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I can't lose weight!!

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by kana_marie, May 7, 2015.

  1. innaf39

    innaf39 Member

    Losing weight is usually not just exercise but right water and healthy food intake too. I do not your diet, but there are several ways to try to lose weight.

    More then often it is not that easy, of course. Losing weight can be a mind game too, just like any other mentally decided things like grief and several feelings, your weight can be a lot of mental work.
  2. sheba

    sheba Member

    The eating only once a day is actually negatively affecting your weight loss and your energy levels. It would be better to eat 5 small meals/snack throughout the day, extremely healthy and high in nutrition and protein. What you are actually doing with the only eating one meal is starving your body and making it feel as if it has to store away extra fat. You can google for healthy mini meals for dieting and get lots of ideas very quickly. This should help jump-start your weight loss and energy levels. Good luck!
  3. Coolkidhere

    Coolkidhere Community Champion

    Hi! I've read through this whole thread and boy that was a long one! Lol. And first of all, those puppies are cute. We're looking into getting a labrador since one of our dogs died.:(

    Anyway, onto the topic. From what I've read, it seems like you're eating only one meal a day. That can be really dangerous as others have pointed out. I'm glad though that you're willing to see a nutritionist about it! I would also suggest that you try to become a member of a gym with a trainer. This way, he or she can help you the excess weight you think you have. Aside from that, he or she can help you maintain a healthy diet.

    With regards to exercise, aside from the gym, I go for walks as well and I love it! I bring my son with me since our dogs are too active and bringing them outside is too dangerous for them. Anyway, walking has helped me lose some weight. But I figured it's the healthy eating that has done most for my weight. I switched snacking from chips to fruits. I also ate more vegetables than meat. Since then, my weight has gone down and I'm at a good range now.

    Good luck!
  4. roger1003

    roger1003 Member

    I'm thinking you need to exercise more. You may to a gym and jog 30 minutes every day. I also recommend if you can eat 6 small meals a day. Don't let your body starve because your metabolism will slow down.
  5. Deeishere

    Deeishere Active Contributor

    I struggle with weight loss. I am trying to figure out what will work for me this time. I actually enjoy exercising, but lately I have no motivation whatsoever to start again. I know my eating is pretty bad too. I agree that you must have the mind to want to do better. I know that works for any type of addiction one suffers with. I know Cher use to say, “Just Do It.” Easy to say than to do.
  6. Jack Wallace

    Jack Wallace Senior Contributor

    Grаzing bеtwееn mеаls usеd tо bе оn thе wеight-lоss hit list. But nutritiоnists nоw knоw thаt it's bеttеr tо sаtisfy а сrаving with hеаlthy grub thаn ignоrе it аnd risk а junk-fооd bingе lаtеr. Thе bеst piсks аrе filling, prоtеin-pасkеd snасks, suсh аs оnе stiсk оf string сhееsе, а tаblеspооn оf pеаnut buttеr оn а piесе оf fruit, оr а mеdium-sizе bоwl оf еdаmаmе.
  7. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Community Champion

    I'm totally not an expert about it, but if your diet is controlled by your nutritionist l, they should tell you what to expect about it... If you have any doubts about anything you should ask them, is their job. And also, be patient, remember that the best things in life are not easy and I'm completely sure that you can make this.
  8. FenWoFon

    FenWoFon Active Contributor

    If you wanna lose weight what you gotta is do is stop eating for real, people say they stop eating but that's not true or they eat less but they don't excersise even a little walk everyday can have HUGE benefits to your life. Seriously leave the coke away for the rest of your life it's all sugar, replace all the drinks for WATER all of them for over a year if you wanna lose weight and stop eating sugary stuff like cookies and sugar drinks and you'll be cool just control your carbs and eat more lean.
  9. kassie1234

    kassie1234 Community Champion

    I had a friend who couldn't lose weight despite doing a LOT in terms of working out/healthy eating, and she went to her doctor and actually had an issue with her thyroid! I can't remember if she said it was underactive or overactive (I think one causes you to lose weight and one causes you to gain it) but basically I would recommend if you're trying to lose weight without success that it might be worth speaking with your doctor and seeing if there is anything beneath the surface that may be causing difficulties.
  10. djolem

    djolem Senior Contributor

    Do you look big or you are just heavy? There is a difference because muscles 'weigh' more than fat. Of course that a kilo is a kilo but Muscle kilo takes up less space than fat kilo. If you have fat, and it is easy to spot that, maybe you are not exercising. It can happen. You may be at low calorie diet and everything but that amount of calories may still be plus in the ratio of calories that you put in your body and you burned during the day. You have to burn more than you take.
  11. jackiewbu

    jackiewbu Member

    You're saying you're eating low calories. Which reminds me of my biggest problem when losing weight. Not eating enough can be just as bad as eating too much when it comes to gaining weight. The key is to eat multiple small meals a day. Instead of eating three large meals, eat 6-8 small (and healthy!) meals.
  12. Okaviator

    Okaviator Senior Contributor

    I would suggest going to the gym everyday. Also the fact that your low calorie diet isn't working for you is because you aren't taking enough nutrients.
  13. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Community Champion

    Actually when it comes to losing weight I had no problem because all my life I had a slim body. But I had a friend who before is having a problem in losing weight. What she did is she lessen her consumption of carbohydrates. She eats only 1/2 cup of rice every meal. And she always watched her diet but she is not starving herself and is just eating healthy foods in moderation. She also exercise during her free time. These are the things she had done and she had returned back her normal weight.
  14. jackiewbu

    jackiewbu Member

    My mother has always had a really slim body but one year gained tons of weight. She had tried everything and had done Adkins, and P90x three times without losing weight. She had almost decided to give up until she tried 21 Day Fix. It's a diet you do for 21 days on and 21 days off. It gives you containers of how much fruits/veggies/carbs you should have for each meal. She lost 15lbs in her first two rounds!
  15. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    You may be eating too few calories. When you eat too little your body will go into starvation mode and it is harder to lose weight. Try a sensible plan like weight watchers that will figure your calories and exercise. That might help more than anything. I hear ya though. It can be frustrating.
  16. Bozz

    Bozz Active Contributor

    The fundamentals of losing weight is pretty basic: use up more calories than consumed.
    It's just there are so many different ways you can do this, it's all about what fits in with your lifestyle and the implications that may come from following that diet.
    I use 3 methods for different stages:
    * I live by intermitent fasting - only eat my foods within a small window each day
    * When I need to lose more weight for an upcoming event - I follow Keto
    * I occasionaly just reduce my calories signifcantly for a few days

    Of course, all these 3 methods still rely on having less calories in than being used, but they help make it easier. intermitent fasting is nice as you can have larger meals and you do get full, keto is nice with all the full fats you can have, just lowering calories is probably the hardest as you're likely to feel hunger at some stage.

    Google is your friend and the first two methods I use have some exellent online resources :)

    I hope you find some of it useful
  17. Rob93FL

    Rob93FL Senior Contributor

    For those referencing "starvation mode", it's a myth in the context of fat loss. Adaptive thermogenesis is real, but it isn't going to happen if you're in a normal caloric deficit, even a fairly large one; it happens when you're literally starving.

    It is so commonly referenced because people want it to be real. People want to believe that if you stop eating you'll stop losing weight.
  18. JulieGarcia

    JulieGarcia Member

    take a balanced and nutritious diet
  19. DanOstin

    DanOstin Member

    loosing weight an actual problem for me
  20. owenrules

    owenrules Member

    It is a global issue in this century. You are not alone. I also suffered from excess weight, and for some years I’ve not been able to lose 33 pounds I wanted to lose. I’ve always kept different diets, I would often start training and running, lose some pounds, and then would often stop doing it xD, so some excess weight would return. I searched on the Internet for some advice to understand what my mistakes are and how I can motivate myself to achieve good and stable results. Eventually, I’ve found, and it has inspired me for some reason. There is a lot of info about nutrition and workout plans there, as well as many useful articles about weight loss. Take a look, maybe it will be helpful for you.
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