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How old were you when you had your first drink?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Joethefirst, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Joethefirst

    Joethefirst Community Champion

    Some people might not remember. Some cultures promote drinking at a very early age, it has become much less common, but a hundred years ago it wouldn't be unusual to see a ten year old kid drinking wine or beer.
    I personally had my first drink when I was sixteen.
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  2. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain Community Champion

    I was very young. My grandpa used to let me take sips of his beer and I thought it was gross. My mom would get mad but then grandpa told her that if I did not like it then, I would not be tempted to drink it later. I do not like beer to this day.
  3. doatk22

    doatk22 Community Champion

    I think I was around 17-18 when I had my first drink and continued for about 2 years. I had a lot of bad experiences with it and acted as foolishly as I could have. I didn't know when to quit, but even if I didn't drink a lot, I still exercised bad judgment.
  4. Jorge Solis

    Jorge Solis Active Contributor

    Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well! I think I must have been around 10 years old the first time my dad let me taste his beer. I remember that the taste was so awful to me that I never again asked him to give me a sip of his beer. I am now 23 years old and I am proud to say that I drink alcoholic beverages approximately once every two months. I was educated not to depend on any substance, and I am glad it paid off.
  5. L_B

    L_B Community Champion

    I can't remember the exact age but I was a preteen the first time I had a drink of alcohol. After that I was about 15 when I started drinking with friends. We use to drink at parties and school dances. It was never really my thing though. I would watch my friends get wasted and I was usually the one taking care of them and making sure they got home safe.
  6. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    I can still remember clearly the day I had my first drink of alcohol. I was around 16 years old that time, and my friends and I decided to hang out together and have a drinking session. I remember I was laughing the whole time I was drinking. I just really couldn't help it.
  7. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I think I did try beer at around 6 or 7 as there would be beers left over from the previous night and my mum would have to throw the beer away and put coca cola in it, and I would still know there is beer in the can which would be left over. In some countries there may not be a strict view on alcohol and some parents may not think there is anything wrong with letting a child consume it, and in the modern days there are more facts about it and also people know why alcohol is not good for a child then before. Alcohol for a child can have different effects and they can get drunk easier then a adult as they are still young and not fully developed like the adult people are in the world we live in, and it can be a good feeling to try alcohol out at a young age.
  8. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I had my first drink as a teen. And it was just before i joined high school. The legal drinking age here is 18 but i was barely 16. We were with my friends at a party and i guess i just succumbed to peer pressure. Nevertheless, i hardly drunk while in high school.
  9. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    I was quite young when I had my first drink, even though it wasn't much.

    I was probably about 10 or 11 at the time but it was just a one off, although I did start drinking more regularly soon after when I was about 14 years old.
  10. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    It surely did. Am also a moderate drinker preferring to save my hard earned money for my kids education. That is not to say that i don't socialize with my buddies, i do but it doesn't always involve alcohol. When my kids have come of age, i plan to sensitize them about the dangers of alcohol and why it should not be something that they should be keen on experimenting with.
  11. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I was about 11 when I had my first drink - it was a can of cider that I'd stolen from my older brother. I didn't make it a regular thing until I was about 14, when I started to drink most weekends.
  12. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    If we're talking a sip, I would say maybe 8 or 9. My first proper 'binge drinking' session was when I was 15. It was a friends birthday party and we raided the liquor cabinet at her parents house.
  13. henry

    henry Community Champion

    I think I was about 14 or 15 the first time I got drunk. My dad used to have a kind of mini bar, and I used to fill a glass with a little bit of everything I could find. I remember not liking it at all. I remember throwing up and the terrible hangover. What I can't understand is why the hell did I keep on drinking after that terrible experience.
  14. knitmehere

    knitmehere Community Champion

    I'm not going to count the little sips I got from family members at VERY young ages because they thought it was funny or whatever.

    My first drink was when I was 12-13. My cousin was a couple of years older and hung out with guys even much older than her. We went to a party, and I was very antisocial, so they were handing drinks to me like crazy to get me to just open up and talk.
  15. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I first tasted beer when I was 18 years old. It was just a mug of beer full of ice that I did not finished because I did not like the taste of beer. It is still bitter no matter how many ice I put on it to at least make it taste just like water. :D
  16. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    I remember drinking sips out of a beer bottle as a very young child maybe 4 or 5. My first real experience with drinking was when I was about 10. My parents didn't drink, but they did have some alcohol around that had been given to them as gifts.
  17. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Community Champion

    Having parents who were ex-smokers but keen social drinkers meant that I was allowed to drink a small amount of my Dads home-made (and extremely strong) beer from about 8 years old or so, I must stress, it was a very small and arguably, sensible amount, but I was exposed to alcohol from a very young age. All my other siblings were the same, and none of them have ever had drinking problems, I was the only one, and I didn't develop a drinking problem until my 30's. I can't say whether being exposed to drinking from such a young age made any difference to the problem I eventually developed, but I know for a fact that the incredibly stressful life I had for a while was what made my drinking go from moderate to ridiculously heavy in under a year.
  18. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Community Champion

    Well, I think I was 14 or 15 when I had my first "real" drink. I drank beer earlier than that but I first went to a club and drank regular alcohol at that age. It was an impulse decision since I was with a couple of my childhood friends, but I don't really regret it.
  19. Tremmie

    Tremmie Community Champion

    I can't remember so well, but I think I had my first sip of beer ever when I was 6, my mom used to still drink a lot back then. She used to sit me on her lap, added some lemon and salt and I could drink that, sometimes some beer would also get in the way. That is not how I started drinking though - I never liked beer. I started drinking lots of eggnog when I was 8, my mom bought me that often when she saw I liked it.
  20. NobodyYouKnow

    NobodyYouKnow Member

    Oh man, maybe 11 or 12? me and my friends would go around the liquor cabinets in each of our houses and pour a little bit from each bottle into a plastic container. Then we'd all get together and drink the horrible concoction together and get drunk and stumble down the street like fools.