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Infograph: Parent's Role & Prescription Drug Abuse

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by blur92, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    I wanted to share this infograph because I feel this is important for those who think they cannot change, have control, or take disregard the dangers of teenage prescription drug abuse. It's easy to read and consists of statistics that may motivate you to take a more active role in your child's life. Thank you for taking the time to check this out.
  2. KNH

    KNH Active Contributor

    Thank you for sharing that. Very informative, and it made some interesting points. I found it really surprising that the number of parents who "did not know" their kid was using drugs isn't higher, though.
  3. TripleD123

    TripleD123 Community Champion

    Some of those statistics are just sad and scary. 42% get the prescription meds from their parents medicine cabinets. Parents need to remember to keep things locked up. If a kid is looking for trouble they will find it. Also, know your kids friends parents. Don't just assume that everything is fine. Really get to know the people your kids are hanging out with and the parents that have raised them.
  4. allswl

    allswl Member

    It is about time that parents start acting like parents. This idea that they cant influence their kids or they don't know that they are doing prescription drugs will not hold water. DO what you must, these are our kids, and as kids they don't know squat unless we guide and inform them. Too many parents take a hands off approach to parenting. It time parent inform themselves of the reality that their kids face.
  5. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    Parents really need to be a little more careful when it comes to the ability of their prescription drugs. They need to have them locked up and kept away from younger children so they don't accidentally get into them, adn they need to be kept away from older teens who may try to steal them to get high or to sell or to look cool. It happens all of the time and there are so many people who get really sick or even die from it.
  6. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    Parent need to be responsible and put their medication somewhere where children will not find it and use it or get addicted to it and the statistics are shocking with the figures as well. I reckon, that hiding them so only you know is good as it won't get into the wrong hands and problems will not occur that could cause problems. Parents need to show that, abusing the medication is wrong and need to use only for what it is intended for and not abused as well.