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Go To Church

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by Rainman, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    A guy who had been an alcoholic one day went into a church service had someone pray for him and from then on he quit drinking . . . just like that.

    So I believe that if you are religious or were religious and currently you are struggling to overcome an addiction then going to church and the support you'll get would help you fight the cravings and if you have faith in the 'higher power' then quite obviously you'll stay clean for as long as you attend church meetings.
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  2. Twinsmommy31

    Twinsmommy31 Active Contributor

    This is good for those that have a strong connection with the lord. Going to church can connect you with positive people and give you the inspiration that is need to stay on the straight path.
  3. jade870

    jade870 Active Contributor

    I found this more helpful then you might think. You can always find people that are willing to help support you at church. Most of them will help life you up and give you a good positive track and keep you on it. But no one is perfect you may fall at time but they will be there to help pick you back up.
  4. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I personally don't believe in this process because personally I think it's just a means to substitute one delusion for another but if it works for some people then I don't see much wrong with it. I'm not totally against it since the effects are generally more positive than if the person was addicted to drugs but like anything else it can be taken too far as some people totally give in to religion and forget abut everything else.
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  5. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    It actually depends on how you look at it. Those who dismiss religion as being false, fiction created by the elite to deceive the average Joes, etc, etc fail to state the obvious facts that religion is much older than the existing institutions. The Catholic church for example which it's alleged invented Christianity is less than 1500 years old. Is there proof that religious people are delusional? No.

    So since religion does help some people and motivate them to stay sober because they'll have more "pure" wine on the other side, then if it works, everyone who can should lean on it/those beliefs.
  6. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I think that different things work for different people, so if church works for him why not? I think we all need to grab to something.
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  7. jobenvy

    jobenvy Member

    You can never go wrong going back to church else for the first time. Thing about church if you reach out others will always help you through the worst situations. My cocaine habit 5 years ago with out my friends and regular church service theres just no way i could have done it without God and the help of my friends.
  8. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    Going to a "good" church is productive and may be beneficial to a individual seeking to escape addictive habits. I quoted "good" because there are some churches that have members who will not tolerate one's addiction to drugs or may even evoke one to continue. However, my own grandfather stopped using heroin after a friend of his convinced him to go to church instead of doing the drug, and he was able to quit - he died soon afterwards because his body had become to use to heroin and the cold-turkey caused a counter-reaction. But this does not make quitting and going to a place like church a bad thing, because every human is different and will adjust in their own way; tis better to quit, than to never have tried.
  9. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    You're a good example that the church can be a great resort, I feel that some car resort to church, other have other beliefs, but the most important is that we get rid of the addiction.
  10. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    I say, whatever works for you. If you believe that the blessings of a Tibetan Buddhist monk will make you stop drinking, then by all means, go and find one that will help you. If you believe that water taken from a special, magical well deep in a forest will help you overcome your addiction, then go and take an extra big bottle along with you. Having faith in someone or something is an incredible tool to achieve ever greater heights.
  11. notodrugs

    notodrugs Community Listener Community Listener

    To each his own. I believe in God too. I believe in His power to intervene. I've seen two greatest miracles in my life for those I love, my grandfather and my sister. My grandad came back to life after being prayed over in a prayer meeting we used to attend when I was younger. My sister, at 40, still got pregnant after 5 years of trying. But that's not really a big deal. What's miraculous about her is she was told to have a medical condition that I forgot what it's called that would make it difficult for her to get pregnant. Her husband as well has low sperm count. They had fertility medications for a short while but stopped and just prayed and prayed. We all did. And she gave birth to a handsome and healthy baby boy five years since.

    Hence, I believe in that possibility of being prayed over and the addiction stopped just like that. :)
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  12. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    Yes I think a strong belief in faith is important when battling substance abuse. When I have had hard times in life I have sought the support of God and it has helped me tremendously.
  13. DancingLady

    DancingLady Community Champion

    God works with individuals differently. I have heard many stories of people who were healed of their addiction just like you described, but also of people who had to struggle through the process as well. Going to church is not a quick fix for anything, but surrendering your life to Christ will give you the strength to get through anything because it is no longer your own strength that you are relying on, it is God working in you to change you and make you more like Christ.
  14. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I am not a religious person. So don't expect me to be a proactive church going person. However I will say this. Going to church and asking for guidance and help is not a bad thing. We all draw power and strength from different sources. This is just one avenue that some people look towards to for help.
  15. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    Prayer can change everything, not just by going to church but having that good connection with God and act upon your faith. Focusing on him and his words are very uplifting and can break every chain once we believe. As for the non believer, once you even have an appreciation for the creator and you seek Christ, all things will be very much possible.
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  16. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    Going to church puts you around a group of people who will support and encourage you with whatever problem you may be facing (Most of the time). I know several alcoholics who have quit drinking after attending church.

    However, if you are uncomfortable with a church setting, this may not be the best method for you. Although I do suggest you give it a try at some point!
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  17. terrainna

    terrainna Member

    The power of prayer is highly underrated!! I am so happy for you and your experience. Your testimony can truly help someone else, so never stop sharing it! Prayer helped me to kick alcoholism and promiscuity.
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  18. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    Sometimes that hope and belief in God helps overcome huge obstacles. And if anything it certainly does not hurt to try. Even if you are not a believer, just attending and listening to the tenets of whatever religion you are may do some good. A lot of temples and churches also have festivities and activities that you can partake in as well. And you are surrounded by decent people for the most part.
  19. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    Yes, going to church is a great place to go. A supportive group that can pray for you. Something to do other than the usual habits. Make some good habits that can bring you new friends that encourage good things in ones life. Learning about religion and spiritual subjects can really be helpful with any given situation when you need it. It brings strength and faith putting ones focus where it ought to be.
  20. Kamarsun1

    Kamarsun1 Active Contributor

    I believe it is very possible. Looking inside your self is the key, and religion can help with that. You have to have something to replace the alcohol, something positive, and having a spiritual foundation is vital in the recovery process.