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Finally Quitting Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by mikeperez, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. mikeperez

    mikeperez Member

    Im 31 and have been pretty much smoking everyday since i was about 19. Weed has become something unmanageable in my life and has become a chore, health risk and a waste of money. One of my problems is i am a very functioning addict and always want to do productive things when i am high. It helps me focus as well. However I know i could be doing just as well if not better without it plus i am tired of the fogginess/cloudiness mentally it makes me live in sometimes. Stopping has been unsuccessful for me in the past but i hope by posting here and putting it out more to the universe i can have success. Thank you for reading.
  2. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I wish you luck , it is HARD to quit , 90% Mentally Addictive imo or in my case.

    I smoked from age 13 (1984) to age 39 ish , I was able to put it down for Dr / Legal reasons ( usually when I ran out the first day w/o was the worst & if I could go 2-3 days it would get easier each day.

    It usually made me want to do things add motivation + I really enjoyed smoking in the Woods or Secluded spots while metal detecting , I did miss that & smoking at Christmas .

    Fast forward to May 2019 , I go to my crazy Dr. I was Not thinking about getting a 'Low Thc CBD Oil Card' I asked the nurse "reckon why my dreams are so anxiety filled' ? Well got happy paid A-lot for the Dr, & the Card & still to this Day I do not know where to get THC CBD Oil . W/O Ordering it & I rarely Order things like that.

    Well having the 'Card' I was told (I should have done my research ) that I could get Bud in AL or FL , that was BS.

    With no oil I started smoking Bud Again in late May now I smoke just like I did before I quit ( I just enjoy the whole smoking process ) & take about 5 extra bong hits than I need , Ill smoke a Gram by myself in one sitting.

    I stated to myself that I would "Try" to quit on New Years but that's going slowly .

    Good Luck mikeperez.
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  3. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I still smoke to much + have to take care of the wife's smoking needs , I still want to quit or move to a cool state .
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  4. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Quick update .
    I have cut back a bit since Friday cause Sun morn I woke up with super nausea then dry heaved all day until I had to get up at 4 am yesterday as I could not lay there suffering anymore.

    So I got through 2 days W/o Smoking , 'Sun & Monday .
    I really did not crave it yesterday but I took 2 bong hits cause it was here and the best quality i've had in months .

    I don't crave to smoke right now but around 3-5 pm Ill start joansen .

    Got it in my mind that i'm wanna quit now i'm waiting for the day that I won't crave it anymore.
    Guess that's a start. ???
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  5. BearMonster17

    BearMonster17 Member

    I totally agree with you, smoking is a terrible habit. I myself struggled with this for a very long time. I tried various means, plasters, but nothing helped. I also visited doctors and psychologists who also could not help me. I consulted with my friends and they advised me to switch to something weaker and gradually lower the dose. I decided to try this advice, it remains to find a good store. Then I started looking for advice on the forums. Great feedback was very important to me. The Drug Store that I found turned out to be a real discovery. There I found absolutely everything that I needed. I hope my advice will be useful to you, good luck!
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  6. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Were you replying to me or the OP ?

    If not cool, I need to update this anyway , a-lot has happened since last Feb 19 when I posted this .

    I finally quit again last mid March , as I thought the first day or 2 was the hardest .......Then around mid June I gave in and smoked again for 13 days strait but I only smoked after say , 9 pm & only took 2 -4 hits ( Boy those first 2 Bong hits put me strait into a panicy situation & I got Nauseous ; I had to turn off the lights & go to sleep ):eek:...well I kept it to 2 hits for that 10 day period , mostly using 'Dab' and still taking 2 hits. Then I just did not crave it much and did not smoke from June 28 --July 5 but hit the 'Dab' 2 times last Monday ( I really did not enjoy it that much :rolleyes: ? Maybe it's to strong but Bud did me the same way ) Sooo since then I have not wanted to smoke anymore & really think i'm done with it BUT I never say never again .

    All that said , I found that making a Gram of Dab last 3 weeks amazing to my addictive mind + I have some Medical Flower (don't tell the wife ) & about 7 Dab's left.

    How did I "solve " this ? I would not call it solved but I'm just over it I suppose ??? + I don't have to stress about legality & $ issues & Scoring if I run out . That helps + I'm older now ? Hmmm I guess I'm over it but in the back of my mind I'm thinking 'Maybe it's too strong & some Low THC stuff would work better 'BUT I know tolerance will soon follow & I'd likely be back to smoking 2 grams + a day & I don't need that .

    I suppose like most things , I got the right mindset & I'm giving it a try "again".
  7. landmarkboston1

    landmarkboston1 Active Contributor

    Congratulation this is really very motivated story for all who are addicted to weed and can't stop.
  8. MariaAugust

    MariaAugust Member

    I've always admired stories in which people managed to overcome their addiction. It is very difficult, but nothing is impossible and there are a huge number of drugs that help to survive the withdrawal period much more easily and simply, so now everything is much easier than it was twenty years ago. In order to stop smoking marijuana and at the same time remain calm and efficient, I took delta 8 cbd gummies and this kept me in a good mood and well-being, despite the difficult period of giving up marijuana
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  9. avalon_star

    avalon_star Member

    Giving the fact that a year has passed since your initial post on this thread, I would like to get an update about how you feel. Reading your story made me wonder what could have possibly happened to you that you've felt the need to smoke every day for twelve consecutive years? I would be more than glad to hear out about this part of the story. It is not something unusual to feel the need of doing productive things when you're high, and I guess what might be concerning is if you are only able to do these things when you're high. At you can find products designed specifically for people like you who need to find a balance between smoking and their daily activities.
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