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How is your ability to get things done

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by amin021023, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    Our ability to get things done determines our self confidence specially for men. so how would you describe yourself, are you happy with your ability to do tasks...

    I oftenly think to myself whether or not I'm a capable person and I really want to improve it, that's why I'm going to the gym, cutting down on smoking and quitting weed, generally I'm working on breaking my bad habits and creating good ones, what about you?
  2. mooray

    mooray Active Contributor

    I heard somewhere that motivation doesn't work without emotion. Come to think about it, it is true. The ability to get things done starts from the inside and not on the outside. If I do something that I love and have a passion for, I believe that I will not only succeed but I will do better than others. For instance, I am passionate about making music and whenever I'm writing a song, I put all of my heart into it making sure it is perfect. Even if my songs tops the Billboard chart 1 day, I will do it for the love of it and not for the money, fame or the women. That is what drives me and gets things done with no compromise. I know that if I drink too much and smoke a lot of weed, my abilities to make good music will deteriorate. Most of the successful people in the world are driven by passion. There must be something you can do better than others that you truly love doing, even if it seems impossible. Remember, motivation doesn't work without emotion.
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  3. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    What of when you lose the ability to get things done? I once read a story about a man who was beaten up by some thugs and after the beating he no longer could talk as well as he previously did. He'd stutter and because he couldn't bear it he started avoiding people. Didn't want to see his friends anymore. To cope with loneliness he started abusing drugs. He overdosed a few months later and died.

    I think that we shouldn't allow ourselves to measure our self-confidence against our ability to get things done. It can be counter-productive especially if we lose that ability and our attitude doesn't change.
  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    While I'm capable of doing anything I put my mind to, I find that motivation is a key issue, or should I say lack of it, where I'm concerned.

    When I have something to do, I get it done, but I nearly always leave things to the last minute. It's as if I work better under pressure so wait and wait until I have to do something, rather than doing it when it needs doing.
  5. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I am a woman and feel very accomplished when I can get things done. I am not mechanical by any means and often get frustrated when trying to put something together and it does not work right. I guess most of the time, men are better at problem solving because that is what they do best. I feel most accomplished when I get everything on my to-do list done.
  6. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I feel really happy and fulfilled whenever I get things/tasks done. Actually, I am a kind of person who does things based on my feelings. If I am not feeling something, it's not going to be completed. I mean, I work not only because I need money or I want to impress other people by my success, but most specially because I also want to feel sort of happy. Because whenever I work, I always give my best into it.
  7. gmckee1985

    gmckee1985 Senior Contributor

    I think feeling useful is really important. Especially for men. While I do enjoy relaxing from time to time, if I were just constantly laying around the house all of the time I'd feel miserable. I have to stay focused comstantly because I have a tendancy for my mind to wander and then its hard to get back on track.
  8. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    Every human being has the need to feel useful, to create something, to transcend something... And I'm not the exception, I feel so much better when I get things done, it kinda proofs myself that I'm enough to accomplish anything that I propose to do. And I agree with you, that is a big part about self confidence that every human being should have to keep motivated about their skills.
  9. trevermorgana

    trevermorgana Active Contributor

    I write for a living so I never really feel a sense of satisfaction in the way I do my tasks just because I keep thinking I can do more. It's an odd thought but it usually leads me to the next level of evolving in how I handle things. It's an infinite cycle I suppose, a mechanism to survive it all. I'm always motivated though, happy to see through what falls on my desk next.
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  10. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    @mooray : Golden words man, I need to learn from you. I love what you said about passion and all, Can I ask you a question? the thing is even though I don't smoke weed anymore, it has affected me in a way that nothing is interesting like it used to be.

    @trevermorgana: I feel you, I used to be like that. but now when I get a thing done I just let myself enjoy and move on
  11. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    I never think that I'm doing a certain thing perfectly. No matter how hard I try to make something in a perfect way, I'm always going to have more to learn, no matter the circumstances so the most constructive thing I can do is to acknowledge the fact that I'll always have something to improve. Not being arrogant has always helped me, especially my personality.
  12. CallipygianGamine

    CallipygianGamine Community Champion

    Over the past few years this is something I’ve worked on majorly. When I was younger I became quite lazy and unmotivated because I hardly thought anything was worth it. I hardly thought my own life was worth the effort. I’ve since been proven wrong. I may have swung over to the other extreme, though; relaxation has been lacking in my life lately… haha. But I’m much happier knowing I can actually accomplish things that I want to accomplish.
  13. JonnyMacdonald

    JonnyMacdonald Community Champion

    Certain personality types embody the idea that
    "ability to get things done determines our self confidence."
    I imagine that you are of that personality type, please know this is not the same for everyone.
    For some of us self-confidence comes from being organized, from knowing lots of information, from positive relationships with others or even from winning things.
    I am the information type, I am confident when I know my subject and less so when I don't.
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  14. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    I'm pretty sure that men and women alike enjoy getting things done and feeling a sense of accomplishment. That's not a gender specific kind of thing. It's a human being kind of thing, and I sometimes but not often struggle with motivation and getting things done on a schedule. I'd say that most people are like that, and perhaps addicts or recovering individuals are more prone to experiencing issues in this regard.
  15. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Nice to know that you are trying to break those bad habits and keep it up. :)
    I think I can consider my self skilled enough or have the ability to makes things done accordingly. Doing things myself helped me learned new skills and feel accomplished.
  16. deewanna

    deewanna Senior Contributor

    I think it's natural for all human beings to get a sense of fulfillment when they've managed to get something done. That in itself ought to be enough motivation to get things done. But, it doesn't happen like that in most cases.
    I have always needed to get inspired to do things at the right time. Right now I'm battling with laziness and procrastination.
  17. Nelja Lerob

    Nelja Lerob Member

    I pride myself on my self motivation, especially without the use of any substances like drugs. For me, I'd rather just "get it done and over with" than leave whatever I'm doing just sitting there. It leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing I actually did something on my own rather than resorting to drugs, alcohol, etc, to get it done. To me, it just makes more sense. Usually, the outcome of whatever I'm doing is well worth it after it's completed.
  18. cabrannon529

    cabrannon529 Member

    I believe I'm a capable person, and I'm doing a lot to 'get things done' to improve my life now. I'm getting a job, trying to earn more money to pay off my debt, and working out. I'm trying to better my family relationships and keep my good friends. I wish luck to you and everyone in this thread.

    However, I don't believe a man should be measured by his ability to 'get things done' - there are plenty of disabled men out there who I would consider more of a man than me in most cases.
  19. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    For me it really depends what it is, in terms of getting things done. With some things in life, I still question whether I'm worthy enough, skilled enough or competent enough, and sometimes that mindset holds me back. Overall though I would say that as long as I'm not in a negative state of mind, my ability to get stuff done is pretty good!
  20. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    My ability to get things done mostly depends on my ability to be diligent and not lazy about doing it. I just have to combat my laziness and once I do, then for sure I would get to accomplish a lot.