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Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by Cheeki~T, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Cheeki~T

    Cheeki~T Member

    I'm really struggling on a daily basis, well I say daily but money is the real problem, I started off with getting addicted to heroin many years ago, now these past few years it escalated into crack and heroin addiction, I've been on Subutex then relapsed and found it far too difficult to get back on the subs, so now I'm on a methadone script. Heroin isn't the real problem, it's the crack that's got a strong hold over me but I mentally can't just smoke the w I have to have h to level my mind out with the come down from the w, I just really don't know how to overcome this, I'm fine without it when I'm skint, I'm a happy go lucky person but soon as payday nears, those demons are back, then I blow all moneys and then feel down for days over scoring. I don't talk to anybody about it, I just beat my self up each and every time. It's a vicious circle that I just don't know how to change. Anybody who has been where I am please tell me how and where to begin getting my life back as I'm sure many addicts have done so. : - (
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  2. Направих го. Всеки може да спре да прави наркотици само they want it. It is really hard but isn't impossible. I was 20 years old when was my last use of heroin. Now i am 36 years old and 16 years without any drugs.
  3. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    I think its that viscious cycle that really obfuscates the exact way to get out of the situation. I know how "i" would get out of it, but is it even remotely related to the way out for you, im not sure. Think about that. Like me, you could also try a mental health facility and work out residual issues with a therapist. They listen to what you have to say!