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If you need motivation Or feel depressed

Discussion in 'Sobriety Tips and Inspiration' started by Fastlife10, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Fastlife10

    Fastlife10 Member

    If you struggling with depression or going thru a tuff time in your life maybe trying to seek spiritual help would help you like it helped me , sometimes I feel hopeless and with no purpose of life in times like those I just remember there some one i can count on and seek for the way of life and happiness. Everyone is important in this life even you , God loves us all and we have a IMPORTANT part to play. I'm asking you to give him a try and give it a try let him come into your life. Give him all your problems and watch him give you all the answers and solutions for you. I promise it won't disappoint you . Yet you dont have nothing to loose but alot to gain.Get your happiness and life back on track and enjoy a life full of joy under his love and care. The first step I took was to find a church, the moment i first step inside I shed tears and a huge weight was lifted of my back. Don't be hopeless and unhappy when there's so much to life to live for. Regardless of what you going thru no situation no matter how bad it seems it ain't bigger than you and him . Your strong yet you will over come it as long as you try. God needs you just as you need him so make the first step to your happiness
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  2. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @Fastlife10 im am so happy to read what i just read.I agree,i approve,i encourage people to turn to the lord and take it from someone who has been pronounced dead a few times from OD but god said not yet and after 20+ year's of chasing death like it forgot me i am happy to say the lord came to me one day and i spoke for nearly an hour and my family asked.How did you know that?I responded know what and my mom balled her eye's out and said you just answered questions i prayed to god for in private and never told a soul and yet you spoke in a way the family has never heard or seen ever,and apparently i answered those questions.I have no recollection of what i said for that hour,but about a month later i dropped 4 severe addictions at once and have been sober since.I am left with this stuck in my head A versus from Timothy where the lord says."I gave you a soul of faith not fear"That versus crushed any and all fears i had and i open up on this forum in a very sincere personal way sharing very painful thing's in my life,which i feared sharing but no longer.There are still some thing's i need to share but through scripture i read a passage that said "one day many will come for you my son for an explanation on certain thing's,and do not worry about how you will explain these thing's but when the time is near i will give you the word's you need in the hour you need them"I believe in my lord and i am over 6 month's sober at this time and i seem to attract very destructive violent people in my life simply through spreading the word of the lord and staying true to myself to help other's as best i can regardless of race,ethnicity,religion,where you were born.These thing's mean nothing to me but to see hope in someone's eye's to hand them a blanket while they sleep on a park bench,to live in poverty and half my 20 dollar bill with a complete stranger in need.This is who i am and who i will remain.Lately i've adopted a new life code for myself."I would rather die young trying to better humanity,than live to be old hiding from it"Stay Strong my friend and God Bless