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How is everyone doing?

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by deanokat, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Crazy times, for sure. Just thought I'd pop in and see how everyone is doing. Hope you're all as healthy as can be. We'll get through this!
  2. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    I've missed you my friend and trying as best I can to stay healthy and process thing's that had me confused but mostly just trying to stay healthy.How are you?Great to hear from you,truth be told I felt a bit abandoned by you..however I understand you had no choice but to move on.Smile my friend we will indeed overcome.
    Stay Strong and God Bless you
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  3. Bullwinkle

    Bullwinkle Community Champion

    deanokat writes>>>Hope you’re all as healthy as can be. We’ll get through this.<<<

    I’m assuming when you use “plural” first person ”we’ll” , you mean yourself and yours and not a blanket statement for the world?

    I’m in the highest risk group, I was born during WWII. My wife and I are healthy, we’re far beyond the incubation period. BUT, we’re self-quarantined, because we assume “everyone” is infected, including my extended family, i.e. children and grandchildren and we’re scared for them.

    My wife and I most likely will get through this, but if the exponential nature of COVID-19 infection transmission isn't stemmed in any way, many won’t get through this, they will die.

    Example of exponential growth. Let's say you start with a population that has just one infected person on January 1st, and the number of infected people doubles every three days, there will be 1024 infected people on January 31, about a thousand times as many from the first infected person.
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  4. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @deanokat has been an invaluable asset to this site and I presume He DID mean it as a blanket statement as he is known to always be positive and optimistic even in the darkest time's. I am upset with not 1 person I love you all and am starting to understand what @cheffy meant when he said "It's hard to know the context of some conversation via text as you can't hear or see emotion "Much love to you all
    Stay Strong and God Bless you
  5. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Cool post IMO.
    I have not been here long but I recall @deanokat's posts from before I joined & when I joined , I really believe he is a good dude.
    Stay well everyone .
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  6. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    Ya @deanokat is a wonderful human being in my opinion, he never favored anyone over anyone else regardless of how long he knew them,he always had a bright light to shed on everyone even those who were often stuck in (Self Pity)mode.."Myself"is who I am talking about as even still now I complain and whine like a big baby..I am not scared to admit it lol,I often time's only see the negative and he would get stern at time's and pretty much let me know I was being childish and I needed to push beyond feeling sorry for myself. He was/is just a great person who I think the world of...even though I do wish he would stay in touch better as people like myself felt abandoned by him.....hopefully he reads this and tells me to stop whinning LOL...
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  7. Davers

    Davers Community Champion

    Sorry for my long

    Sorry for my long delay in replying , I dose at the clinic & had a bit too much as they say & have not been worth a crap other than friday. I'm still brain numb now but just awoke.
    @deanokat , Sounded Like a No BS kind a guy , and that's good , he has his life & is likely busy these days so try not to feel abandoned , tho I can see how you feel that way .

    I also am a whiner , many times my wife or Step Dad will say "Are you gonna Cry " & lately I been sayin "YES" or it's this or me Yelling & freaking out. FW It's worth , the wife just came in and said we got $300 in food stamps (guess cause of this virus ) & First thing I said is thats cool , & "Please don't buy all sweets & blow the $ on dumb stuff " she /we almost argued but I thought & said , " That's Good thank's for telling me " Instead of seeing the negative like I always do. Guess I'm also in self pitty mode most times as well ... Man the Brain is strange + I'm still coming down on the Prozac. so ? IDK.

    Ill be around for a little while today to see whats been up here . GD
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