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Having trouble finding someone to talk to who really understands what you are feeling?

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by leecifer1979, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. leecifer1979

    leecifer1979 Member

    I am a heroin addict and I have been clean for a grand total of 16 days, woohoo for me. Yay. Great. Wonderful. I'm not clawing at my eyeballs anymore, but I am bored, depressed, and I feel alone. Not lonely, just alone. I say all that not for sympathy, but so that hopefully someone can see that what they feel isn't just their problem to deal with. I know that there are people out there who understand and who are willing to talk, but where are these people? My family doesn't understand, my friends don't understand, even my doctor doesn't understand. The only people who understand are other people who have been through the hell I have been through. But where are all those people? Anyone who is going through getting off of heroin like me, needs people to talk to who won't judge and who can relate, sympathize, empathize, or just listen. Short of AA or NA meetings most people have no one to just spill out to. This has frustrated me. I want to talk to other people like me, going through the same thing I am going through, but there is no one there short of therapy or AA/NA. So I would like to know, would any other addicts or recovering addicts be interested in anonymously joining a network of addicts or recovering addicts that would allow them to instantly be in touch with another addict or recovering addict to just talk, ask advice, get a word of inspiration, get info, just be able to reach out anytime of the day and connect with someone else traveling the same road? I'm not talking a forum, i am talking real time questions and responses connecting people directly. You have a question or just want to talk and you will be put in contact instantly with another addict on the network. I see a real need for this and I am interested in hearing feedback. This is something I would like to work on and create in order to help all of us through this and I would like to see the level of interest it has. This is a community that we are in, whether we realize it or not, and the community serves to support each individual. Please notify me if you think this is something you would be interested in being a part of.
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  2. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @leecifer1979 hello! congrats on your clean time of 16 days! that's wonderful!!

    i'm sorry you're feeling bored, depressed, and alone... glad you've come here for some connection.

    not sure about the live chat you desire... i have heard there are online chat rooms for support groups... you may find one for NA here: i haven't used it myself though.

    there's a handful or more here in this forum that would love to journey with you, so i hope you'll keep coming back here!
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  3. lonewolves

    lonewolves Community Champion

    Wow! Congrats on 16 days! Glad you are here in the forum, and I hope you continue to post. I love this forum and even after just a couple of months, everyone is starting to feel like family. Feel free to private message me anytime you need to talk!
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  4. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Congrats on your sobriety, @leecifer1979. Sixteen days may not seem like a lot to you, but it's pretty damn impressive to me. And it's 16 more days than 0 days! Keep it up, my friend. And check out the link @Dominica shared with you. It looks like it could be just what you're looking for. Also, you can find live meetings at the In the Rooms website ( Maybe those could benefit you, too.

    We're here to offer support and help whenever you need it. And if you need to vent, you can do that here as well.

    Sending you positive juju and encouragement.
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  5. Jai50

    Jai50 Senior Contributor

    Wow congratulations on your 16 days. I have been clean from opiates and heroin for 2 years now. I also felt the same way as you. I believe I watched TV for 6 months after I was clean I did not know what to do with myself cuz I was in the game for so long. I also quit smoking and I gained a bunch of weight it was much needed because I was about 95 lb when I quit heroin. I got myself into therapy and my therapist suggested I take a DBT class I've been in it now for the past year but still I felt alone. I remember one time telling my mother if I could give her my life I would because I did not have anything to live for well that's what I felt at that time. I also dislike the way heroin addicts are portrayed in movies on the street Etc no one gives us a chance because the recovery of a addiction to opiates is so low nobody will believe that you're clean well at least this is my experience. I'm still getting calls from old dealers wanting to give testers old friends asking me if there's any good dope out there. NA tell you to erase these numbers well I hope have but I can't erase my numbers off their phone so I just ignore those calls. Anyway about your question yes I am interested in something like that because I want to help people get through opiate addiction heroin addiction because I feel I am on the right path now. There are a few things that I had to change in my life that I didn't change when I got sober in the past now I feel thru my experiences of rehabs getting sober relapsing few times and what I did wrong in the past would help us not feel so hopeless. This last time I quit heroin I did it at home with no outside help and I have remained clean the the longest I don't want to go back. In the past I did NA/AA meetings 90 and 90 but I haven't been in yrs. It just didn't help me. My dad said I wasn't doing the program. He knows what it is and how it works but he isn't an addict. I'm not saying the that NA isn't helpful. I see a lot of recovery there. My goal is to understand addiction and help others recover and stay clean. I'm doing it for my friend that passed from addiction last year. I feel that I abandoned him at the worst time of his life and I could have done more. I had to stay away at that time because I did not want to fall back into the game I thought I wasn't strong enough. Now i am. I know I'm qualified to support and an answer questions about heroin addiction opiate addiction Xanax addiction Etc has cuz I've been there.
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  6. Joshstillclean

    Joshstillclean Stupidity Exists - Fact.

    I know I'm qualified to support and an answer questions about heroin addiction opiate addiction Xanax addiction Etc has cuz I've been there.[/QUOTE]
    I just saw this(im going through posts I missed while I was gone for a while).
    I KNOW you are!
    My question is how do we get the information out there that there is hope. I know when I finally got into chasing fentanyl because heroin only kept me from being sick...I was told by even a doctor that my level of addiction was incurable. I went to,the appointment because I was ready, willing and ready to get clean. I would have dropped everything and gone inpatient that very day.
    But I was told this.
    Not only did this keep me from getting better I even stopped going to methadone dose. I just gave up. So another relapse for me, a trip to the hospital after a week long bender I think, about a week.
    But a week of the most abusive shooting up I have ever done. I do not know how I am alive. I know I wasn't drinking water or eating food. I'm a solid 160. But i was under 100 pounds then. And that includes the weight of the walker I used to get to the scale. I was too weak to stand by myself.
    I really don't know how I ended up at the hospital. It wasn't even in Georgia!
    I have no clue what I was doing!
    Anyway, I know I am responsible for my actions...but if that doctor had not LIED to me that wouldn't have happened.
    But if that had not have happened then i wouldn't have found this wonder suboxone Dr. (They aren't all about money).
    Anyway I am all for a 24 hour around the clock open face time group or something like that. I've thought about trying to start something like that up myself.
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