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Has anyone tried Chantix/Champix?

Discussion in 'Tobacco / Nicotine' started by alsarcastic, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. alsarcastic

    alsarcastic Member

    I've heard of this and I think I can get it from the doctors. Has anyone tried or had success with Champix?
  2. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I could be wrong, so if anyone thinks they know better, feel free to chime in because you probably do. My understanding is that Chantix is an SSRI, a form of anti-depressant. I've taken other SSRIs for depression and the "man part" side effects and depressing side effects (who would've thought) can be pretty brutal in my experience. I stopped taking them around a year ago is it wasn't worth it for me.

    Simply google-searching "SSRI side effects" could shed some light on things for you. I'm not saying they won't work for you, but it might give you an idea of what might be in store. Also, my cigarette intake was no different while taking the meds, it may have been worse actually due to the frustration the meds brought me.
  3. Beautyspin

    Beautyspin Active Contributor

    Both the posts are highly informative. I never heard of Chantix/Champix and also SSRI. So that was enlightening. bsthebenster - what kind of meds were you taking and what was the dosage? How many do you smoke per day? Just curious, not trying to ask personal questions, if it will work for somebody whose intake is slight (4 cigarettes per day).
  4. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    Over the coarse of my life I've taken cyprolex, zoloft and another one I forget the name of. On average I was at about a pack a day and that stayed the same whether or not I was taking meds. Then again, I had no intention of quitting. But my cigarette cravings didn't seem to decline. The cyprolex dose started off at 5mg, I was supposed to work my way up but I couldn't deal with the side effects. The zoloft dose went up to 100mg, which I didn't find nearly as bad as the former.

    They're different for everyone. Some people experience no benefits and all the side effects or vice versa. It is also worth noting that while each drug in this class is different to some degree, they're all quite similar. Keep in mind I'm no doctor. I just speak from research and through my own experience.
  5. Plus

    Plus Member

    I've never tried the actual medication but I've known plenty of people who have. It can vary from person to person but you should always keep in mind how it's directly making an impact on you.

    My old boss tried to use it but it made her so depressed that she had to discontinue and try to traditional method of quitting instead. I'm glad she did, though, she was a wonderful lady and I hated seeing her so down.

    My sister had tried this with no bad side effects, but in the end she decided not to quit.

    It's really all up to you, I think a medicine can help you with it if it doesn't cause complications, but it's a matter of your own thoughts that control if you quit or not.
  6. jbbarn

    jbbarn Active Contributor

    I have a friend who was excited about this product when it first came out, so her doctor prescribed it for her. The side effects were terrible! She started to become severely depressed. Luckily she realized what was causing her problems and stopped taking it. I've heard of others who had good results with it. I guess you just have to be diligent.
  7. purplepapaya

    purplepapaya Member

    I know someone who was successful quitting long-term with Chantix. He had smoked for 25+ years, and had never been able to quit even for a day, and he had definitely tried. With Chantix, he was completely tobacco-free after about 3 months. He remained tobacco-free for a few years until he consciously chose to return to smoking (meaning he wasn't struggling with wanting to smoke, he just stopped caring about being smoke-free).