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Does it make you lazy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Rosyrain, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 Senior Contributor

    I agree with you that stereotypes do exist for a reason, but I know plenty of people that smoke that are far from lazy. They smoke to relax after their busy lives. Not an expert but it is from my experience that it does not actually make an individual lazy. Perhaps lazy people just like to smoke.
  2. Vinaya

    Vinaya Community Champion

    I have tried marijuana, however, I never went to the point that could be termed addiction. I have seen many people regularly smoking weed. From my observation, I have found that too much marijuana smoking makes you lean, weak and lazy.
  3. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    It does the opposite to me. I get so hyper in a sense that I can focus better and do more. Usually I have great ideas and little inventions that hep me manege things in general. Sometimes before a go to sleep and I take a hit or two I fall asleep quicker but that is just because I was sleepy already.
  4. Ally

    Ally Member

    Oh, I definitely think weed can lead to apathy. Of course, plenty of people smoke pot regularly and still get up and do their job and have healthy relationships and all that. It's when a person starts developing maladaptive behaviors that he or she might consider taking a step back from it. These behaviors include sitting on your couch all day without motivation. I think it can be enjoyed in moderation, like beer, without addiction. That does not mean, however, that one cannot be addicted to it. I would say it probably falls into the same category as food, television and sex addiction. Can definitely be unhealthy.
  5. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I think it has something to do with the individual on the one hand and what might be going on with them unrelated to the actual marijuana. I think I have seen both cases but still don't know if the reclusive or lethargic behaviour had everything to do with the marijuana.

    On the other hand I have seen some marijuana smokers really, really hype with energy for an army and been told that those persons were doing a lot of weed.
  6. danjon

    danjon Senior Contributor

    It's a commonality with all addictions that once a user is hooked, their interest in things outside of their drug habit begins to diminish. I suspect with cannabis this ennui towards life is particularly pointed. If your friend is also depressed, then marijuana is almost certainly going to make that worse.
  7. rEEzytheKiD

    rEEzytheKiD Active Contributor

    I can honestly say I've never felt accomplished just for smoking weed. I still have to actually accomplish something for any intensified feelings like that. Smoking pot is not a solution to problems that already exist within. If you are depressed then you will still be depressed after you smoke and depending on what strain you smoke you will be a bit more lazy. Not many people know exactly what they are smoking and that is the problem. There are lots of factors and that's why if there were more professionals involved with the industry to point people in the right direction when using it there would be a better idea of when and why as opposed to a negative stigma for a natural herb with proven medical benefits.
  8. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    It also seems like she forgets a lot of things after she has been high. I have given her instructions on how to do things, after she has asked me for help on things, and then like 2 days later she is asking me again. I am not sure if it is the weed, the fact that she has multiple kids...or a combination of both.
  9. Diana S.

    Diana S. Member

    You are right, I believe you're not suffering from depression but if she is depressed she was already feeling empty - her serototin levels were low, so when she smokes those levels raise and she feels so good that she doesn't feel like doing anything too complicated, she enjoys herself too much in that moment. It's better for her to see a doctor who would recommend her to use a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.
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  10. EmmaAaren

    EmmaAaren Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with you my dear. I hope that a solution to your friend depression will make a difference in how motivated she is. I do however find that If I smoke there is no hope of me getting anything done anymore. It kills all motivation and drive I might have hiding around inside. I wish your friend the best!
  11. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion
    Memory loss associated with marijuana use is caused by the drug’s interference with the brain’s natural protein synthesis machinery, according to a study published in Nature Neuroscience.

    While there could be many reasons why someone forgets things when you bring weed into the equation it could exacerbate the problem. Frequent [abu]use certainly can make someone forget things.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
  12. KingEeyore

    KingEeyore Member

    It does the opposite for me. I love to smoke a little before working out. It makes me get more into my actual workout. I'm not lazy. I work full time and manage a large operation. I practice martial arts and I hit the gym. It enhances what I'm currently doing. If I'm makes food better! If I'm working makes my workouts better. If I'm sitting on couch playing video games...well...that's fun as well. Everybody's if different and everybody handles things differently. Be responsible.
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  13. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    That is very true, it doesn't affect everyone in the same way, but it also depends on what you associate to it. If you smoke weed and lounge around then that's what you will do when you smoke. If you work out after you smoke you will associate that high to weed.
  14. shorsh

    shorsh Member

    I think they go hand in hand, but has she always been lazy? It could be a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg...
  15. thash1979

    thash1979 Active Contributor

    I think anything you sit around to do all day makes you lazy! If you sit around and watch tv all day it makes you lazy. So, if you sit on your couch all day smoking weed, you would be lazy. I don't think there is the amount of people that do this daily like there used to be. Just because you have a medical marijuana card, does not mean you are lazy and sit around all day abusing it. It is a stereotype that society has placed on people that smoke it, even before they legalized it.
  16. mauricioq

    mauricioq Member

    Yes, a lot. Especially when the effects start to take place, I just get super lazy and want to lie down to chill for a bit. But, after a while I usually get motivated to do my things!
  17. Andorphin

    Andorphin Member

    I think it has a huge impact on performance as well. I have a couple of ex friends (now acquaintances) that smoke marijuana pretty often and when I was in High School with some of them they didn't really like to study. It was pretty evident. Hope they're going to get free from that and live a better life and not get in much trouble.
  18. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    It does make you lazier, a bit. but that doesn't mean you loose your productivity...when speaking about weed, the main concern I think should be on the depression that it might cause.
  19. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    I also had a friend that would always come in late, she would grab my notes and a friend of mines notes and copy our work. She wouldn't even bring a pen and paper. She once was so high she just sat there looking at her desk. Long story short she did some things she shouldn't have and I only hope the best for her, maybe she will get weed it will only do her good.
  20. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Depression, maybe some alcohol is mixed in there this is a depressant. The depression is associated with the adrenals. They are weak and fatigued. Marijuana could contribute to it but not necessarily the main cause. Diet and all of this more so. Alcohol messes up the adrenals due to drinking too much, too often and so forth.