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How Young?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Strykstar, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. JoshPosh

    JoshPosh Community Champion

    I've seen high school student use it before. But never 13 or younger. I don't think they are suffering from any ailments and medicinal purposes aren't needed at the time.
  2. cassiesevans

    cassiesevans Member

    Luckily I've never encountered someone that young experimenting with marijuana, but I've heard horror stories about kids that age trying much worse. I think for the most part my generation at that was still scared from drug education classes, but a few were branching out and just starting to become curious. I think the most important thing for anyone using these substances is the education about said substances so any user has the knowledge of what they're actually doing to themselves.
  3. allen

    allen Member

    Just because it is illegal does not make it criminal! Police will turn a blind eye for although they too are subject to propaganda they know the reality of the situation and concentrate on dealing with issues that have a negative effect on society and not on what some people may disapprove of like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, or Wearing bright clothes. Ive many friends who are police and many smoked before joining the force. Some say when they retire they look forward to smoking weed again.
  4. allen

    allen Member

    As to do with age of Marijuana use. I believe its economic as wealthy kids can afford it while poorer are more likely to mix it with tobacco so everyone can share and have a joint each. Remember although it would be best smoked in a pipe or a bong, drug paraphernalia is enough to get fines and locked up in some countries, such is the extent of the persecution of this natural substance.

    At my Secondary school the wealthy kids were smoking at 12, while us poorer ones started about 14 upwards. Not that I'm condoning that as a normal thing to do, but it was normal and there was no peer pressure to do so, those who did not participate i found had a greater chance to be junkies or alcoholics.

    Maybe it was was the lack of understanding of drug culture and those on the edges waiting to prey on the naive or wanting to do something daring as a response of living so clean, I don't know. But Sadly I have lost some good friends to Alcohol and Heroin and i still today wish people will think realistically about what is addictive and not what is seen as illegal
  5. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    I was 20 when I started, but that's because I was really naive of drugs and stuff like that when I was younger. My little brother started when he was 13 though, with some of our friends who were 15 at the time. I always thought it was completely insane that kids that young were able to get their hands on drugs like that, and that it should be much harder to access them at such a young age.
  6. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I stated when I was 13. The thing is, at that age , marijuana was easier to obtain than alcohol. There was never any peer pressure though, not everyone I hung out with smoked it. I never really drank alcohol until I got older. I do remember though, that my peers who did drink would get into terrible states and do the most stupid things whilst us stoners just sat there listening to Pink Floyd and doing very little indeed.