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Im a cockroach ;-)

Discussion in 'Share Your Story Here' started by cockroach, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. cockroach

    cockroach Member

    Sorry to Bug you

    I am grateful for your time and attention. I’m a survivor of addictions. I can overcome anything. Nothing can kill me. It's not about it being pretty. It's a conversation about survival. Your struggle is socially acceptable to TALK ABOUT in public just like another disease We're stronger together.

    Well, the truth is that people need to not use the word addict as it is evidently way too painful of a self—devaluation trigger and influencer of coinciding themes and ideas that contribute to the dehumanization of this individual who is separate from their wound. So visual is the word addict with themes of impossible and unacceptable and unlucky and bad-ness and otherness that we need to change the vision. It’s not that they are puny. These people need a symbolic transference. It doesn’t have to be so Dark. When you use the word Cockroach you have to dismantle the serious aggressive term addict. Then process the sound of the word Cockroach. It’s something you can say in public, unlike addict. Not damning but not lying either. Cockroaches can outlive the ice age. A symbol of strength which must be true for all with a painful repetition seeming to own their ways. Cockroaches can beat anything. The point is there is something existential within the imagination of the way cockroaches are able to prevail. This is true for our loved ones too if they take the term with a bit of pride and relate to their strength within them and resilience actually and not their brokenness. We are human beings. You can transform your world with the dictation of the crisis. But make it something that is easy to convert in public settings. Which people talk in. So even children can hear ok? And they can see the ugly And the strength at the same time. Like all of us should. It’s a person, needing to actually express something repressed

    Let's start the revolution

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  2. True concern

    True concern Moderator

    @cockroach You're perspective is different, unique,and extremely accurate.I love everything about what you have brought to light here...I must let this soak in more but the comparison and change of optics through these word's is beautiful.
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