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Do you refuse to take any type of prescribed medicine?

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by pineywood, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    With all the side effects of prescription drugs, have you gotten to the point that you think all prescribed medicine is harmful?

    I can understand how someone might feel this way; however the benefits of some prescription drugs outweigh the potential side effects.

    Granted no-one should abuse prescribe medicine, but are there some pharmaceutical drugs on the market that are beneficial?
  2. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    There is Penicillian which is used to fight microbe and infections and is needed mostly the elderly use this one and without it than they would have been not alive would have lost fight against disease. There is Insulin and without it many people would not get the sugar needed to function in the body. Sometimes people can abuse these but, for the time being these sort of medicines will only work and also it is needed to help people survive in a daily basis.
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  3. EditorsRHumansToo!

    EditorsRHumansToo! Community Champion

    Yes, I did. Even high BP calcium blocker treatment 2 1/2 years ago. She said that I would be having headaches as side effects. I researched about the BP drug. Not very enlightening. By the help of God, diet and exercise, I am well without any BP meds.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2015
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  4. Carmilla

    Carmilla Active Contributor

    I do not try to avoid all prescription drugs as like you said, sometimes the benefits heavily outweigh the disadvantages, but I do not take them frivolously. I make sure to ask myself if I really need the drug instead of popping every pill the doctor gives me.
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  5. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    I can understand both sides of this issue. Personally, I am not on any prescription medication. This is not to say, I would dismiss any in the future. At the same time, education is of vital importance. Agreed, diet and exercise are important!
  6. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    Great point, there are certain drugs which are essential to some people so we shouldn't be so quick to assume that all medications are inherently bad.
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  7. JoanMcWench

    JoanMcWench Community Champion

    I try to avoid all medications unless absolutely necessary. That's speaking of prescription or OTC drugs. If I have a headache I can bear without having to look to an aspirin than I have no issue doing so. Well, I have an issue because my head hurts of course but if it's bearable I feel I should bear it. My body was built to fight things alone sometimes. I think we've become too reliant on all sorts of medications. Not a good thing.
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  8. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    I avoid taking any kind of medication as much as possible. I try not to take medications as long as I can manage any condition I have naturally. When it comes to a point where I can no longer manage I prefer herbal versions of medicines because of the lesser side effects.
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  9. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    You make a good point about about the risk of becoming too reliant on medication. Your example of a headache is a case in point. Sometimes, we need to look at why we have a headache. Are we not controlling our stress level, or eating too much unhealthy food, etc.

    I understand the benefits of herbal versions of medication. At the same time, I would caution everyone to understand there can still be side effects. As you say, "because of the lesser side effects".

    U.S. National Library of Medicine
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  10. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    I am not an advocate of painkillers. In every single one of my medical experiences with painkillers, I have not really felt anything by them. They just make me feel irritable and awful in general. I do not experience any relief from pain whenever I am taking them, so I try to stay away from all types of painkillers if I am ever injured or if I ever need any type of surgery.
  11. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    I think the only drug i've been prescribed but didn't take was antidepressant's. I had heard a lot of rumours at the time that once your in them you'll never get off them so that worried me a little.
  12. IrishHeather

    IrishHeather Active Contributor

    I agree with many of the poster on this topic. Seeing as my addiction started with prescription drugs, I am super wary of any and all drugs prescribed by my medical professional. However like you said some medication does outweigh the risks and side effects for their intended purpose. Instead of swearing off all prescribed medication I make sure to do my research before taking them. I also look for alternative therapies in lew of pharmaceuticals. But before making any decisions I always consult my doctor first.
  13. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I seldom go to the doctor cause for sure there will be prescribed medicines. But whenever I do, I do buy and take those prescribed medicines according to what was prescribed. Just for the time required and not more than that to avoid side effects.
  14. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    I do everything under the sun to avoid taking medications. I simply just don't trust medicine these days.

    Just look at the commercials for medicine. They'll say "works for this", but then go on to list all sorts of disclaimer side effects, some of which are fatal. Since when is medicine meant to do more harm than good?
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  15. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    Most of the time I don't even trust doctors in the first place. So you better believe I do anything I can to stay away from taking medication. And as the above poster showed, some of them can make you worse off than before you took them.
  16. CallipygianGamine

    CallipygianGamine Community Champion

    I don’t flat-out refuse, but I do try to avoid being prescribed any medications. I don’t think medications are all bad, but I would prefer to treat any of my ailments as naturally as possible, until I can’t anymore. And then I’ll try my best to avoid refilling a prescription; I think I’ve only had to do that once in my life.
  17. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I've always been careful when it comes to medicine, in that I'd only ever do it if it was entirely necessary. Most of the time I would much rather just change something in my lifestyle rather than depend on constantly having to buy and intake medicine.
  18. calicer1996

    calicer1996 Community Champion

    This relates to me on so many levels! My parents would give me medicine whenever I showed little symptoms of fever. I was getting sick of it all : the side effects, the after effects, etc. So, I decided that I won't take them anymore. And guess what, I haven't been ill for over 2 years. People don't believe me and ask me what my secret it.
    If I show symptoms of fever, I just go out and run a few laps and that's that.
  19. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Community Champion

    I'm not against the use of prescription drugs, let's not be too hard on modern western medicine. As long as they are taken as prescribed the health benefits far outweigh any negative side-effects. Though there may be prescribed drugs that don't go too well with one's system, it's important to regularly consult with a doctor. Even the local pharmacist can at times offer a better alternative, as he is better aware of what the drug companies are releasing.
  20. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    I don't necessarily have a distrust in doctors, but I am not too fond of medications such as pain killers because I have seen peoples' lives get ruined from then.