizza out the oven a guy was standing in the kitchen which I presumed was a friend of his I have never met before and I said hi and whatever and proceeded to take the pizza out the oven when I turned to place it on the table the guy slapped the pizza out of my hands and onto the floor as you could imagine I was annoyed but didn’t know the guy so said wtf and bent down to pick up the pizza when I stood up he was gone and I asked my friend who was the d**khead who slapped the pizza out my hands only to find out no one else was in the house. I react to it pretty casually now as I’m just like “oh I just hallucinated again”. Most hallucinations are very mild passing conversations with the hallucinations and my girlfriend would just laugh at me when she catches me talking to a hallucination after the pub and I would also laugh it off as I think it is very amusing that I can visualise and have a conversation with someone who is not even there. I am not scared of these hallucinations in any way as there is no harm done and I get a laugh off them again just to clarify I do not take drugs or general medicine I have no history of mental illness I am just a regular college student who is doing great in life. The reason I am posting this comment here is because today I found out that it is not a common thing (this only happens after alcohol) I do not drink often. Probably once a month at most and every bit of information I find online relating to alcoholic hallucinations always says ‘drug abuse’,’alcohol abuse’ or ‘mental disorders’ and I assure you I do not abuse any alcohol or drugs and I do not have mental disorders just a normal 21 year old. Just hoping someone can shed some light on why I hallucinate after alcohol. Also I don’t hallucinate every time I drink but like 50/50 and most the time they are just normal conversations with normal people (which are hallucinations). Thankyou in advance
  12. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @HalJordan Hello and welcome. I have no idea why you'd hallucinate after drinking...Do you ever hallucinate sober? Just curious... Sounds like something you may need to discuss with an expert in the field...
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  13. HalJordan

    HalJordan Member

    Thankyou for your reply. Hallucinating sober, kind of but mostly when I was younger. I used to sleep walk rarely up until the age of 10. During my early teens which would of involved no alcohol I sometimes would see “ghosts” as I called them when I woke up or before I went to sleep. I do know waking up and going to sleep are very common times to hallucinate visually so I got over that pretty quickly at about the age 14. I suppose a few years later I began casual drinking. When I first started drinking I never hallucinated. It is only the last 2 years since it’s begun so 19 I think it started. Actually I do specifically remember hallucinating on my 19th birthday after alcohol as my friend was with me and we laughed about me thinking someone was with us when we went home even though it was just the two of us. Thanks
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  14. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @HalJordan I would consult with a doctor at some point... just to see what they say. There are deeply spiritual or intuitive people who "see ghosts"...or spirits or have visions.... but sounds like this goes beyond that. If you ever find out the cause, do let us know... and maybe try not to drink ;)
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  15. Pomapoomom

    Pomapoomom Member

    I have had audio and visual hallucinations when withdrawing. I should add that this has only happened on a handful of occasions and none for about 4/5 years. They were very frightening and happened several days after stopping drinking. I didn’t associate them at the time with withdrawal but do now.
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