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How Young?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Strykstar, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    We have a lot of tropical forests in my country. Marijuana thrives well in these areas. Teenagers who like hiking see marijuana leaves, take them, dry them up then consume them as tobaccos. It really depends on the accessibility (whether geographical or social). The thing is teenagers are curious, and they experiment. Without parental guidance, they will be delving into dangerous paths.
  2. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I remember my son coming home the one day, he was clearly out of it and I could smell the marijuana on him. I asked him a few questions and he started getting all confused and paranoid. When I asked him if he'd been smoking marijuana he turned around and ran off. It certainly didn't have a very good effect on him and he has, since that day, admitted to me that he tried it and that (thankfully) he doesn't like it. I had never seen him act like that before and haven't seem him act like it since.
  3. Strykstar

    Strykstar Active Contributor

    I find that true as well, I don't know whether it's because it works differently on a child's body than an adult's or if kid's are just more easily addicted since they don't have as much self control.
  4. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    On very minimal levels, marijuana heightens the creativity senses of the user. I have friends who use marijuana and they think well in arts and writing. I am not pro-marijuana. What I am saying is that it has very positive benefits when used cautiously.
  5. Nergaahl

    Nergaahl Community Champion

    Marijuana is pretty promoted, that's why. On social media, in music videos, lyrics, on the news etc. It's just like with smoking. Children see it everywhere and want to try it, to "look cool". And also their parents tell them not to do it most of the time, and it's some sort of reverse psychology. It's a sad fact...
  6. valiantx

    valiantx Community Champion

    All I know is that hemp/cannabis has never caused a direct death of any human and what most people know about it is mostly misleading propaganda. Moreover, I rather see people using hemp/cannabis than any other labeled drugs out there except caffeine, because all of those other drugs do in fact harm and may cause death. The cool factor behind consuming hemp/cannabis is people trying to contract to a fad of hemp/cannabis culture and the purported experiences one receives from it's usage - highly overrated in my opinion.

    My most important about hemp/cannabis that I care about is the fact that it has properties that help in curing against cancer.
  7. kima

    kima Member

    I grew up in a suburban neighborhood and the kids there started experimenting during middle school, which was 6th to 8th grade. There's actually a mandatory DARE program they have to go through, but I feel that it doesn't help a lot. Rather than focusing on how drugs affected the brain, the program was more like, "Drugs are just bad, so you shouldn't do them." Some kids smoke because their parents do, and others smoke because their peers do, so it becomes a huge domino issue that's hard to face. When I was a kid myself, I saw others smoking and I was actually too scared to say anything to them. I saw them as intimidating people who broke the rules, but now I know that they are people who I could potentially help.
  8. Aaron

    Aaron Member

    Yes, I've seen some young teenagers partake in marijuana. Honestly it concerns me to the point where I do say something. Reason being, is due to they're not aware of body chemistry and how marijuana will affect people differently. One teenager could be totally fine smoking marijuana since the age of 12 or 13. But, another teen could actually be messing up their future because their body chemistry makes them react in a lackadaisical manner from ingesting marijuana. I really wish they would give themselves time to mature and to see all the options available in life before deciding to smoke marijuana.
  9. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    Yeah, I actually agree with this to an extent. I know many people who are marijuana users who are extremely creative and successful. On the other hand, I also know marijuana users who have let it get to them and they have become bums who just want to sit around and smoke weed and nothing more.

    This is also very true. Marijuana use is definitely very heavily promoted in the music and movie industries. They also often portray it as though it's completely harmless when common sense alone tells you that isn't the case.
  10. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    Marijuana use is a very delicate issue. Those who do not understand its positive benefits will do more harm than good in them. That's why if use in drugs, there should be prescriptions.
  11. XiaoDre

    XiaoDre Active Contributor

    I started smoking marijuana when I was 18 years old. I never thought that I would smoke marijuana but I always knew that I would drink. As a teenager, I loved to be around older kids and smoking marijuana was something that they did. I would just sit there and watch them pass blunts around to each other. Finally one day I asked if I could take a hit and since that day, I was addicted to marijuana. I especially loved to smoke it when I was drinking because the combination made me feel great. When I was 26, I had a scare with marijuana that made me quit smoking it. Three years later at the age of 29, I still have the urge to smoke but I never do it. Once you start it is hard to stop but i'm glad that I did.
  12. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    I never tried drugs because I feel obliged to follow the rules of a Christian. Well, I always was on the positive side of life so I never ventured on vices. I am glad you quit from marijuana use.
  13. XiaoDre

    XiaoDre Active Contributor

    Thank you for responding to my post bourge_21. I am a Christian as well but we are all human and make mistakes especially when we are young. I was 18 so I still had a lot of growing to do. It is good that you never tried marijuana because you would have been addicted if you did. Most people do not understand how effective and addictive it is until they try it. Once you start it is hard to stop. I will admit that if I did not have that scare I probably would still be smoking it. God works in mysterious ways so that was his way of telling me to stop and I listened.
  14. LifeM1

    LifeM1 Member

    I'm not sure that weed being prominent on the internet and television is really it.

    I think the reason so many young children get their hands on marijuana is because it is so easy to get your hands on it. Growing it and dealing it isn't difficult or all that dangerous for people. Drug dealers tend not to discriminate with their customers and will probably try to sell to kids with cash. It's also likely that the older siblings of young children will share with them since they likely see it as harmless.
  15. Brady2121

    Brady2121 Active Contributor

    I never used marijuana, but most of the people I know who do, started early on in High School.
  16. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    That's absolutely right in there. the strength of your will freed you from that obsession so you succeeded in the end. God is always there. Yet the action is ours to make.
  17. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    Why is it then that most people who smoke weed are in high school? Of course, adolescence is an age of curiosity, but it does not justify why they would respond so well to marijuana use. Parental guidance must be missing.
  18. Sparkster

    Sparkster Community Champion

    I think it's a lot of reasons. First of all, like you suggest, it could be partly due to a lack of parental guidance - of course, some parents are also marijuana smokers. Believe it or not, back when I was in college, the father of one of the boys I went to college with was a police officer who used to grow marijuana at home and smoke it himself - he was using the fact he was a police officer to get away with it! I also suspect he did a bit of dealing too. I also think that peer pressure is also prevalent around this age, as is boredom - teenagers always get bored and are looking for new ways of having fun. Then there's also the social/communal aspect to it - it brings everyone together in one place where they can socialize and share a smoke. Plus there's the fact it's also so glamourized in movies, on television and in music.
  19. petesede

    petesede Active Contributor

    There is a bit of a myth that pot is harmless. Pot is not harmless, it is just not more harmful than things like alcohol or cigarettes. There still needs to be a minimum age, probably 21.
  20. Glen

    Glen Member

    Yes, I personally know some young individuals who consume cannabis. I did not speak up about it. They bragged about it, which to me seemed kind of silly. What's so good about a thing that harms your body? They justified their actions by saying it has been legalized (only in certain places, and definitely not legal for youths!). I can't be their parent and stop them. It's their choice, I guess.