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Hello, Everyone!

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by DLWright, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. DLWright

    DLWright Member

    My name is Trisha and I'm here because I'm married to a man with serious impulse control problems and addictive tendencies. It seems like it is pretty difficult for him to avoid getting addicted to something.

    My husband has smoked cigarettes such as long as he can remember (I hate them - but love him). He's smoked MJ for a very long time. And he currently has an addiction to 5 hour energy drinks too.

    I know these may or may not really all be drugs. But, I feel like the addiction and abuse issues is what brought me to this forum because I was hoping to discuss it with anyone who understood.
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  2. Joseph

    Joseph Community Organizer Community Listener

    Welcome to the forums, Trisha, and thanks for sharing your story with us! I think you'll identify with a lot of people here. Most of us are either struggling with our own addictions or close to someone who is struggling. Whether it's energy drinks or heroin our addictions control our lives and affect those around us. Awareness, compassion and support can go a long way, so I'm glad you're here with us!
  3. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

    Welcome, Trisha!
  4. maryannballeras

    maryannballeras Senior Contributor

    Hi, Trisha! Welcome to the forum! It's sad to hear that your husband is currently going through such a phase. Do you know if there might be things that are stressing him out, maybe that's why he needed to intake marijuanas and energy drinks so much?
  5. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Hello Trisha, Welcome and I hope you find some comfort and support in the forums. I wanted to reach out and let you know two important things. Remember that this is a situations that you cannot control. It does not mean that you don't care. It does not mean that you can't offer support. Ultimately, that's what your role is going to be, supporting your husband. Secondly, I want you to know that you are not alone, and that you always have someone to talk to in this forum. We are hear to listen, even if you just need to vent. I hope that we can provide some comfort, information, and support for you during this trying time.

    Now, to jump right in. What's your next step when it comes to your husband?
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  6. MrMegistus

    MrMegistus Member

    Hey Trisha. I can relate to your husband. In the past I was addicted to 5 hour energy drink, MJ, and wine. There was a time when my girlfriend flat-out told me I was addicted. I won't post a link, but I wrote a novel about addiction and how it can effect someone's life. I wish the best for you, and I know that you will give your husband the support he needs. I mean, after all, you're seeking some type of knowledge through this forum. :)
  7. sarahxalex

    sarahxalex Member

    Welcome Trisha,
    Yes although cigarettes may not be drugs, it can still be the trigger or start to an addiction. An addiction can start anywhere and you are doing the right thing as a wife to try and get him some help. Try getting him to go to the gym every time he wants to smoke or drink a 5 hour energy. Even going on a walk, alone or together, will help take his mind off of it. I too used to be very dependent on marijuana and every time I wanted to smoke some I would work out or even do some sit ups to get my mind off of it. Ask your husband why he smokes cigarettes so much and maybe that will help start a system to getting over this bad habit.
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  8. camsdad

    camsdad Member

    Hello Trisha, it's nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your story. I would not listen to the options my girlfriend gave me at first. It was mainly about my drinking and smoking cigarettes, nicotine has been said to be a drug and is very addictive and hard to kick. Keep showing your support, and give it time. It took me two whole years before I decided to actually listen to her and stop drinking.