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i love my life

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by hima, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. hima

    hima Member

    i love my life beacuse inside my heart my baby,my family,my friends and other things
    make me happy.
  2. hima

    hima Member

    please follow me ^_^
  3. cameronpalte

    cameronpalte Active Contributor

    Why / where would you want us to follow you - how would we follow you on this forum.
  4. Is this an encouragement to other people to appreciate what they have in their lives? It is said that those people who are happy are unlikely to engage in stress-related drug abuse. Perhaps this should be a mantra for everyone when they wake up to ensure they remember the reasons to be grateful for their lives. It will also ensure people are more wary of trying out any drugs that are not prescribed by the doctor.
  5. springbreeze

    springbreeze Active Contributor

    I'm so happy for you!!! It's rare to hear or read such a statement. So, you are really making my day!!! :) Thank you for sharing this. It's amazing how such a short statement can mean and teach so much. Many blessings!!!
  6. mdaudali

    mdaudali Member

    Congrats! I hope others learn from this that addiction and abuse can less to you throwing everything you have worked for away. Let this be a reminder that you have things in life, things that are most importantt han drugs and alcohol, who will always care for you. Try and return the favour by letting go of your addictions.
  7. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    Thats wonderful! Great inspiration to those who are in the dark and it is fantastic to hear someone that loves their life! I hope it goes well for you always and it sounds like you are blessed with family!!
  8. stariie

    stariie Community Champion

    I'm kind of wondering the same exact thing, but hey, one thing is clear and that is... he is happy, can't be mad at that.
  9. springbreeze

    springbreeze Active Contributor

    Interesting replies to this post. So, I'm going to play devil's advocate and ask a crazy question...

    For all those who are agreeing with @cameronpalte's comment: "why / where would you want us to follow you - how would we follow you on this forum" -- would you rather follow someone who hates life, hates people, hates everything about existence?

    I'm not asking this in a negative or righteous way. I'm really just interested to know what you feel deep down.
  10. jdroc

    jdroc Active Contributor

    Just remember however, hate is not the opposite of live. Indifference is.
  11. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    I just might just because some of those can be very interesting and/or entertaining, especially when they are creative enough in expressing those thoughts. My brand of humor is very dark so I can often relate with those types of people a bit more, but honestly if they are too serious about it then it becomes tiring. To be fair, though, I feel the same way towards extremely overt positive people.
  12. sadiemarie

    sadiemarie Member

    It is wonderful to take the time to appreciate the good in your life. Thinking positive and counting your blessings always helps you feel better. I try my best to do that when I can.
  13. Acube

    Acube Member

    Life is indeed a precious gift that should be cared for to the best of our ability. Any addiction at all can slowly or quickly damage this gift that we all have. The best way to take care of this gift is to use the manual that came with it, the Bible.It gives us good and reliable instructions to care for it in the best way possible.