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How to Deal With Depression?

Discussion in 'Withdrawal Symptoms' started by crc3thebest, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    I dealt with depression, and sometimes I still do but I have found that praying really helps me and believing in God. Having hope in something bigger than ourselves and the world. But also exercising, naturally gives you an up and it could be just like a tip which you can do daily to feel better, due to it releasing adrenaline. I would also say try and find things that you really enjoy, there are a lot of things to be passionate about out there, I'm passionate about philosophy and theology, it helps when I read about it and share my passion.
  2. amin021023

    amin021023 Community Champion

    you should have mentioned what substance abuse you're recovering know, when you're depressed because of some substance withrawal you feel like you're the weakest person in the world and everyone is better than you but It is really not like that, it is different. the depression from addiction recovery than natural depression. in my case this method has been very effective: you tell yourself that this depression is not you, it's weed's. you should inform your brain that this depression is artificial and temporary.
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  3. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    Perhaps you're right but sometimes it may vary from one person to another. It might not necessarily be the best experience to others though, but if it works, it should work then on people who find it helping and beneficial. Thank you for sharing though, great information and it could help someone out there.
  4. PrideKidd

    PrideKidd Active Contributor

    I feel confronting my bipolar and other mental health problems head on it helping to resolve some long hidden traumas I have suffered. If you can find out what is the cause of your depression then dealing with it instead of running away does help. I have ran for so long with not dealing with my own problems they came back 10 fold. Most often people who suffer from true depression have some sort of chemical imbalance in their brain. In this case, Doctors, Therapists, Medication & a Strong support group is key to survival. Make sure to take breaks to do something that can take your mind off of it in a positive manor. Good Luck everyone out there struggling.
  5. Sarah15

    Sarah15 Member

    I feel that it's a bit like trying to become an almost completely different person when you are getting over an addiction. You have to give up so much of your old life in order to form new habits, and make better choices. It's really difficult, and it takes a lot of strength and hard work to get there. Try and be gentle with yourself; chase away the negative thoughts and try to fill up your day with positive people and influences. Get busy, stay busy.

    The most important thing to remember is that it will take time; it differs from person to person so there's no set time limit on how quickly you have to get past a certain point. Get to know your new self again and make plans, giving yourself something to focus on and goals to reach.
  6. Johnsnow123

    Johnsnow123 Active Contributor

    I totally agree 100%! It helps distract you from the painful things in life and keeps your mind on the things you enjoy doing. For me, it was playing video games and football when I was younger.
  7. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    Super good point about getting to the bottom of whatever is causing the depression. It is some event, is it your current life, or is it simply a chemical imbalance rather than any particular event? Once you get to the bottom of that, and hopefully have some clarity it's certainly easier to develop strategies to manage it.
  8. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    Yup, and unfortunately most people due to being uneducated mostly just focus on the symptoms. If some kid is getting too obsessed over video games, for example, an unwise parent might just see it as video game addiction instead of getting to the root of the problem on why that child's behavior is manifesting itself in obsession.
  9. wahmed

    wahmed Active Contributor

    I think its best to stay away from bad influence and have great people around you. Also it is essential to keep busy. How about a new hobby? Talking also helps, keeping it bottled up inside never does good
  10. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Is there an aliment or non-addictive substance that can help you get past the depression? Particularly this is what was holding me back when I tried to quit smoking, you simply come to a point where you see no sense into quitting anymore, I was always thinking about substances that would take my dopamines levels high, but the only thing that would came through my mind would be anti-depressants which I can't get without a prescription and they are also addictive from what I've heard, chocolate and cigarettes.
  11. kylerlittle

    kylerlittle Community Champion

    It's very difficult to deal with depression. I know from experience that it's not an easy thing to go through and we need to battle it as much as we can because it's very hard to not influence others with our own depression. I remember my own depression, due to being abused emotionally really badly, it was stressful to the point I became emotionless. Numbness helped me cope because I don't feel anything and I just go on with my life normally. Best way to cure it us have love and support and having both faith and hope, without these things it's difficult. But of course, there's always hope!
  12. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Yeah, there's always hope, this is why we as a society live so miserable. If you want to change something don't ever rely on hope, relying on hope is what kept most people back, they always hoped that at some point they were going to stop the abuse of a substance.
  13. racechick79

    racechick79 Member

    I came on this thread to see what some of the responses were. I am not dealing with addiction or withdrawal myself, but my sister is. I don't think she has truly dealt with the addiction issues personally, but she did have to quit some of her addictions because of a recent surgery she had and the fact that she is now staying at our parents house - thus no ability to get alcohol and some of the prescription drugs that she has been taking. The depression is probably one of the most difficult things that we, as family, have to deal with because we don't always know how to fix it. The one thing that I can add to the conversation is that we do our best to help surround her with happy things. Such as bringing my small children over to play, etc. Kids seem to always brighten up any setting, any family members for that matter. We are hopeful that each time we help her to smile it will bring her closer to overcoming this monster.
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  14. Smarty

    Smarty Active Contributor

    Oh, that is indeed a serious topic. Addiction is one thing... Trying to recover and falling into depression is a completely different one. I find it quite normal to be sad and/or anxious if you are deprived from what you like to do. This is after all the first reason an addiction starts - you enjoy it. The problem is that it's a thin line between "I like it" and "I can't live without it". When we speak of depression, though, there is one extremely important thing that comes to mind. A depressed person cannot be trusted to solve the issue himself. Yes, he might somehow pull it off, but he should never be left to deal with alone. So, constant support, countless conversations (yes, they help) and don't hesitate to look for a therapist.
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  15. racechick79

    racechick79 Member

    @Smarty I agree with all you said, especially that they cannot be trusted to deal with it alone. I just wonder sometimes though - how do you help someone who doesn't really want the help? I definitely have had the countless conversations, and will continue to do so for as long as she will let me; but my sister only saw a therapist twice because she would rather "deal with it herself"...she is almost 50 and I can't force her to go. Sometimes I feel at a loss.
  16. Smarty

    Smarty Active Contributor

    Sometimes you can't do a lot more than wait... Be extremely patient and understanding. It sounds (and is) tedious but it's the only way... She has to see it for herself. By the way, are you the closest person to her? If not, seek the one that is. She needs all the guidance she can get from someone she will listen to. Forcing things will not help any of you... and with her, being 50, it's not going to be easy. Alas, we still prefer to fight our battles on our own with the risk of losing them rather than seek help. Don't give up, though... Never give up!
  17. racechick79

    racechick79 Member

    Thank you again for responding, @Smarty ! It is a difficult question to answer on if I am the closest person to her. I feel like I am the one that she probably talks to the most, but I don't feel like she is always honest. She recently moved in with two of her daughters to "get back on her feet" - so she is really with them more often than anybody else; but they are 23 and 26 and have their own lives; and also tend to have the attitude that they shouldn't have to take care of their mom. I get it, but sometimes they are the only ones seeing things with their own eyes. It is a difficult situation, but I do hope that eventually she will accept the problems she has and be able to work through them. I will not give up and will be there when she is ready!
  18. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    I feel your pain and I just want you to know that people care about you. Depression can be lonely and make you feel as though no one gives a dam and the best way of dealing with it is talking to a medical professional. This will help you to feel better and understand your depression a little bit better. It helped me so much to talk to someone about it.
  19. 6up

    6up Community Champion

    Never feel like a loser, count your gains and get forward. It is true that you feel to be missing something you cannot describe but put yourself in positive mood. Learn to encourage yourself and never be idle. Look for comfort from friends and family.
  20. Miaka_M

    Miaka_M Active Contributor

    I think it depends on your personality. I knew someone who was dealing with depression to a point that she began hating herself very much and started cutting herself on a daily basis. What I did was always stick with her and encourage her to open up her feelings. I tried my best to give her my support and to try to distract her from her depressant. This worked for her and she was able to remove her depression, there are some hints here and there, but it is definitely not as bad as it was in the past.