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Eating Disorder and Drug Addiction

Discussion in 'Dual-Diagnosis Treatment' started by sillylucy, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    Yes, major advantage that there is someone who can afford to help out, money talks. But, as you said, a person has got to want to fight for their life because bottom line, no amount of money can save an addict, the addict has to want to save the addict. And no doubt about it, it will be a fight, but she can do it.
  2. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Yeah, it's a huge fight and I've seen my brother make it twice, so I know the difficulties he and my mother went through, but apparently he lives a normal life now, so it's well worth it.
  3. jgon3491

    jgon3491 Member

    My boyfriend dealt with that years ago( before I met him)., He was anorexic and starved himself but continued to drink and smoke marijuana. He was finally hospitalized after his mother and school was concerned. He gave up smoking and is now in a much better place. He still struggles a lot with eating enough and it's scary how skinny he got.
  4. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

  5. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Now that is a surprising number Jen, but I guess that if someone is an addict eating is not exactly on top of their priorities, so that makes some sense.
  6. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

    Mmm....I think it probably has more to do with patterns of distorted thinking.
  7. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    What do you mean by that? I once was so high that I forgot to eat for 2 days, so I was totally out of reality...
  8. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

    I believe there's a big difference between addicts who lose weight due to drug abuse and addicts who also have an eating disorder.
  9. LostmySis

    LostmySis Senior Contributor

    this is more common than you think. Many young ladies (usually starts as teens) become bulemic/anorexic and they turn to amphetamines as diet aids. That then keeps them up for days and they work out. This happens to a lot of dancers, gymnasts, and other girls in some sort of athletic field where weight is crucial.
  10. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    What is that difference exactly? Don't they get all messed up and eat randomly?
  11. wowtgp

    wowtgp Member

    I have been a drug addict myself in the past. No one else in my family has been addicted to anything or has an eating disorder of any type as well. We are doing fine right now. I just wish my past was clean as well, but I can't change it now.
  12. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I am glad to hear that you're clean now wowtgp, to be honest, I don't relate eating disorders and addiction, but I don't know it all of course, far from it.
  13. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I am not familiar with that condition but i guess it's nerve wracking just to have two life-threatening conditions at the same time. I really feel for your friend and although the treatment might be expensive, the end result far exceeds the cost implications, after all, life is priceless.
  14. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    Yeah, I can't even imagine, being a drug addict is task enough to overcome, so having an eating disorder on top of that would make it even more complicated to deal with.
  15. Determined2014

    Determined2014 Senior Contributor

    Yer that sounds very crazy and difficult to be dealt with,I can not even imagine how it would feel like being in such a condition.
  16. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    A friend of mine had an eating disorder, but seemed to be getting better. Then we found out she had merely switched to a "cocaine diet." She went to rehab for the coke, and is better on both fronts now. Thank God.
  17. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I had a friend of mine who was a heroin addict and whenever i was around him, the only thing he could consume was juice and cakes. He especially liked sugary stuff like cake and would wash it down with soda or cola.Needless to say,his body frame was ugly and his health quickly deteriorated. We took him to rehab and after months of treatment, he overcame his addiction and become a counselor at the local rehab center.
  18. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    What an amazing outcome. I love hearing about people who changed their lives and now want to help others do the same thing. That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Twinsmommy31

    Twinsmommy31 Active Contributor

    It seems the two would coincide together. Addicts would seek the item to quench their addiction over food. It seems when you see an addict they have lost a large amount of weight and their priority is not to sustain nutrients.
  20. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    Wow, I've never thought about this before. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'm sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be pricier, but I feel having one doctor to treat both symptoms simultaneously is better than two separate doctors, as communication and contradiction issues may arise.