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If it's so good for you..why do some look so bad!

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Winterybella, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I do not in any way support the indiscriminate use of marijuana, but for so long have heard arguments for and against it's use. The debate still confuses me.

    A customer visited me only yesterday, and I was shocked at his appearance. He had lost a considerable amount of weight and looked frail and unwell. I had been told by one of his friends that he was "lighting up" and really taking it overboard. Mind you the friend is also a user of the drug marijuana, but from all appearances he looks in good form and health.

    I could not help but comment about his change in appearance and once that conversation got going he proceeded to educate me about all the benefits of the drug.

    I listened but still wanted to know by the end of conversation, why a drug that was so good for him was making him look so very bad. Help me understand it.
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  2. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    It's hard to judge why people react differently to different things. There's a good chance it might just not agree with him physically but maybe he's mentally happier than he's ever been? I don't really think the question is so much as the substance being good or bad for you though, but more that none of us should have the right to have the final decision for others on what's good or bad for them because we can never really fully experience what it is like to be someone else and also none of us are any more human or has any more right to the laws of this Earth than others. Also, even if in this situation it turns out to be bad for him, it still won't make it as enough proof to say that it will be bad for everyone else, and even if it is it's still not grounds to ban the substance since there are lots of things that are harmful to people but are still legal because we are and should be free to choose what we want as adults instead of allowing everyone else to choose for us.
  3. AFKATafcar

    AFKATafcar Community Champion

    Whether marijuana is beneficial or detrimental, too much of it is going to have a negative effect on a person. Sodium is necessary in the body, but you'll have plenty of health problems if you consume too much of it. A person might try to defend their heavy marijuana use, but you can tell that something's up when their overall appearance starts changing for the worse. I can agree that marijuana can be beneficial in some ways in small doses, but nothing that's good for you is going to make you look worse, in the way you've described it. That can't be good for him.
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  4. Glen

    Glen Member

    While marijuana does provide some medical benefits, it only should be recommended in certain situations. Taken recreationally, it does more harm than good. In the case of your customer, is ruining your body really worth the high and supposed health benefits? It seems to me that he really believes in it since he has "taken it overboard", which is most likely the cause of his physical appearance. Too much of anything is harmful to your body, and cannabis is still a drug.
  5. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I understand what everyone one is saying and I am not about to embark on any campaign to change his thinking. I know only too well that would be an uphill battle.

    Far from it, he's planning to convert me and promises to send me all these links for me to educate myself on the benefits of marijuana and the various teas I can use to improve my health. I wish him well there.

    Maybe I am too emotional and maybe I shouldn't worry about a grown man who has his life to live. For all I know, he might be much healthier than I am. Whatever the case, when I saw him, it saddened me the way he's deteriorated.

    Even though he preaches it as a healing, from where I sit it looks like it is hurting him.
  6. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    Hmmm, it's odd to see someone lose weight and look frail from smoking too much pot. I was actually heavier when I smoked regularly because I got the munchies and snacked all the time. It's possible that he's smoking so much that he's not taking care of himself anymore or he's spending all his money on pot and can't afford to eat.
    It's also possible that his deterioration has nothing to do with the pot and maybe he's ill?
  7. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I don't know. You raised some interesting points but he's not the only one I have seen drop pounds and look really frail and unwell. I remember at least two others who went to school with my son looking the same way.

    Truth be told, I do know of others who smoke and look quite healthy. To your point it might be something else, but all he preached to me for the time he was with me was marijuana and it's history and it's benefits. He firmly believes that the teas he recommended for a cancer patient prolonged his life.

    Interestingly enough he made the confession that smoking was much more harmful than the tea he was promoting but said he likes to smoke. From where I sit he is abusing the drug and he pretty much admitted it. Some might say to each his own, but I think he really needs help.
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  8. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    I've asked so many people the same question. They couldn't give me a straight answer. They always say that marijuana should be legalized because it has medicinal value but it's not like there aren't alternative pain killers out there. Its addictive and brain-damaging properties outweigh its contribution to pain relief. Not to mention there are around 700,000 people found to be guilty of violating marijuana laws after exceeding the regulated amount. They all clamor for freedom but at the expense of their own well-being.
  9. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    If your friend is smoking joints then it is probably the tobacco which is taking it's toll on him. Although marijuana use can often lead to the "munchies", nicotine is a known appetite suppressant. Smoking also takes it's toll on your appearance and frequently casuse dark circles and ashen skin.
  10. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    Okay. I saw him again recently and he looks just a little better. I have long heard and read of the munchies so I would have expected he would have gained some weight. What I have also observed with others including him is that their lips are also very, very dark.
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  11. Mackmax

    Mackmax Active Contributor

    You don't know what else this man has been doing with his life. Perhaps he lost weight because he's been depressed so he hasn't been eating very frequently, or maybe he lost weight and looks frail because he has developed a sickness or disease. Perhaps he is smoking something stronger than weed that neither you or his friend know about.
    For you to make these assumptions is very outrageous. There are a number of possibilities as to why his physical condition wasn't in very good form.
    Many people smoke too much marijuana, and it does take a toll on their appearance, yes. However, this is an issue of the user receiving too much of the drug. This isn't an issue of marijuana itself.
  12. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Those who are for medical marijuana forget one thing. Even useful meds can be harmful to your body when you overuse them. Or that overuse will make you develop tolerance and you'd need more of the drug for it to be as effective as it was in the past. Same goes with Marijuana. The moment someone starts overusing it then that's when it starts to take a toll on their body and mind. And everyone will see it.
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  13. RobertNick

    RobertNick Member

    You're right, there are some ridiculously potent drugs that can go as far as kill you if you take them at wrong hours. Abuse is abuse, no matter the drug.
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  14. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I believe that marijuana affects people differently.While some may notice an increase in their food appetite,some may develop a craving for sugary drinks which have no nutritional benefit to their bodies.So i guess it all depends on the individual.
  15. petesede

    petesede Active Contributor

    This is the problem with the debate about Marijuana.

    It is NOT good for you, but it is also no worse then smoking or alcohol. When people make these silly debates about the health benefits of pot, they are talking about one little thing. It is like sawing your leg off and then being happy because you are no longer overweight.

    The debate should always have been why a million people spend time in prison for a drug that is less harmful than alcohol, but people go too far with this bogus idea of misrepresenting research about the health benefits. Yes, there are health benefits to smoking pot, and for every one of them, there are 10 harmful things it does to your body.
  16. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I am no expert on this kind of matter but I think that there could be various reasons or factors behind that. Just like the one who looks bad is smoking weed and at the same time having a bad lifestyle and depressed, while the one who looks good might be smoking weed but having a stress free life. Also it is right that we react on various substances differently and the amount of the substance being use can be a factor too, like one is over using it while the other one is just in moderation.
  17. angelicagapit

    angelicagapit Active Contributor

    It's true that marijuana has it's health-related benefits, however people abuse the use of it. They overuse it, and eventually it changes their cognitive and mental state wherein they aren't in control anymore. This is the point where they get 'high'.

    To not be in control of your own state is dangerous already, and this is already the misuse of the drug. Whenever one should take marijuana, they should know how to use it, or it should be prescribed to them by a legal doctor.
  18. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    I personally don't think it's overly beneficial unless you have certain disorders. I haven't seen anything to say pot increases one's life expectancy or makes them overly healthy in any way. That being said, it's hard to blame what happened to him on the pot itself. Maybe whatever made him start getting high in the first place is also cause him a loss of well being? A disease? A death of a loved one?

    The only person who knows why he looks like crap all of a sudden would be him.
  19. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    You are right Bsthebenster only he knows. And based on our on our ongoing conversations, he admits that his change in appearance has to do with his overuse of the drug. Earlier someone charged that it was "outrageous" of me to "assume" his marijuana use was associated with his appearance. The young man in question has already "spoken" to that charge thankfully. For the record, he's talking about easing off of the smoking and drinking more weed tea. Maybe one day he's not going to need it at all.
  20. Clair

    Clair Member

    I understand that some people get to addicted and use to the side effects of marijuana, for example some people won't eat and depend on the marijuana to make them hungry or help them sleep.I find it disgusting and lose respect when I find out a person has let themselves be controlled by any kind of drug.I don't understand how they pay to have a cough or red eyes when there's people who are very ill wishing they had the choice of having those symptoms!