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Do you think it's safe for someone to only drink every now and then?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Tsky45, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    There are people who don't really get drunk, but have a drink every now and then. If a person has a glass of wine after dinner, or a beer after work I don't think that would make them a alcoholic. If someone is a responsible drinker how could they develop a problem. There are some people who only have a drink or two around Christmas. People have different personalities from what I've observed, it could be possible that addiction is based on a persons responsibility level with alcohol.
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  2. stridee

    stridee Active Contributor

    It is definitely safe for someone to drink every now and then. The problem with alcohol is when people abuse it. For example, one person may drink like five drinks a day. With that much alcohol in your system, it is definitely a hazard to your health. Having a drink or two during a holiday festivity is not a bad thing! Just make sure that when you drink alcohol that you do so in moderation.
  3. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    If you only having one or two drinks a few times a year, that's not a problem at all. Does eating a another piece of chocolate cake make you obese? Like any addiction if the person in question starts doing it all the time where it start hurting their relationships, quality of life, and their well being, then it's a problem.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    Alcohol is sometimes portrayed as one of the most evil substances around, and that's simply not the case. A drink every now and again, or just to be sociable can benefit a person's life in my opinion.

    Obviously if that drink every now and again starts to get a lot more usual, it's something to maybe keep an eye on, but in most cases it isn't going to make you an alcoholic.
  5. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Yeah, those are called social drinkers. Those are the people who spend the whole night at a party or a bar with the same beer they bought or got when they arrived. I really envy those people. I tried a couple of times to be a social drinker, but I always ended up drunk. Some people like to party, some people like to mingle.
  6. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    A person can certainly be a social drinker without turning into an alcoholic. There are lots of people who have a glass of wine with their meals or in the evening to rewind. That doesn't make them an addict. Not everybody that drinks is going to become an alcoholic. There are many people who can control what they did and how much they drink.
  7. smartmom

    smartmom Senior Contributor

    I thinks what makes a person an alcoholic is drinking too much. Casual drinks here and there should not be a problem. Its the overuse that makes alcohol addictive.
  8. LeonasSword

    LeonasSword Active Contributor

    No, it's not a bad thing. I heard that if you drink a glass of red wine every day it'll improve your health. As long as you don't overdo it, I believe it's safe. I have family that drink a lot on weekends and it's not a good thing, so I won't suggest making a habit of drinking.
  9. Nikkishea21

    Nikkishea21 Active Contributor

    Well, during the holidays or hanging out with friends, I indulge in one or two but I always keep it within the limit of what I know I can handle and the people around are responsible enough to put a quota on what others take.
  10. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I mean, alcohol is a heavy drug. People think of it differently because it's socially accepted, but it's a heavy drug. If you can keep your use light, than I see no issue. I myself used to have an issue where I'd drink too much, but am now down to six "session" beers a week. Some people can do that, some people can't.
  11. DutchMike

    DutchMike Member

    Definitely safe, I know a lot of people who can go weeks without even a sip of alcohol, myself included, and then have a few drinks when going out with friends or at parties.

    I drink maybe 3 or 4 beers during the week, usually have it with dinner or late at night. But I drink more when I'm out with friends, though I never feel the need to then drink again the next day.
  12. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    I posted on this before, but some people can be social drinkers and some cannot.
    I can't.
    Once I have a single drink I can't stop I just keep drinking and drinking.
  13. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Community Champion

    I'm someone that only drinks on those special and rare occasions. I've never been very fond of alcohol and have never been drunk in my life. I've talked to people with a similar disposition to me in regards to alcohol and it seems that they're all in the same boat. Namely, those that are not fond of alcohol or get nausea by simply taking a sip of alcohol cannot in any way become alcoholics.
  14. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I feel like it's all dependent on volume and also a persons previous relationship with alcohol. If you can drink mindfully and not overdo it, then I definitely think it's okay. I know other people that know when they drink one drink becomes being hammered. For them, I think it's easier to just steer clear altogether.
  15. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yeah this is true. What's the point though? It is better to be this way. It's kind of how I am but this junk is just not good for you. I guess it's like eating McDonald's. If you want to once and awhile eat or drink toxic waste. A little bit once and awhile is ok, right? This mentality is what eventually gets people to have health issues that sneak up on them. The slow death. I'm done with it. I think that these companies will find ways to put even more nasty stuff in their products if eventually there isn't a law against it.
    How proud are some people to sit there and say, "this is what's going to kill me" I mean ok I guess it makes sense to say something so dumb. Lol It's like they are proud to say I don't care about myself. How ridiculous is this?
  16. cjcasey83

    cjcasey83 Member

    Absolutely. If you can drink every now and then and have a good time, more power to you. I only think drinking is a problem when it starts to do things to you rather than do things for you!
  17. Mzpeaceful1

    Mzpeaceful1 Active Contributor

    It is absolutely ok for many people to be social drinkers. I drink occasionally when out with friends. I rarely keep alcohol in my home unless I am going to be entertaining as I am not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a margarita with my mexican dinner when I am out or a good glass of cabernet with a nice meal.

    Some people can not drink like this and those are the alcoholics and should not try and drink socially because one or two drinks is never enough. They just can't stop. They just keep drinking until they black out or are throwing up somewhere and are falling down drunk and I have known of many tragic situations happening to people before it was too late. I worry daily about my son who has a bad alcohol problem but there isn't much I can do about it but hope he lives through it.
  18. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I enjoy a cold beer or two once a week but that's enough for me. I was never a big drinker anyhow, preferring the white powdery stuff, but I'm still careful to limit my beer drinking to once a week.
  19. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    As long as your drinking habits don't affect your life in a bad way, then I think it is just totally fine to drink once in a while. It is a good stress reliever anyway. But yeah, always drink responsibly/moderately.
  20. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I think that is safe to drink every now and then, but I don't think that totally healthy to create habits of it, such a beer after work or when you're hanging out with your friends. If you are feeling stressed after work, you can find a lot of ways to relax that doesn't really include alcohol. If you're drinking when you're hanging out with your friends, try to have the same amount of fun without a drink. I think that is safe as long as you don't create an habit of it.