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Government's role?

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by HalfBeard, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. HalfBeard

    HalfBeard Active Contributor

    What do you think is the government's role in helping addicts recover? Surely jail sentencing isn't the answer!
  2. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    Well I think they should fund clinics that provide rehab. That is a good quesiton. I know in most states funding for MHSA is way down which is why we are experiencing so many problems. Substance abuse is simply one of the things that is woefully underfunded.
  3. HalfBeard

    HalfBeard Active Contributor

    I agree, state funding for rehab and programs is a must. It's a shame how short the govenrment is on cash and how inefficient it is...
  4. Scooby Snack

    Scooby Snack Community Champion

    I agree, it would be nice if the state somehow supported rehab facilities, the issue is how it would be subsidized/paid for.
  5. Jasmine2015

    Jasmine2015 Community Champion

    Being able to have a government that solves all the problems would be nice but even the government can only do so much. How much more tax increase can people take? I don't really know what to say other than that these programs are way underfunded.
  6. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    No being in jail is not going to work for someone who needs to get out of addiction. Big waste of money to do that. Jail doesn't even work for criminals.
    What's the government's role? This is a loaded question. I think certain levels of government enable it and even encourage it. Maybe the question should be more like what should be their role. The whole subject is complex because addiction, poverty, low level of intelligence, and capitalism is really the key points that generate it. I don't think they really care about the issue to even take a role that is effective enough to solve it. Its like they view it as a disease and its not. FDA and the board of whomever that dictate the DSM can vote however they want and call anything a disease or disorder. So, the "government", some of them, walk around in their suits collecting their huge amounts of pay doing whatever it is that they do, thinking I don't want to catch that, disease, drug addiction, poverty or they continue to enable it. Its part of dumbing down the masses. Keep them disabled, unable to be successful. Get it? They are scared out of their minds at the idea of anyone taking away from them what it is they have or seem to maintain because hundreds of thousands of people are dumbed down. I'm not saying that all of government is this way or that this is all of their intentions, but it is a collective intention. Connect the dots and you'll see. The people need their own police, to police the government and departments like the FDA. There is just too much counter-productive behavior that hurts people and ruins their lives. The government's role, lol, they only do what they "think" is best. Its not to say that what they are doing is actually going to be effective. Its like if you look at George W's life. What is he had maybe that new thing they ramble on about Afluenza, the rich boy's disease. Growing up with money so he didn't know better. Oh please, we're going to put that in the DSM. Might as well make one for people who grow up with nothing as legal excuse in court too. Poverenza? Its just ludicrous.
    The history of the DSM is just over the top. Dipsomania : uncontrollable craving for alcohol. What is that too much dipping in the sauce? How they got their conclusions about homosexuality and black people. Oh my God wait, they put mental retardation in with personality disorders, same category and then later called in intellectual disabilities but in the same category. We let these people help people with drug addiction? They say that people with personality disorders are in the same category as being mentally retarded?! These people have no idea what they are doing and we're going to talk about the governments role. Look at how they went wild politically over the DSM in the 1980's, government was feeling a little self conscious. Lol Their role, excuse me while I laugh.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2016
  7. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I agree with you, I live in Mexico and car accidents related to alcohol are a pretty common thing here so every weekend there are people in the main streets of my city who stop cars and basically they put you in jail for one night if you have drinked, and I mean that has reduced the amount of car accidents but I think that they should make more programs and inform people about addictions, not just punishments.
  8. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    I don't think the government care too much! As long as there are more addicted people they're easier to manipulate, thus making for money for the politicians via taxes and stupid stuff. I really think addictions should be treated more seriously, but sadly we probably won't see this happening anytime soon. Opening more support centers would be the first step.
  9. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    What we need are more government-supported drug treatment programs and more education about drug abuse and it's effects. Addiction will cease to be a national crisis if people get enough "drug education." So if the government isn't willing to more then the drug [addiction] problem never will be solved.
  10. ellyjude

    ellyjude Active Contributor

    I totally agree with you. Jail sentence is not the best way to deal with addicts. I would prefer if the government would build more rehabilitation centers than prisons. People should also stop thinking negatively about the government. They get blinded by the bad deeds when they do so.
  11. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I think the government's role is providing people with knowledge about drug abuse. They also have the role of ensuring that these people have the right treatment, therapy and counselling to recover from the addiction. Their role doesn't stop there, they need to stop the illegal sales of these illegal drugs. They need to punish the drug lords, not the slave workers. They need to provide ways so that former addicts can live a normal life after an addiction.
  12. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    They should come up with more programs that aim to help drug addicts with their problems and to fund rehab centers and support groups. That would be very beneficial for recovering addicts.
  13. ellyjude

    ellyjude Active Contributor

    Rehabs should also be more friendly to addicts. I hear that in some rehabs addicts are treated similarly to prisoners in jail. They go there to be shown the correct way not to be disciplined for their addictive nature.
  14. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    Governments have resolved to taxing brewers heavily, they don't care about those who drink! They usually know that even plus the taxes, people will continue to take alcohol. Nowadays policemen claim that they are part of the government, they just want bribes from those who sell alcohol to the under aged.
  15. irishrose

    irishrose Community Champion

    I am not sure that the government can do more. As a taxpayer who does not have a substance abuse problem, I am not sure that I want my hard-earned money to go towards more substance abuse programs than those that already exist. Perhaps more effort should be made to educate people on the negative effects of drug use, not only the health detriments but the poor lifestyle consequences that may result from using drugs as well. If people know the negative consequences and choose to use drugs anyway, how can we help them?
  16. ellyjude

    ellyjude Active Contributor

    Well spoken. Instead of the government using the funds to build rehabilitation centers and other facilities, why can't they educate people on the negative effects of drug abuse? I think that is the cheapest option.