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Drinking Alcohol to Sleep

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by anne16, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. XiaoDre

    XiaoDre Active Contributor

    Life can be very stressful. When people constantly worry, they may not know how to deal with it and turn to alcohol. I have had this problem for many years. Every time I would get mad at someone, something, or I am sad, I drink alcohol. The reason I would run to alcohol is because it seemed like the perfect escape from everything. It took me a long time to realize that alcohol is not a problem solver. When the feeling is gone, the issue will be there all over again. I just loved the fact that I would forget about my issues for a moment. I still drink but when I have issues going on in my life, I pray instead of running to alcohol.
  2. anne16

    anne16 Active Contributor

    Thanks a lot! I knew that alcohol is not good for the health even before I started, but I guess, I am just looking for a little time to just forget everything at that time. I really don't know, I just had 2 bottles when I started, then I needed 3 then 4 and that time I realized I already need to stop before it goes out of hand. Right now, I earn a little amount from my online work, I am busy with zumba class on weekends and forums like this. I had a drink about 2 months ago but I don't have any cravings to have another anytime soon.
  3. anne16

    anne16 Active Contributor

    I agree. Besides, the problem is still there and I am just adding another problem to it by drinking. What drinking gives is a temporary one, when you sleep, you are not thinking about it, but when you wake up in the morning, the problem is still there. Worst, at times it is accompanied by headache.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    I think you'll find that theres a lot of people in the same situation and turned to alcohol as a way to block out what was really going on in their life. Its a lot easier to have a drink and forget about your problems than deal with them head on and try and solve them. ANd if it helped us sleep aswell then even better.

    In a way it's a form of running away and i guess, we just decided to stop running, turn round and face the problem head on.
  5. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I get headaches the next day too whenever I drink alcohol if I drink a certain amount past my comfort zone, and yeah while it does work it is temporary and sooner or later you'd just need to up the dosage which just isn't practical. Making lifestyle changes works far better and lasts longer as a solution.
  6. henry

    henry Community Champion

    Well, that's a very common problem when it comes to drinking. I remember that when I spent a whole week getting drunk every night, the night I didn't drink I just could not sleep at all. Your body starts getting used to it very fast. But I do know that if you stop drinking for a couple of days, things start getting back to normal. If you get stressed out, try doing some meditation. Usually, what keeps you awake is your mind. We think way too much when we have problems, so, clearing your mind is the best way to relax and fall asleep fast. No thought.
  7. bfin91

    bfin91 Member

    Great job! I'm happy you figured out a way to move away from the alcohol. Now if only my husband can do it! He works rotating shifts and uses that as an excuse to drink himself to sleep every night. Hopefully he can find a way to steer himself away from that "solution". Life is hard, but you have to embrace it and be happy with the one you're living.
  8. devinametallic

    devinametallic Active Contributor

    I know how easy it can be to just find something that'll take away all the worries and just keep doing it until something better comes along or until you find a way out. I do commend you in your journey because I know how hard that can be. In my opinion though, I find wine much easier to help me sleep lol
  9. anne16

    anne16 Active Contributor

    Yes, I do feel better now and I try to include brisk walking to my daily schedule, even if its only 30 minutes a day. Also, I tried to focus more on work and part time online job. I actually feel great because I just got a promotion last Monday from my full time work. Thanks and I'll catch you soon here!
  10. lgdg090596

    lgdg090596 Senior Contributor

    I used to drink when I'm in pain (I have hemophilia). But there are times that the pain's so intense that 10 glasses of brandy won't help.
  11. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    You're not an alcoholic by any measure but you do have the tendency to depend on alcohol. The only difference between you and people who cannot seem to part with alcohol is that you want to use it as a substitute sedative while others use it to escape from problems. As long as you have the motivation to resist, even if you're an occasional drinker, those alcohol sessions won't really impair your daily life.
  12. TommyVercetti

    TommyVercetti Community Champion

    It's not a very good sleeping tonic. Sure, you get sleepy and groggy when you're drunk, but once the alcohol gets absorbed by your body, it actually prevents you from sleeping. That's why most drunks wake up only a couple of hours after being blacked out.
  13. oleskool

    oleskool Member

    I have taken a drink or two hoping it would help me sleep but the results where just the difference I was not able to go to sleep, I was wide awake most of the night. Drinking alcohol can be a stimulate also, drinking to go to sleep is not the anwer to go to sleep, getting more excerise can help more than alcohol.
  14. kana_marie

    kana_marie Community Champion

    Sleeping was a very big issue for me, for a very long time. I had to either pass out drink or take enough benzos. Once I got on a sleep medication I never had an issue with it again
  15. anne16

    anne16 Active Contributor

    Thanks a lot for this inspiring words. I know it is never easy but I have to do my best to stay on top of things. I hope for your husband to manage his drinking better, but with you on his side, I am sure he will soon.
  16. anne16

    anne16 Active Contributor

    I agree with you because it did happen to me some nights, mostly because I am thirsty and when I drink water I can't sleep back anymore. Anyway, I feel much better now with a healthier lifestyle. I still drink, but to a more manageable level and only occasionally.
  17. hc201bp2b

    hc201bp2b Member

    I have used alcohol to calm down, relieve stress and even to fall asleep. I find that, like many people have said, it does a great job of "taking the edge off" the situation or moment. I work in a very high stakes and high stress environment and it is very difficult to forget about any aspect of my job, despite my best efforts, even once I've left the workplace.

    Alcohol has been one of the few things that has allowed me to relax and decompress after a long hard day at work. I don't typically drink enough to get drunk or anything like that but just enough to settle my mind.
  18. OhioTom76

    OhioTom76 Senior Contributor

    I got into this habit several years ago, and it ended up in me getting two DUI's within a years time, and doing jail time, not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars they cost me overall between fines, and lawyer fees, and taxis everywhere and reinstatement fees when I finally got my license back.

    Better to nip it in the bud now than be sorry for it later. Plus if you are dealing with financial worries, they will only get worse if you are buying 2-3x more booze each month. At one point I was literally blowing several hundred dollars a month, getting a half gallon of rum every 2-3 days. Of course, me being Mr. Moneybags at the time, I had to be premium liquor's, no bottom shelf stuff, so it was $35-$50 a pop each time. That adds up real fast.
  19. keekz38

    keekz38 Member

    Wow, I'm glad you were able to overcome that hard time in your life. That truly shows how strong you are. There's a saying that goes, "You can't have a testimony without first having your test.". Well now you that you've passed your test of strength, there's no limits to what you can do Anne.

    Good luck and stay strong!
  20. nbts92

    nbts92 Member

    Even a couple of drinks can interfere with the normal sleep process. When you drink alcohol close to bedtime, you can go straight into deep sleep, missing out on the usual first stage of sleep, called rapid eye movement sleep.When you drink more than usual, you may have to get up in the night to go to the toilet. And it's not just the liquid you've drunk that you'll be getting rid of. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it encourages the body to lose extra fluid though sweat too, making you dehydrated.