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Inpatient or Outpatient?

Discussion in 'Questions About Treatment' started by SharkyJen998, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. SharkyJen998

    SharkyJen998 Active Contributor

    Which type of rehab do you find to be more helpful to you, inpatient or outpatient?

    I can see the benefits of both types of rehabilitation programs.

    Inpatient treatment allows you to recover with 24/7 support and does not allow you access to your drug of choice. I could find this very helpful especially if your detox needs to be medically supervised. The biggest problem I see with this treatment, however, is that once the program ends, you will be exposed to all of your triggers and the stress of daily life again. You will also gain access to those drugs again and face temptation immediately upon release.

    Outpatient treatment, however, could allow you to remain in your environment and recover while you are still exposed to triggers and stress. I think that the coping strategies you employ will be much more effective if you are able to remain in your typical environment.

    Which type of rehabilitation program would you recommend?
  2. kgord

    kgord Community Champion

    I think truthfully it depends on the depth of your addiction and how commited you are to a treatment program. Also, for some people it really comes down to a choice of what their insurance will cover. It is highly individuals as to what rehab you can use. It is essential to get the rehab that will work for your benefit. So, make certain to investigate all options. For some it is hard to remain in the same environment and not use.
  3. SharkyJen998

    SharkyJen998 Active Contributor

    You are so right about insurance being a deciding factor for many. Ideally, i think i would want to recover in my own environment.

    I understand some having trouble staying in their environment whiele recovering, but my fear is that the recovery will not last once I am put back in the same environment again.

    Thank you for your advice, I will be sure to research all my options as best I can.
  4. SarahWorksAtHome

    SarahWorksAtHome Community Champion

    There are so many factors that could play into this for each circumstance and each individual.
    I found an outpatient support group just enough for me to gain strength in my recovery. I had enough support from friends and family and accountability at home that I was able to do well. I also moved.
    My stepdaughter's mom had to go to a long term residential rehab on a ranch to get recovered. She had to just get away and spend the time to focus.
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  5. Inpatient Rehab is definitely more beneficial.
    It enables the caregivers to give a comprehensive treatment to the patient and to closely observe the patients' response to treatment.
  6. jwmann2

    jwmann2 Member

    Inpatient treatment programs are far superior. They take the addict out of their element where they don't have access to their friends that encourage drug use. They also give the addict zero access to drugs. There is always more professional staff on site at all hours of the day for inpatient programs. Outpatient treatment center staffs are never as large and experienced. Outpatient treatment is a great alternative if you can't afford inpatient treatment which can often run in the neighborhood of $30,000. Great insurance is needed in order to receive great treatment. The unfortunate thing is that many addicts aren't able to hold down a job that would provide them insurance.
  7. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    Inpatient treatment is better. Though it doesn't prepare you for what you'll face once you are outside, the fact that you'll have nothing to tempt you to use drugs during the treatment period, there's a possibility that your defenses will be strong enough to resist anything that is flung your way when you come out.

    Inpatient treatment boasts a 75-80% recovery rate. So it certainly is more effective than outpatient treatment. But intensive outpatient treatment programs work just as well . . .
  8. Ali16

    Ali16 Senior Contributor

    I've done both and did much better with outpatient treatment. Being inpatient made me feel like my life was out of my control and it stirred up my anxiety a lot. With outpatient treatment, I felt like I had a lot of support but I was still able to go home at night and didn't feel totally controlled.