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Do you think stress can be a factor when it comes to smoking?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by JadeVengeance, May 4, 2015.

  1. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    That is actually one of the leading causes why people tend to smoke, although in my case, I tend to want to smoke more when I just ate and I feel full.
  2. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    Yes. It’s absolutely normal my friend. When I used to smoke, I also felt myself wanting to smoke more when I was in stress. It was that nicotine that I wanted to use to reduce the stress level in my brain.

    However, although smoking under pressure or stress is perfectly normal for a smoker, the fact is that this whole smoking this is just not normal!

    Whenever you are in stress, you have to search for ways of feeling neutral to the entire environment of stress. When your mind doesn’t sense stress then you will not have the carving to smoke.
  3. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    Stress is a huge factor in smoking I think. I would smoke like a chimney when I was stressed out or upset about something. That is just the way it was for me. I think part of it was that I could step outside and just think for a few minutes when I was puffing away on my cigarette, and I used cigarettes like a crutch.
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  4. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    Haha... I'd smoke like a chimney too in stress. In those days, I'd start with a cigarette in bed and end too, with a cigarette in bed. I used to feel handicapped without cigarettes. I just needed them so much in stress because when i would be smoking, I would feel that the smoke's puffed the stress away from me, at least for a while.

    But when I recall those days, it sounds funny because I've already realized that I was wrong the whole time.
  5. Eileen100

    Eileen100 Member

    When I smoked cigarettes I was what you would call a train smoker, and the main reason was because I was under a lot of stress. I had just lost my home I was homeless, then I lost my job and was freaking out. So I would say I now associate cigarettes with stress so I try to stay away from it.
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  6. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    True words. Nowadays, I also associate cigarettes with stress. Whenever I see people smoking around me, I start to get a head-ache. I just can't stand the smell of cigarettes anymore. The more far I stay away from cigarettes, the more happy I feel these days. But, I wonder how this could happen? I mean the cigarettes that we used to love so much have now become such a pain in the wrong side!
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Active Contributor

    I am not a smoker but my husband was a mild chain smoker. He could finish a pack of 20 cigarettes in one sitting when he is writing stories or movie scripts. He used to say that the nicotine perks up his argentaffin glands to produce more serotonin. Pardon for the term, that's my husband's word.

    When there is trouble like a car breakdown, the first thing my husband would do is to reach out for a stick of cigarette and light it up. So it is very clear to me that smoking lessens if not to totally relieve stress.

    PS. My husband was able to kick his habit on June 29, 2007.
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  8. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    Is your husband clean till now? Hasn't he ever picked a cigarette since 2007? If so, then please do convey my Congratulations to him because I know how hard it is to quit smoking, and that even for almost 8 years, especially when you have a habit of hyper-smoking whenever you're in stress. How does he deal with stress these days? I'd like to know that.
  9. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I don't smoke myself but I have long heard smoking relieves stress. Yet I have read that most people especially youths ,START to smoke be to appear mature, be like their friends or experiment. For person like this if that logic is true, I guess in the end it's the stress that makes them want to continue?

    I have been stressed out quite a bit recently but I don't think a smoke is going to help me right now. I guess I will have to find some other form of relief .
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  10. kjonesm1

    kjonesm1 Community Champion

    It is prbobably a mental thing, but I definitely smoke more when I am upset or stressed. I once read in an article that the deep inhalation and exhalation contributes to the relaxation a smoker feels. The article said it resembles the breathing pattern while meditation.
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  11. E.Mil

    E.Mil Community Champion

    Stress is one of the main reasons people smoke. I don't smoke but the people that I know who do, often smoke when they are feeling stressed. Even though they know it's bad for them they really don't know how to handle the stress and they use smoking to help them.
  12. justalittle

    justalittle Member

    Stress can definitely be a factor when it comes to smoking. My ex-girlfriend started smoking to deal with her stress. I think most people start smoking because they think it will help them deal with issues and feel better. They continue because it is highly addictive. Typically, the more a stressed a person is, the more likely they are to smoke.
  13. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    Precisely said. When I used to feel stressed, I used to inhale the nicotine very deeply and exhale it slowly. That helped me to feel very relaxed. And, by doing so, I also felt as if I was meditating. The almost 5 minutes that I would spend smoking would help me to lower my stress level and come back to my normal mood.
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  14. kjonesm1

    kjonesm1 Community Champion

    I still smoke and can't seem to break the habit. I wonder if breathing and meditation will help take the edge off...
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  15. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    There was a wise man. He once said, "Everything is in the mind."
    You can break the habit my friend! You just have to alter the thought patterns inside your mind. Try to think in a different way. Why do you smoke? Because it acts as meditation when you're in stress. So, deep inside your mind, you want to alleviate your stress, you don't want to smoke. But since your subconscious mind has a misconception that smoking will alleviate your stress, you just can't resist those cigarettes when you find yourself in stress. Now, what you need to do is just find something else that can help you cut down your stress levels, something that includes physical activity so that your brain doesn't get time to recall the pleasure of smoking. Once you find an alternative and stick to it, you will see yourself not wanting nicotine as you used to.
  16. Sudarsan

    Sudarsan Active Contributor

    That's how I started smoking too. It was never stress that made me smoke. I remember the first time I picked a cigarette, it was because I liked the way my dad used to smoke off in the living room, and I thought he looked cool. But I developed a habit when I used to try to show-off smoking in front of my school friends. Unknowingly, I had begun to want a cigarette a day; when I would not smoke for a day, I would feel stressed. And then when I would smoke after a long interval, I would feel totally rejuvenated. So, gradually, my mind started to associate inhaling nicotine with reducing stress. And, then i always used to feel that smoking helps to minimize stress.
  17. Missfortune81

    Missfortune81 Member

    Stress is definitely a factor for me when it comes to cigarette cravings. Nicotine is very relaxing and the act of smoking can also be very calming to most people. I don't usually smoke during the day, but at the end of a long hard, day or if I am having a stressful evening, I definitely get the urge to light. Let's just say, if stress didn't exist, I would have a much easier time quitting smoking.
  18. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    I am also a smoker, and my reply to your post is yes for me. I know others that tend to smoke more when under stress
    Some people over eat when stressed. So the same for smokers they tend to smoke more I guess it's just comforting.
  19. munkeygirlie

    munkeygirlie Member

    I believe that stress is a major factor. I've tried to quit for years and every time I think I have it beat something happens, something annoys me or isn't going right, and the first thing I want is a cigarette. I think it has a lot to do with having something else to focus on other then what I am stressed about. It's also a very calming thing to inhale and exhale, and smoking makes you concentrate on that.

    Its a comforting familiar thing to smoke. We tend to fall back into our comfort zones when we're stressed in order to relieve that stress. I haven't found something to take the place of smoking when I'm stressed yet but I do hope I can find something that works soon.
  20. SarahWorksAtHome

    SarahWorksAtHome Community Champion

    Oh yes.
    When I am nervous, stressed out or having high anxiety levels I begin to chain smoke.
    I will easily go from a pack a day smoker to a two packs a day smoker when my stress levels are high.