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Gaming addiction

Discussion in 'Other Substances' started by Anahap, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Lol! I know I was irritated when my husband was addicted to Castle Clash which is like COC too. He spent thousands of our money for that game. Good thing he stopped now though he has already spent a lot of money on that game.
  2. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Good to know that your husband already quit playing that game and not addicted anymore. It is definitely annoying to have a husband who spend more time and money on games than on his family.
  3. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    Some games are made to be addictive. The reality games are the most addictive in my opinion. The idea of being in another reality and always doing something is addictive. I only play video games every now and them myself. Staying more focused on the real world is a way more healthy alternative.
  4. Emerson_B

    Emerson_B Active Contributor

    Just like drugs, games are designed to be addictive. I would even like to think that the game developers would consult a psychologist to make it more addictive(conspiracy theory). I myself was addicted to computer games once. The greatest contributing factor in breaking my addiction(to games and other addictions) is when my daughter was born. I realized that I was no longer just responsible for myself but also for the life of another human being.

    I still play games occasionally about once a week and that is on a day that my daughter is not there.
  5. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I was an avid gamer, but I never really got addicted to playing video games. I don't have an "addictive personality". But I'm just wondering how were you able to support yourself when you were living alone when you were playing video games 24/7? And I'm glad that you were able to quit the habit and you eventually got your Master's Degree. With a firm resolve, anyone can quit playing video games and you're a living example.
  6. Auril

    Auril Active Contributor

    I am a gamer and while I never became addicted, I sure ran into some people who were. In my WoW days I can vividly remember yelling at some of my guild mates to get off the game and go get some sleep! There was one guy a bunch of use threatened to call 911 on because he'd not slept in 3 days due to playing. He couldn't even talk straight, which is why we were making threats to try and get him to log off and rest. He finally passed out at the computer and slept for over 12 hours, never remembered the last few hours he'd been awake.
    I pulled some all nighters but when I'd start getting goofy from lack of sleep, I'd crawl off to bed.
  7. Damien Lee

    Damien Lee Community Champion

    Games, particularly MMORPGs and other similar genres can be highly addictive. Any game that creates a social environment online will only replace an offline experience. Graphics have also become more realistic, creating more convincing environments that suck players in. It's better to limit game time or pursue another hobby that isn't such a huge time sink. Or preferably a hobby whereby one can interact with others in real life.
  8. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think so for me it was the weekends mostly as I had more time and would spend it by playing games which were engaging, like the God of War games, and also the Crash Bandicoot games which were challenging to play at times. I usually play games for a few hours and also like the games which have a good story, and try and get the important things done first so I have time for the games. I reckon that a game addiction can occur very easily since it can happen when a person may feel lonely or try and pass the time to get things out of the mind and do it this way.
  9. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    I've seen it actually. Heard about it but not myself. I find physical sports addictive though. Seems like gaming is a preparation for something though. Depending upon what you are into. I think it can be a good thing.
  10. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    I guess we all had our period through life with gaming addiction, for me it peaked about 6 years ago, when in a summer, I figured out that I played almost 1 month out of three, as the game timer seemed to have recorded, almost 30 days real time period spent in game. I was so amazed that I even played that much. However after some time, the passion for that game it naturally went off and I never found myself as addicted as I was back then, when I was dreaming about the game I was playing.
  11. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Member

    I can see where you're coming from. Video games are, let's be honest, an escape from a dreary existence. Maybe a troubled life, maybe a stressful time, but it IS an escape to a more peaceful place. What you CAN do is to reduce it little by little. Focus your attention on something other than video games. I share you pain, believe me. But I work on it. I haven't played video games in over two weeks. It may not seem that much, but it is a great accomplishment coming from someone who once played 16 hours a day.
  12. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    I never knew gaming could get this bad. I really had to cut back myself. This really makes me want to be careful about how much I play online. I think some games are designed to be addictive.
  13. nieprophsono

    nieprophsono Active Contributor

    I know a lot of people that are addicted to video games. It's really awful. One of my friends couldn't live without Counter Strike Global Offensive. This game has a ranked system, you know, and he wanted to achieve the highest rank in the game. He was playing 24/7 and raging when losing. He has trying very hard, but he couldn't achieve his goal, and he was very depressed because of that. Finally, I have ordered a rank boost from for him, and it made him very happy. It helped a lot.
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  14. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    I been thinking of this subject a-lot lately & feel this topic is very important .

    I see my son doing this behavior & my wife more & more esp over the last 2+ years .

    I recall watching a documentary on Kids in S Korea a few years ago that were in an in house / no leave rehab cause of Video gaming , & they would sneak out to go to gaming parlors . I thought it was crazy but I understood the addiction .

    Now I'm seeing it first hand & hate it my boy is in middle school & I fear his future , this is our fault as his parents + Covid crap has def, not helped . I could say more but ? would I even be heard ?

    Hope yr friend can overcome his addiction @nieprophsono.
  15. teslastar

    teslastar Member

    I'm insanely addicted to games. Any new online multiplayer game becomes a burden to me. After I first tried playing Dota 2, I started spending 14-16 hours in it every day for several years. During such periods, I practically stop eating and only play. There's nothing my parents can do about it. It was the same with CS:GO. And every such story ends the moment I get bored with these games. The consequences of such marathons are terrible for my health. I'm starting to play D&D now. Yesterday I spent 8 hours just studying the game guides on I'm getting scared now.
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