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How do I talk teen about all the dangers of marijuana use when govt is about to legalize it

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by SuniMac24, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. SuniMac24

    SuniMac24 Member

    Im at my wits end trying to keep my teen from using marijuana as she has anxiety and depression and a very addictive and strong willed personality. At her age they think they KNOW it all and nothing I say about it being unhealthy for her physically and mentally or against the law seems to be sinking in! She is a straight A student involved in many extra cirriculars and has a pretty large social circle although she will tell you she hates school and has no friends. We have been through an eating disorder thats controlled for most part now but Im afraid shes replacing it with pot smoking now to help her CALM down! Which has been proven to have opposite effect from what Im reading and harmful to teens brain development! Im worried sick and a single Mom so the struggle is on on me! Any advice is appreciated...
  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @SuniMac24... I responded to your post in another thread. :)
  3. sxarexrow

    sxarexrow Member

    The same way you would talk to him about cigarettes or alcohol.

    My thoughts on marijuana have tempered over the years when it became painfully obvious that it IS the gateway drug I kept denying it was. Almost every friend I smoked weed with in high school later went on to do heroin. That danger is there. Just keep up good communication, be there non judgemental but stern advice she needs, and hope some of it sticks. It's the best any parent can do.

    And yes, marijuana does in fact increase anxiety and paranoia.
  4. Yes I agree. Being judgemental and showing no care for understanding their situation will do nothing but bad, making them more likely to smoke the drug.

    You could also try getting in touch with someone who has experienced the harsh realities of weed consumption first hand and get them to have a conversation with your daughter, you'll probably want to be there with them, explaining why she should stop.

    This could be the shock needed to get through to her.
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  5. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Excellent suggestions, @HowtoStopSmokingWeed!
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  6. Maninthebox

    Maninthebox Member

    I've had social anxiety and major depressive disorder since I was ten and whenever I have EVER smoked weed, it's TOTALLY taken both of these conditions away. When the psychoactive weed effects are gone, my anxiety and major depressive disorder do not increase. The fact is that THC can indeed be used responsibly and successfully to treat my conditions and ones that others have. THC doesnt cure my treats them successfully. It's basically the same as using the drug aspirin for physical aches and pains...the aspirin is no cure cuz you're gonna have future aches and pains, then use more aspirin or other analgesic for relief. Abuse of weed IS a problem. But just because you use it doesn't mean you're gonna use hard, illicit drugs. Some peeps abuse their drug of choice and then make a separate, unrelated choice to use other D's of C. I've never used any other "drugs" or plants aside from a diet medicine which is manmade, but that wasn't cuz I use weed. So the whole gateway possibilitiesare relative to each person and marijuana can't be right out ruled as the gateway drug.

    I am extremely proud of our elected officials for finally choosing to look past the schedule assigned to weed. I mean, OMG! Yea sure...its schedule makes it as dangerous as crack, heroin, angel dust, LSD, etc...YEA RIGHT! BTW, you EVER seen that absolutely FOOLISH 1930's movie called "REEFER MADNESS?" It's like someone making a movie stating that rubber dartguns are equal to AK47's!

    Now, I do agree that a young mind still developing is more susceptible to being stunted when weed (or any other medicine) affecting the mind is used. But with regards to the developed mind, no stunting or mental horrors are the norm.

    My post is not intended to offend anyone. I just found myself on the facts soapbox, now getting off.

    Peace to all of you.
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  7. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Thanks for the post, @Maninthebox. I'm glad you shared your insight and personal experience.
  8. cannanikka

    cannanikka Member

    Hi SuniMac,
    In my experience and personal opinion, especially when it comes to alcohol/marijuana (potentially addictive drugs but relatively benign in moderation), we need to focus on teaching parents and kids more about addiction in general, not just about this or that drug, and why we form addictions in the first place. Clearly, some people form addictions to alcohol, while many who use alcohol do not. Some form addictions to marijuana, while many do not, even though so many people have tried it. Why this is is complex. However, there is a very strong correlation between drug addiction and childhood trauma. It sounds like your (daughter?) has some psychological issues (past eating disorder) that need to be addressed, or it seems that this extreme behavior, which likely is rooted in some form of trauma from earlier in her childhood, will just be replaced with another extreme behavior (drug abuse, social isolation, etc.).

    Marijuana is just about the safest drug known, pharmacologically. But that doesn't mean it can't hinder your life if you become addicted and severely complicate pre-existing mental disorders. I started smoking marijuana at 12 when my brother introduced it to me. When my dad discovered that I was smoking it, I was thirteen. He told me "I was too young" and grounded me. I got into trouble with the law at 14 and 18, and had to quit smoking while on probation during those times. Aside from that, I've smoked marijuana almost everyday from 12 to 28, until i decided to quit at the beginning of this past December. I've experienced relatively mild withdrawal symptoms (insomnia, namely, with some minor anxiety and depression). I am successful, I finished college with a 3.5 GPA with a BS to show for it and I am employed in a carreer, all of which I accomplished using marijuana daily. However, I realize now that my marijuana addiction severely hindered development of my social skills, which I deeply regret.

    Based on sociological studies, the major factor in human happiness is strong personal connections and a strong social circle. What prompted me to stop smoking marijuana was my eventual realization of how much it socially inhibited me. When I decided to quit, I had almost no social circle, as I recently moved to a new area for a job, and broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years. I realized that living life by myself was a life, using marijuana with one or two other marijuana addicts as my only source of happiness and social freedom, was not really worth living, and to become social, I needed to heal myself. Before I quit, as I was reflecting on my addiction, I realized that I was covering up several traumas from childhood, which I am currently in EMDR based therapy for. Understanding that I had been covering something up from my past that had not been properly dealt with by burying it under my marijuana use was instrumental in deciding to quit, and dealing with that trauma during my recovery has been key in sticking to my desire to stop using marijuana.

    I'd be happy to talk to your teen if you'd like. Personally, I don't think using marijuana occasionally is a bad thing, just as with alcohol, and I don't think try to stop teens from experimenting with alcohol and marijauana consumption is realistic (though I might not tell her that). But learning the dangers of forming an addiction, and searching for the root cause of mental disorders is of the utmost importance, more important than avoiding use altogether, and especially if one has formed a maniacal behavior in the past, such as an eating disorder. More important than talking about marijuana is understanding what is at the root of her past eating disorder. On the bright side of that, she likely has an increased understanding of how out-of-control behavior can have such a negative consequence on your body/mind.

    I've had an interest in psychology since high school, but these insights are mostly my own, and I am definitely not a professional, though I do have lots of experience. I was in couples therapy with my girlfriend about a year ago, and had told our therapist about my marijuana use. His reply, with a smile, was "oh, you're covering up something there." That was initially what prompted my introspection about why I used marijuana for so long, and eventually lead me to quit and seek therapy.

    Best of Luck!

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  9. Hi_Im_Shawn

    Hi_Im_Shawn Member

    Tobacco is the real gateway drug. Alcohol shortly after. Talk to them about those dangers first. Honestly in my humble opinion, marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs, and the fact that it is illegal only makes it more dangerous.

    Because once a teenager crosses the line and breaks the law by using marijuana....then cocaine, MDMA, meth and heroin are usually only a quick phone call away.

    Speaking from personal experience because the first time I bought marijuana, I also bought LSD because the dealer happened to be selling both that day.
  10. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Hi_ thanks for your input. gateway drugs or not... caution is to be used for all. alcohol does kill way more people (and tobacco) than yeah, that ought to be addressed.
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  11. Patience

    Patience Member

    Hi!!! I don't know where to start, so I'll just start off by saying, I'm so sad, scared and frustrated to think that my 14 year old daughter might be smoking weed. Lately she's been lying to me about her where abouts, she's not as motivated in school as she was before. Her best friend was drug tested by her mother and tested positive. " BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER" Today I went to get a test kit and I find myself wanting to test her, but I'm scared to know. I've raised two men already and has never been through this before, I'm nervous as hell. But it has to be done. I just needed to vent a little
  12. Dominica

    Dominica Recovery Advocate @ Moving Beyond Codependency Community Listener

    @Patience hey there! thanks for reaching out. i understand you're anxiety over this. i'm a mom and i get it that we don't want our kids to travel roads that could lead them to trouble or issues.

    teens do experiment...with alcohol and sometimes marijuana. i wish they didn't, but the reality is that many do. i do want you to know that most teens won't keep on with it. some say that like around 85% of people who use alcohol or drugs will stop by themselves...sooner or later. my teens tried pot, and none of them liked it. alcohol...yeah, two of them liked that and i'd rather have them have liked pot over booze honestly. less addictive.

    anyway, here's a link to some good info (in case she is using it)

    may help rest your nerves some....

    some parents test their teens... i mean, we can't always trust our kids to be truthful. if you're going to use it, just be straight up as to why...not judgmental at all. if you go ballistic on her, she's gonna either throw a fit or shut down. have an open and honest conversation about the topic. be inquisitive..ask her questions and let her answer....

    of course, i'm not an expert on the matter... but thought i'd share.
  13. romit

    romit Member


    The human nature is, more you stop the person from doing something more she will be into that. So you need to have patience in it and talk to her without being judgmental.

    Just tell her that marijuana is good only for medical purpose and its legalization should only be taken as a good thing for medical treatments.

    You can also take her to counselor so that she can understand the things better.
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