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Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by CpXi7z1, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. CpXi7z1

    CpXi7z1 Member

    One time a rehab put my brother on a waiting list because there wasn't an available bed. Another time one rejected him because he wasn't "sick enough." Based on what my brother said, in rehabs counselors and patients have sexual relations, and if a person wants drugs, they're easy to acquire. Some programs, like schools, pass patients if they have a pulse. Are there any programs that have a permanent positive effect?
  2. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    Something to keep in mind is to expect the worse and hope for the best. Your brother will eventually find a suitable rehab program. I think of rehabs like I think of jails/prisons you just can't get away from what ever it is you're trying to get away from. It boils down to how strong and determined you are at getting where you want to be. Do you think that the temptation would weaken you? Are you determined enough to break through those walls to get closer to your goal(s)?

    I pray these words are encouraging to you in supporting your brother.
  3. jeremy2

    jeremy2 Community Champion

    I wouldn't want to generalize all rehabs as being nonfunctional but i suppose they are faced with a myriad of challenges on a day to day basis.I'll take your brother's story with a pinch of salt because the part where counselors have relations with their patients seems a little bit exaggerated.If that were the case then i guess that particular rehab would have been bombarded by numerous lawsuits,don't you think?
  4. notodrugs

    notodrugs Community Listener Community Listener

    If that is so, the rehab counselors who engage in sex with their patients are mentally sick and should also be rehabilitated! I cannot imagine how people who are supposed to help others get better, do more damage than good. There must be some legal action against those perpetrators.

    With regard to your brother, I hope you find for him a really no-nonsense rehab center. Here is a link that can somehow help you determine a suitable center for him,

    Moreover, ask around from trusted people who have knowledge or better yet, first-hand experience with a center that can cater to your brother's needs. All the best of luck to you and your brother!
  5. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    A better screening process needs to be done for these employees. They are basically a lower tier hospital. This is unacceptable.
  6. wulfman

    wulfman Senior Contributor

    When my brother was at a juvenile treatment center they did not follow the psychiatrist's orders and put him on anti-psychotics. This included Depakote and Risperidone. My parents were livid and we sued the treatment center and won our case.
  7. NikkiDesrosiers

    NikkiDesrosiers Senior Contributor

    Sadly, when it comes to rehab programs, you really do get what you pay for. Always do your research before entering a program. Talk to others who have used the service and make sure that it is legit and positive.
  8. Adrianna

    Adrianna Community Champion

    I believe it. This is because people with drug problems end up being counselors and they monopolize on the clients. This is just so unprofessional and ridiculous. I guess someone with a problem uses the counseling job idea cause they can't come up with anything else. I mean really? I have a friend that wanted to do something like this it was a different problem. I just said why would you want to relive your issues through someone who has the same? I think it is a bad idea. You have to be seriously ethical and reformed to even consider it. The heart needs to be in the right place. I just think it is an open gateway for exactly what CPx is talking about.
    You want to remove these addictions and move on to better things in life. A person with self control makes the best counselor. A rational professional outlook.
  9. Nate5

    Nate5 Active Contributor

    That really sucks to hear, but don't let one rotten apple spoil a bunch. I think that only a minority of rehab programs are there for selfish reasons. For every one of these, there are tons out there that sincerely want to help people get better, and to get out of their predicament. I would suggest doing a bit of research on the internet (including here) about particular programs, and try to gauge what is the best program for your brother.