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Healthy Lifestyle Detox

Discussion in 'Share Your Detox Experience' started by VitaMuse, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. VitaMuse

    VitaMuse Member

    I have attempted to quit smoking many times and I found that the most effective way to stay away from the substance was to lead a healthy lifestyle. This included light exercise and healthy eating (organic fruit and vegetables, no red meat, plenty or water etc). I had no specific diet, I just tried to substitute everything bad in my life with something good, if I had a craving for a cigarette, I would prepare a meal to eat and take my mind off of it. That would lead to more cravings, as after a meal was when I enjoyed a cigarette the most! To counteract my craving, I went for a jog to remind myself why I wanted to quit in the first place. Has anyone else tried a similar method to attempt to kick an old habit? If so, how did it work for you?
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  2. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    Actually when I quit smoking I was fairly sick, so that was my motivation, but now I agree at 100% with what you say, we do need to embrace a healthy lifestyle because that is a major help in quitting all sort of addictions and getting a new life.
  3. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I have never been a smoker even though i tried to many years ago but i just couldn't. I like your approach on how you managed to quit smoking and i hope any smoker wishing to quit would borrow a leaf from your technique. I think the greatest challenge would be to fight off those cravings and once you're able to overcome them, then everything else becomes easy.
  4. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    You wanted to be a smoker but you couldn't? That's a first! Why would you want to smoke in the first place jeremy?
  5. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    I commend you for adopting this kind of mindset and having enough motivation to succeed where others have not. A lot of people always make excuses thus they never get around to overcoming their smoking addiction. This goes to show that when someone has the will to recover, there's always going to be a way. I'm trying to cut back my daily Internet consumption by reading books. It has worked to some extent.
  6. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    That's how it goes xTinx, the time we occupy doing something needs to be replaced by doing something other, so we need to find alternative ways to occupy our time.
  7. Nadeshiko

    Nadeshiko Member

    I get what you mean. When I was struggling with substance abuse, exercising really helped me out. Not only that, but I found that eating lots of healthy, fermented foods like kimchi (a very, very healthy food) would make me feel oxidized, and healthy all the way through. They also boosted my mood, as well.

    Healthy practices often help people due to the fact that feeling so good on the inside and the out takes your mind off of drugs - due to the fact that a large majority of us did drugs to find a different state of mind or body.

    A healthy lifestyle is a great alternative - and I do believe that everyone can benefit from this route :)
  8. oleskool

    oleskool Member

    I have read that Spirlina can help detox and create a healthier lifestyle.
  9. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    It is a nice thing that your mind is strong enough to defeat your cravings. Right that better to do other things than to go back to the old habit. I also prefer doing other things than having bad vices that I know are not healthy and have bad side effects.
  10. I really like your approach of substituting something bad with something good! Often times we get so overwhelmed with making positive changes in our lives that it becomes difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Making simple healthy decisions is one of the best ways, I think, to really make long lasting lifestyle changes.
  11. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Community Champion

    It has always to be on the substitution base and with a similar level of passion, meaning, we have to love what we will be doing or else we will lose interest and start thinking about the old life.
  12. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I like how you mentioned going for a jog in place of a cigarette after a meal. I think exercise has such a huge impact on our overall mood, and it's also a good time-killer! Glad to hear you're making strides towards a healthier life. It definitely sounds like you're well on your way!
  13. deewanna

    deewanna Senior Contributor

    I do agree with all you have said. But this is easier said than done in most cases.
    To make it more effective and easy, you should have a partner who is also determined to stop smoking. This way you can encourage each other. You could jog together, call each other when the cravings are high and share your goals with each other.
    You also need need to set reasonable goals.
    After each successful day without a smoke, appreciate yourself. You could give yourself a treat. Do something you really love and congratulate yourself.
  14. xSentaru

    xSentaru Active Contributor

    I used to smoke when I was alot younger. Back then, I had no idea why I was doing it, it just became a habit of myself. Finished a meal? Went out and smoked a cig. Done my chores? Went out and smoked a cig. I suddenly realized it kind of took over my life and told myself I had to step my game up. Now, I still smoke, I can't help it, but in much more less quantities, like a cig once 3 or 4 days. I hope in time I'll quit it completely.
  15. Faithfulmarie

    Faithfulmarie Member

    Isn't it interesting, how a lot of us began smoking to be part of the crowd, now we have to stay apart from the crowd to smoke. I believe that the dangers of smoking cannot be overemphasized. We need to embrace health lifestyles and habits from early. As an earlier poster said we have to replace a negative habit with a positive one. I personally believe that just the fear of ill health is enough of a motivator for me to stay away from smoking.
  16. juno

    juno Community Champion

    You have a really great attitude and idea. Not everyone can commit to what you have and stick to. It is trully a matter of the mind to independently take on the task of quiting and a healthy lifestyle. What you have taken on is actually what most high end detox programs offer. They have full scale spa like environments, where people can exercise, do yoga, get massages, and have natural organic and sustainsble meals prepared for them, along with mindfulness based therapy sessions. Good for you to do it on your own and save yourself the cash!
  17. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    This is a good way to kick habits or to just get yourself on a healthy track in life. I've always eaten pretty good. I'd say I would slip up like anyone else and eating the wrong things. It depends. Different times I would go through long periods of eating really well it usually happens when I stick with the right people. Like minds.
    Last spring I started a raw plan with only one cooked meal a day. Now I'm trying one a week. Its interesting how you begin to loose attachment to other things as you do something like this. I can now see how processed and cooked foods actually hold you to certain things. Cravings, addiction, and things that you don't need begin to disappear to a point where you have complete control.
    People who are addicted to unhealthy things are in an oblivion. Until you actually experience freedom from something like this you really can't even begin to understand the grip it has on you.
    People who have to have coffee, cigarettes, cheese, donuts, chocolate, and marijuana just to name a few. Hard drugs of course are the same way. If you feel like you are going to snap if you don't have it, somethings not right. Nobody feels that way about spinach or an piece of fruit. Why is that? Cause it is actually good for you and has no addictive qualities to it. Its like when someone sits there thinking about that coffee and the jelly donut. They obsess over it and day dream about it. The mind begins to go wild over it. Its not normal. When you eat enough of the right things it doesn't work that way.
  18. TungstenCube

    TungstenCube Member

    There's a reason that Alcoholics Anonymous works so well. The best way to detox and stay with your plan is to rely on social support and surround yourself with individuals who want to see you succeed. I'm currently watching Elementary on CBS, and the one thing that is constantly discussed is the concept of, "triggers." People can be triggers to, and you need to surround yourself with people that won't put your recovery at risk.