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Discussion in 'Community Info and Help' started by Joseph, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Have an idea to help us improve the forums? Post it here!
  2. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    Hi Joe. I would like to participant in a forum for people like myself who have weathered the recovery(ies) of friends and or loved ones. Most of the forums I've visited, I feel, are specifically for the those battling or have battled with substance abuse. I don't feel I can contribute a lot to them.
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  3. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    I think that it's great that you want to contribute, and I look forward to hearing your insights and experience. Feel free to make yourself at home, and interact with our amazing members too!
  4. calicer1996

    calicer1996 Community Champion

    Well, how about a chat room or a shout-box? I am sure it will attract visitors and everyone can benefit from it.
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  5. Dinofossil

    Dinofossil Member

    I agree with calicer1996 in the idea for a chat box. Also, perhaps an anonymous section for posters who wish to hide their forum profile when sharing? A place to call for help without revealing their online persona.
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  6. Juan

    Juan Active Contributor

    Hello, Joe,

    I see there is not a Tobacco section under Commonly Abused Substances. Is there a reason for this or did someone just forget to put it?

    I've seen many discussions on the forum about smoking. I think it should have its own section.


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  7. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    We are still growing everyday, and more pages will be added. I'll work on this specific one today and try and get it up soon. Comments like yours are exactly what we like to see, so we know what people want to read & talk about. Thank you for your contribution Juan!
  8. jsscjcbs

    jsscjcbs Member

    Can you put in a instant messenger feature on the site were you can directly talk to whoever you want to who is online without waiting for a response via ones message box. Sometimes people want a direct answer right away from a particular person and they might not check there message box because there to busy posting and reading other users content.
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  9. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Thanks for the great suggestion, jsscjcbs. We are working in the direction of having a chat feature and will likely have this at some point once we have some additional availability from our Community Advocates. We appreciate you being a part of our community!
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  10. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Hi MrsJones, thanks for the great feedback. Currently we only have the three forums under the "Helping Family and Friends" section. But I'd love to hear your thoughts on what additional forums might be helpful for those who aren't necessarily struggling themselves, but have friends or family who are. There are quite a few people here who are in the same situation. We definitely want friends and family members to have a voice in our community as well. Thanks!
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  11. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Hi Juan, thanks for the great suggestion! We have added a Nicotine/Tobacco forum here:
  12. jsscjcbs

    jsscjcbs Member

    Okay, this is something I will look out for and I cant wait to see it! I haven't seen a off topic thread here or maybe I overlooked it. Can you include one of those also if it is applicable.
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  13. sammy

    sammy Active Contributor

    Any thoughts on having having a general discussion section?
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  14. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    I like this suggestion. Many times when I've visited the forum I can never find an appropriate topic for what I want to share.

    I hope other members support your suggestion.
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