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How Old Were You The First Time You Tried Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by hellonamesdana, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. p4lse

    p4lse Member

    I was 15 when I first smoked. It was with a bunch of friends who were pretty close. We just decided to give it a shot as we had nothing to do. I didn't entirely enjoy it and that was my last time as well.
  2. kwoodard902

    kwoodard902 Member

    I was 13 when i first smoked marijuana. I was at a friends house and everyone was smoking so I decided to. It didn't really go as I planned. I seen all these other people getting and laughing, but it just made me paranoid. I didn't know why so i tried it again and I got high, but I didn't like the way it made me feel. I didn't smoke after that, it's just not for me.
  3. amyyoh

    amyyoh Member

    The first time I smoked weed was in middle school - 8th grade I believe. Looking back it's terrifying I could get into it at such a young age. I stayed away from cigarettes until university - too afraid of the negative health consequences.
  4. jperd21

    jperd21 Active Contributor

    I was 15 years old at a family reunion. I smoked with my two brothers. It was definitely a different experience at the time.
  5. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    I was 16. Everyone in high school was 'cool' and stuff just because they were smoking weed and doing drugs. I got pressured into trying it and I really regret it. I fell into a very big addiction and it was very hard to bounce back from it.
  6. scootpony

    scootpony Active Contributor

    I was sixteen. I definitely felt it and at the time it seemed to agree with me. I think it actually did agree with me for awhile. Or maybe it was just that it was such a new sensation. I don't know exactly, but sometime later I was hit with the realization that even though I still felt it I didn't get high so much as I got depressed when I used it. I think that's because I'm a naturally very active person and I don't really like anything that makes me lethargic and pot truly did.

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with a chronic illness, dana. I hope you find something that helps with whatever it is. You're so young and have so much to look forward to.:)
  7. westmixxin

    westmixxin Active Contributor

    It's amazing every time I go back on my memory I can never really recall when I first tried marijuana. I think it's because in my experience marijuana wasn't necessary a big deal. And since it wasn't a big deal I didn't log in the memory of me trying it on the first time because my family and the people around me to view it as this huge thing.
  8. Pinoy Jade

    Pinoy Jade Active Contributor

    In terms of cigarrette (tobacco) - i guess is started when i was 12 but when it comes to weed, i only started it during my senior high school. I guess i was around 17 that time. We had this fraternity and we have this supplier of weed so we often hit a smoke of weed
  9. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    I was 17 years old. One of my friends used to smoke it, so I said "yeah, why not". It felt okay, but I won't like to become a marijuana user. I can spend my money on something more useful.
  10. TinVanMan

    TinVanMan Member

    I tried it when I was 15. I went to a park and we smoked two bowls with some friends. I got very high that first time. I remember everything slowing down, but not feeling very euphoric. I laughed at everything but I did not feel good about it. It was as if the laughter wasn't real, just a mechanical reaction. I went on to use the drug for many years after that and I am not sure I ever really enjoyed it. I think I used it mostly due to pressure from friends and a desire to fit in.
  11. I was twelve years old.
  12. JoanMcWench

    JoanMcWench Community Champion

    I feel like I've approached this before but it seems like the teen years are usually when people experiment with most things. Marijuana, yes, but alcohol & tobacco as well. Early twenties seems to be when psychedelic drugs are experimented with. I did everything at once in my early twenties. Including marijuana. However, alcohol was a part of my life since I was 12.
  13. Nick Anthony

    Nick Anthony Active Contributor

    The first time I ever smoked marijuana was when I was 15. My friend had bought some marijuana from this guy and he was trying to figure out how to smoke it while he was in his bathroom. This was actually after I had seen Pineapple Express, so I was oddly into the idea of trying to smoke, because I wanted to know what all of the hype was about. Even when I was younger, people would say never do drugs, never do drugs, never do drugs. Unfortunately, that only made me want to try it, because I couldn't understand why they expressed so much animosity towards it.

    I ended up trying it and coughed. A few weeks later he bought more marijuana and that was the first time I got high. I then proceeded to smoke with him on and off for about 5 months at which point I stopped. I smoke randomly a few times throughout college, but I haven't smoked since last August. I don't plan on smoking anymore either. Maybe I'll try it again later in life when I accomplish something really awesome, but I don't really have any motivation to get high.
  14. kmorrison2000

    kmorrison2000 Member

    I was 16 years old at a music festival. My friends and I "hotboxed" the 2 man tent that the 4 of us were sleeping in. Good times. I've never been addicted or reliant on the stuff. It's just a good way to destress and have a laugh with your mates
  15. Shimus

    Shimus Community Champion

    18. I just graduated High School and was just idling around when my Brother brought it by. I tried it first then to understand why I was standing against it (I was in the Stand Tall Program in my High School) so I had to know. So I tried it. Lo and behold, I seriously enjoyed it. Being allergic to Alcohol (most forms of it) I couldn't drink at any parties with the kids (yay underagers) and not smoking, I was generally a "Good Kid". I found Marijuana to be the only drug I could enjoy, by myself, with others. It's just when that turns from personal recreation to addiction that it's worrisome.
  16. henry

    henry Community Champion

    I really don't remember exactly what age I was, but I do know i was in my mid teens. I remember it was at a party, and I was scared and excited at the same time.
  17. Se7en

    Se7en Active Contributor

    16. We supposed to go see some play in theater with school (it was around 6 pm, was already dark outside at that time). Schoolmate offered me some weed, why not, at least the play wasn't that boring :D
  18. lgdg090596

    lgdg090596 Senior Contributor

    Glady, I haven't tried smoking pot, yet, and never will, unless forced.
  19. I started smoking when I was i my teenage years. I was 17, probably before I lost my virginity.

    I was exposed to people who smoke and I was all stressed and depressed that time, so I was curious and looking for comfort.
  20. devinametallic

    devinametallic Active Contributor

    I was about 15 and it took me 3 hits to get a "high." I was with my boyfriend at the time. Honestly, if he didn't introduce it to me, I probably would have never smoked....but here I am, on this forum. LOL