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How did you handle depression after heroin addiction?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by hanno, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. hanno

    hanno Member

    I'm wondering if anyone could share tips on how they handled the post heroin, post recovery depression.

    I definitely had underlying depression that contributed to my heroin use, and I found that the most difficult part of the whole recovery process was rebuilding my confidence and self esteem after recovery. As a woman in my late 20s, sometimes it's still difficult to cope with the loss of time that I spent in my addiction. I really try to be grateful for what I've accomplished, but sometimes it's hard not to compare myself with my peers who've started their careers and built their lives.

    Are there any people out there who have bounced back after addiction? What was the process like? What did you do that helped the most?
  2. Hiraeth

    Hiraeth Active Contributor

    I've never taken heroin or any chemical drug for that matter. The worst addiction I have had is to marijuana (which is thankfully over) and presently, I'm hopelessly trying to quit cigarette. Irrespective of my non-participation into the drugs you mention, I can more than understand what you're talking about. The comparison with peers, seeing them achieve great heights in their careers and life, happens to so many of us and the feeling it leaves us with is pretty terrible. I'm sure heroin multiplies that manifold.

    Speaking for myself, I wasted 3-4 extremely crucial years of my life in an addiction/obsession of a different kind. It drove me insane enough that I did nothing with my pretty good SAT scores, I didn't do so well in college, my social life tanked, I let go of chances that probably wont come my way again. Now when I see myself I want to crank my head against the mirror for the mistakes I've made. But that wouldn't solve anything. We either get up. Or we don't.

    If you are still struggling with your addiction, in any form, I strongly suggest you consult a professional doctor/counselor/therapist. You need to be under the guidance of someone in the beginning who knows what he or she is talking about. Secondly, I would say try out different things, from dancing, to playing an instrument or a sport, to planting trees or hiking, or reading, or whatever you can lay your hands on. And find out which of them makes you most happy. I think indulging ourselves in things that make us happy is a crucial step in getting out of addiction and taking the first renewed interest in life. I found out I like painting. It wasn't easy because initially I would just sit with the colors doing nothing. But eventually I started getting into it. And it also made me feel less critical about myself.

    Oh and another thing, start looking after your appearance. Might sound silly but an interest in how you appear to people is a sign that you care enough about yourself to not appear drab before the world. It might not come naturally at first, but keep trying.
  3. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    @hanno: I haven't used heroin but been dealing with depression for a long time and you got to know that it can't happen overnight and there's no single solution; a combination of things like regular exercise, strong socializing etc might help you get back on your feet and overcome depression. What that is definitely not going to help you is comparing yourself with others.
  4. sillylucy

    sillylucy Community Champion

    I was watching Heroes the other day and I love how they show the painter with a heroin addiction. I don't know how he would find the energy to paint while on heroin. I find that I would be so lazy and unmotivated while on and off it. I guess I just had a chemical imbalance.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Hello there, @hanno! Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing. First of all, I am glad to know that you have finally quit your heroin addiction. Kudos to you for a job well done! :) Right now though, you have to stay focused on recovery. I suggest always try to keep yourself motivated. Look for new hobbies/activities that would make you happy and fulfilled. Don't ever compare yourself to other people. Be productive as much as you can. I wish you all the best!
  6. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    There are a number of people who have bounced back after they've recovered from heroin. My uncle, who used to abuse such drugs, is now a policeman. In the past, he was just a by-stander struggling to finish college. After my mom made sure he went to rehab, he started to turn his life around and even decided to go back to university a decade since he quit. I think work more or less gave him a sense of meaning and a reason to leave addiction for good. He also has a family now, which helps him set his priorities straight.
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  7. pstrong1969

    pstrong1969 Community Champion

    Im also a recovering Heroin addict who also suffers from depression. Finding the right medication helped me. I also am Bi-Polar. Going to 12 step meeting helps me. Also grp. therapy helped too. Congratulations on quitting Heroin. It is not an easy thing to give up. Sounds like your focusing too much on past regrets. Pleas stop doing that. Thats probably a major cause of your depression. Like someone already said "dont compare yourself to other people". Your living your life not someone elses. Everybodys path is different. You should just try and change what you can and accept the rest. Good Luck to you and the path your on.