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How Long Have You Gone Without Sleeping?

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine / Meth' started by JoshPosh, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I've never tried Meth before. As a kid I've watched it being used in front of me. I never took note of it but I know those that are on it go without sleep for days. My questions to everyone who has tried it before, how long did you go without sleeping? I can't imagine being up for more then 24 hours. But I hear some say that they go without sleeping for a week at a time.
  2. TripleD123

    TripleD123 Community Champion

    I know a friend that didn't sleep for 4-5 days. I also had a family member that would go 5-7 days depending on how much of the drug they had. WHY would anyone want to stay up that long is beyond me. I HATE meth. Hate it so bad. It ruins people, ruins families, ruins everything.
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  3. adfnio

    adfnio Community Champion

    I would party with a bunch of friends that loved to smoke meth. I stayed away and watched them do it. One weekend I saw a buddy of my started hitting the meth pipe and I lost visual contact with of him after that. A week goes by and I see him again at the same house still partying. He looks a bit weary, and this other guys tells me that my friend hasn't slept yet since last weekend.

    So yeah, it's true that you will stay up for days on end if you continue to use Meth.
  4. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    Was your friend hallucinating from a lack of sleep?


    The longest I have stayed up, from my days in the service or when I worked third shift was 48 hours. My body crashed. I could not keep my eyes open.
  5. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I have previously stayed awake for about four or five days. This is a good question, very relevant. Did you know that sleep deeprivation can cause clinical insanity after as little as 72 hours? That's usually temporary when it happens though.
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  6. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I did not know that insanity would happen after 72 hours. Thanks for the info. Now I know why they act the way they do. Not only is it the drug, but its the sleep deprivation.
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  7. pineywood

    pineywood Community Champion

    How right your are! That was why I was asking, if his friend was hallucinating at that point. There are some fascinating studies on sleep deprivation. I think some people may be surprised to learn what happens when you repeatedly do not get a goods night sleep or no sleep at all.

    I know, right! Understanding this does help explain, why we see of the behaviors we do, when someone is tweeking out (for lack of a better word) on a drug for days on end. It is not only the drug, but he combination of the two. A highly dangerous situation with long term effects on the a persons body and mind.
  8. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    I have heard someone staying up as long as 4 days. I cannot really even imagine what that is like and I really never want to find out. That sounds absolutely terrible and I don't know how you would ever get anything done without getting sleep.
  9. I had a friend that tried it. They did not go to sleep for over 3 days and they looked like hell. I would recommend it to no one. It is very addicting.
  10. Matthodge1

    Matthodge1 Community Champion

    No one should be doing this drug. It does no good and it only ruins lives.
  11. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    I have never tried meth, but I sure have suffered from insomnia. Sometimes it's not so much about how many days you are going without sleep, but for how many months...
    When I experienced a severe bout of insomnia some years ago, it lasted almost 4 months, in which I wouldn't get more than 2-3 hours of sleep per night, or per early morning. I then had to make up for the rest of my sleep sometimes during the day, which often didn't happen, as I had a full-time job at the time. I often only fell asleep when I was totally exhausted. I would then sleep for 15 or more hours in one go. I felt like a zombie.
    The longest I ever went without sleep was 50 hours... I felt very strange and disconnected, to say the least.
  12. lgdg090596

    lgdg090596 Senior Contributor

    I stay awake for 3~5 days, not because of drugs, but because of pain. I have hemophilia.
  13. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I know exactly what you mean. I used to suffer with insomnia quite badly. I've pretty much managed to overcome that problem now but it can leave you feeling very disconnected and not quite 'with it'. Sleep deprivation can, potentially, be quite dangerous and can lead to your mind playing all sorts of tricks on you. It's also all too easy for others to think you're losing the plot, not realizing that it's just a side effect of lack of sleep.
  14. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    When I was working for an outsourcing firm and unfortunate enough to be assigned the night shift, I had to be up for more than 30 hours from Friday to Saturday. After my Friday shift, I had to go to university and attend my graduate school classes. That way of life persisted for 4 months, once a week, before I finally had a breather. Well you just have to eat well, hydrate a lot and drink coffee every now and then to remain awake. On Saturday nights, I compensate by sleeping for 12 to 16 hours.
  15. deewanna

    deewanna Senior Contributor

    A week without sleep! How is that even possible. I can't even start to imagine the damage this drug must be doing to the system, to keep a human being up, without sleep for 7 days!
    I'm not very familiar with meth but the effects are way too dangerous. I heard that even in small doses, This stimulant can keep one awake for two days or more
  16. deewanna

    deewanna Senior Contributor

    Quick question: How long can A person suffering from methamphetamine addiction live. I don't want assumptions. If you know someone who takes it or you have a real life instance of someone addicted to it, please tell us.
  17. rightct

    rightct Community Champion

    I saw someone moving endlessly without having slept for about, what, 5 days? And upon meth going out of body, you would sleep for about the same number of days you went without sleeping, but that's quite rare. I personally don't know anyone who could certify this fact for me.
  18. Totalarmordestine

    Totalarmordestine Senior Contributor

    The longest I went without sleeping was 4 days and it sucked really I was tired but it was a bet between me and a friend to see who could stay up the longest. the first day was not that bad I was tired but the idea of what we were doing kept me awake. By the fourth day though I was beyond tired and fealt horrible. If you do not get any sleep for a very long period of time I think you can die. I know that on the third day I hallucinated and my eyes went blurry alot and my head hurt. I did not feel good at all. It is a bad ideal to stay awake too long.
  19. tarverten

    tarverten Senior Contributor

    I went 3 1/2 days without sleep and it was when I was moving and I worked at night so for those few days I was moving and I went to work fo r the night. The first day without sleep I felt great and then after that I felt tired and exhausted I tried to sleep but physically couldn't I was so frustrated so I stay up until I finally just passed out in my bed for 16 hours.
  20. blastguardgear

    blastguardgear Senior Contributor

    5 1/2 days.i was staying up with a freind.just to do it. IT SUCKS but the sleep feels SOOO GOOD i was in a deep sleep lol.but DO NOT TRY. By the way i am 15 yrs old.
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