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Drug use is soaring, people I know are dying. EVERYONE from all walks of life, plz donate 1 idea for

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by biobrandedarmorzet, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. The question is,

    What is the one thing you would do if you were starting a web site to target drugs and alcohol in your lcoal area?

    What would you most like to see on the site what do you think would help and get through to kids the most?

    Im looking for answer from teens, who use drugs, who dont, from doctors, psychologists, people who just work at macdonalds... EVERYONE should have an idea on something that they think would benefit a site which would target and help drug use and abuse in teens.

    Think into your own life, think why do you take drugs?
    What could someone do to stop you using them?
    What could we have done to prevent you from using drugs?
    How has it effected your family, the ppl around you?

    People I know are committing suicide. People are dying early deaths because they have been drinking all their lives. 14 year olds are overdosing and this is just a few of the probs in my town of only about 8000 ppl. This epedemic is soaring through the roof.
  2. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    I think that this question is amazing... I hate drugs and everything about them.. my brother recently.. well not really recently but has been doing drugs, and it has ruined our relationship almost 100% we used to be best friends, and now we're barley close at all.. one of the reasons my dad and mom seperated was because my dad was a alchoholic and was always with his friends partying. my mom is still addicted to something, and it hurts me everytime i see her doing it.. and what hurts even worse is that she knows that it hurts me.. but doesn't really do anything about it. .. but thats more personal.. all of this is personal.. I love what you're doing.. and i wish i could do something to help prevent teens and adults.. even some kids doing drugs.. post your website once you get it going. i'm really interested in it
  3. tarverten

    tarverten Senior Contributor

    Good onya for trying; I guess if there were any easy answers they'd have solved the problem by now, and in a forum of this nature it's pretty hard to really get to grips with an issue this complex.

    Still, I believe every positive action helps. Just because it won't make the problem disappear is no reason to keep trying. I think a website that gives people hope and a sense that there are alternatives would be a good thing.

    I also think that drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, have a lot to do with the environment they're used in, the people and social events they're associated with. You can't tackle a drug problem without giving the person ways to cope and have an identity. So, maybe some forums that young people can join and feel part of would help.
  4. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    Above all, a positive and helpful, non-judgmental approach is best. You can't force people to change or save themselves, but you can show them it's possible to do things differently.
  5. thepieeatingjay

    thepieeatingjay Senior Contributor

    i hate to tell you this, but i don't think your website will make much of a difference...drug use is becoming more and more popular, especially with marijuana...i smoked weed for about 10 years and just quit on my own about 2 years ago and that's one of the reasons why "the war on drugs" is always a failure because marijuana is the most widely used, safest and least expensive drug you can far as harder drugs go, i don't have much experience with those and i was never curious enough to try most of them...i think if someone is intent on using drugs, no matter what kind, then they will and nothing will stop them...the law will never ultimately be able to take away a person's jurisdiction over their own body and what they do with it...alcohol, like marijuana, is too easy to make and consume but much more dangerous and people will always drink alcohol...i dont think there is much you or anyone else will be able to do to stop people from doing them...its up to the common sense of the person...most people know all the risks if they are intent on doing it then they will.
  6. shadowsupernature

    shadowsupernature Senior Contributor

    My personal opinion and answer is for people to get high on life. I believe this starts at home, with parents that believe in a full and happy life without the use of drugs or other non-prescribed stimulants that only help you attain a temporary happiness. This is something taught by example and not just words. You can not teach a child to not smoke, swallow, snort or shoot dope if you do it yourself. The same goes for cigarettes and booze. Remember the saying "Do as I say, not as I do"; that's hogwash! Parents have to decide to "Fish" or "Cut Bait". Don't expect your child to follow your advice if you are not following it yourself!
  7. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Alcohol, drugs, and other substances would never really do any good to people. And a website dedicated to helping addicts is a great idea. I want that website to be friendly and not-so-judgmental where people could express themselves freely without any fear and anxiety.
  8. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    These questions of yours have different answers. Each person will have a different story from the other. The only common thing is that their addiction has never caused them any good. Addiction destroys lives, families and communities. It is never the answer to any problem or question a person is facing. The worst effect of addiction is death and it's always painful to see someone die no matter what the cause. I guess if you want to start a website to help people who are dealing with addiction, have a very open mind and heart and welcome them with open arms. Just like what this forum does, be an inspiration and a source of consolation. Everything will pull through and follow through along the way. Good luck with your goals! :)