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How I got here.

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by BoredPostman, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. BoredPostman

    BoredPostman Member

    I'm 19 years old. I was raised in New England, which as you guys probably know has major heroin issues. We moved to this little town when I was 14 or so, and there wasn't much around to do. So naturally, being a bunch of bored, rich kids, my friends and I started doing Oxy. Eventually we realized that we'd get the same high for way cheaper with heroin. Long story short, I ended up doing some jailtime last year and I've been kicked out. Not sure where to turn at this point, as I totally blew off high school for awhile, and I have no money for school.
  2. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    Are you sober at this point? do you need a rehab or a sober living facility? I think if you call the 800 number at the top of the screen you can get some help and direction. It sounds like you need some support, while you figure out what to do...Good Luck and God Bless.
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  3. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    I hope you are getting the help you need to get clean. You deserve a better life. Thank you for sharing your story. We are here to support you and help in anyway we can. Good luck and all the best.
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  4. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    The fact that you're here to me signals that you want help - so well done for that! I'm not sure what's around your local area but meetings and counseling are routes to look into. Are your family supportive with your goal to get clean? Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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  5. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    @BoredPostman Hello and Welcome to this forum! You are still young and don't waste your life to those toxic substances that will ruin your life. There is still a time to change for the better of your life. Just believe in yourself that you can do it and always have that faith in your heart. All the best of luck to you!
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  6. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    Hi @BoredPostman! :) I'm glad you were able to find this forum and share what you are experiencing right now. You've definitely come to the right place because there are a lot of members here who are willing to listen and give you unsolicited advice. I hope you would be able to find a group or facility in your area that can help and assist you in recovery. You can also call the hot line posted on this forum as an initial move for you to be able to find professional assistance.

    As what @ReadmeByAmy said, you're still young and you still have a bright future ahead of you. In my life, after all the things I've been through, I realized that life is too precious to be wasting on addiction. Now that I'm finally sober and happy with my life, I want to inspire others to take the path to recovery and experience life's beauty without addiction. I hope one day you would also find success in your search for sobriety. The best of luck to you and please feel free to come back anytime here if you ever need any help from us.
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  7. BoredPostman

    BoredPostman Member

    Thank you all! To answer your questions: Yes, my parents support my getting clean, it's just that they don't want me in the house while I do it. Which is understandable, as I was stealing things from them in order to support my habit.
  8. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    I'm glad to know that you're being supported by your parents. As what others have said, it's important to get professional help in dealing with your case. Maybe in time, when you're fully recovered and clean, you will get their trust again. And maybe you can move back in to your parent's house. Prove to them that you will be able to get clean and stay clean. Good luck!
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  9. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @BoredPostman... Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing with us. I'm glad you found us.

    I'm the father of a son in long-term recovery from heroin addiction, so I know a little bit about where you're at. I just want to tell you that you CAN get clean and sober, and that your life will be much better because of it. My son will tell you that he pretty much threw away seven years of his life, and he wishes he would've gotten clean sooner. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you, so breaking free from drugs now would be a wonderful thing for you to do.

    I also want to say that I totally get where your parents are coming from with regards to supporting your getting clean, but not wanting you in the house while you do it. Addiction is a family disease, and everyone in the family suffers...not just the person with addiction. When my older son was struggling, it made our home life a living hell. My wife, younger son, and I all suffered greatly. We finally got to a point where we had to ask our son to leave our house; not because we didn't love him, but because we knew that our lives had value, too. We could not continue living with the fallout of his addiction under our roof. So please know that your parents still love you; they just need to detach a little bit. Detaching doesn't mean we don’t care. It means we need to learn to love, care, and be involved without going crazy.

    I wish you nothing but the best going forward. If you set getting clean as your goal, focus on it, and are willing to work your ass off to achieve it, you can do it. I know you can. And know that we're here to help and support you any way we can. So don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need to, okay?

    Go forward, be brave, and keep the faith.
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  10. irishrose

    irishrose Community Champion

    Hello, @BoredPostman. Thank you for sharing your story. You came to the right place! People on this forum are very supportive and caring, I think you will find a lot of good advice and support here, it is a good place to start. Realizing you have a problem is the first step. Then, you need to decide what, if anything, you are going to do to solve the problem. Perhaps start by attending N.A. or A.A. meetings, as a way to become connected to people who have been where you are before.

    As far as money for school, it may have to wait until you find yourself clean and sober. Once your health is better, you can then focus on earning money for school by working, and applying for scholarships and financial aid. However, that most likely will not happen successfully until you are healthy and drug-free, or at least in the path to becoming so.

    I wish you the best. Keep posting and seeking advice as you think of questions for people, there are some truly caring individuals who post regularly on this forum.
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  11. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    @BoredPostman... Just checking in to see how you're doing. Let us know when you get a chance.
  12. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    Well, it's not too late to bounce back, right? I think that being jailed has taught you a lesson and I assume that you have already learned that lesson? If you want to be clean then you must take a step forward towards the right direction, like going to a rehab or to counseling.
  13. BoredPostman

    BoredPostman Member

    I'm doing alright. Just doing my best to make money online, as being around people gives me unbearable anxiety. I've tried to get a job and the pressure is so intense ... Gah my life is fucking hell at this point.
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  14. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    Welcome postman.
    It takes courage to open up to strangers on the internet, I commend you for that.
    You are definitely taking the correct steps. With help you can regain your life and make it a life you can be proud off.
    Getting clean is the first thing. Sounds like you are working towards that goal. There are a variety of coping mechanisms to help you, we talk a lot about them here. Fitness is one of the best. Just getting outside for a walk can help you feel better.

    Have you ever thought about trying to learn an online trade? Wed dev, programming, database management, andriod/IOS programming ect ect.
    You can learn for pretty cheap (maybe your parents can foot the bill?) and then you will have an employable skill.
    Plus you can do it from home alone or with people you trust so it can make it less intimidating then school.

    Also try to start putting yourself around positive people, don't go back to any friends who still use.

    You are still young man, lots of time to build an awesome clean sober life!
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  15. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    Hello there and welcome aboard. You've had quite an experience at such a young age. But that in itself is an advantage. Learn from your past mistakes and avoid repeating them. This is your wake-up call. Start anew. Go back to high school only when you're emotionally, physically and financially ready. For the meantime find a job and immerse yourself in worthwhile activities. Once you find something you really like to do, heroin would be the last thing on your mind.
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  16. BoredPostman

    BoredPostman Member

    Thank you all for your advice and help ... Currently I'm doing usability testing, posting on forums, reviewing products, quality assurance ... basically mindless, mind-numbing work. I've thought about programming but I wouldn't know where to start learning.
  17. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

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  18. BoredPostman

    BoredPostman Member

    Wow, thank you so much! I will definitely look into this ...
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  19. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    Hello there, @BoredPostman! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you have went through in the past, but I am glad to hear that you're doing pretty well now, and wow, you're trying to be more independent already. Kudos to you. All the best.
  20. Ram Shah

    Ram Shah Member

    I'm sorry to hear that but it's good that you are admitting that it's an issue and that is the first step! We are here for you! God bless. The first step would be to find an activity to distract yourself from the heroin. Try getting a job or going back to high school. Also seek some professional help!