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How To Tell A Friend to Quit

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by suegiplaye, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Azreal328

    Azreal328 Member

    Confrontations are never a good idea with an addict. That's what makes it so tough. Be honest with him though, and like so many have already said, avoid talking to him while he's actually on drugs. All you can do is hope he hears it from someone and it gets through to him before it's too late. In the end, there's not much anyone else can do until he wants to make the change himself.
  2. sunflogun

    sunflogun Community Champion

    That really depends Azreal, it really depends! As a first approach you might be right, but if it's the last resort we might as well confront him/her, it might be a matter of life and death.
  3. Hey, it's great to see that you care for your friend.I would advise sitting down with him and having a discussion with him, be careful not to sound as if you are judging him or he will not open up. Above all be a friend and listen to him, assure him that you will help him through it.To help him the first thing you have to do is to be willing to go the extra mile to help him...
  4. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    Ahh, I find that telling people to do anything in life can be difficult. If you're telling them to do something, sometimes it can come across as condescending, or like you're treating them like a child. So I think the approach has to be one you treat with caution. I think putting emphasis on the fact that you love them and don't want them to lose opportunities in life needs to really be at the core of the approach.