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How Strong is the Feeling After Doing Heroine?

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by stridee, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. stridee

    stridee Active Contributor

    Many people say that heroine is hard to quit because of how strong and powerful it is. Is it really that strong to where trying to quit becomes near impossible? I know some people can quit, but a vast majority do not. Is it possible that it is not the feeling that is the reason for people not quitting, but because heroine can be thought of as an escape from your typical life?
  2. Ttirb

    Ttirb Active Contributor

    The feeling the first time you do it is like no other, most people are chasing that first high they got doing it. After you become a regular user, you start using it so you don't become sick. The sickness of heroin withdraw is horrible. It's like the flu times 100.
  3. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    I know someone who does heroin and they feel like they are on the top of the world and also they don't see anything wrong with what they are doing and this can cause problems for the ones around them. It is hard to get over the mood changes when trying to break free as the body is not able to withdrew real fast and needs time to change otherwise the person may feel sick and unwell. Most people like the drug as it lets them escape their problems and also they would rather, escape them then try and face them and this drug makes them believe they are doing the right thing.