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Inpatient or Outpatient?

Discussion in 'Questions About Treatment' started by Zyni, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    Which do you think is more effective, inpatient treatment or outpatient? Does it largely depend on the type and degree of addiction or is one always better than the other? It seems like inpatient would be more effective, at least in the short term, since it removes people from the situation/access to drugs. However, they still have to learn how to cope out in the real world, so outpatient might be effective in this area.
  2. Jen S.

    Jen S. Guest

  3. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    I agree with Jen, inpatient is definitely the answer and then outpatient too. The inpatient treatment is for ridding the actual addiction and issues that have brought you to it. Outpatient is to keep you focused on stsying sober because it is not easy once you leave rehab to come out and ignore friends and past situations unless you have support and the will to do it. They are both a good idea and it will help to a stronger recovery.
  4. Zyni

    Zyni Community Champion

    Thanks for the responses. I'm always interested in learning more. I've known too many people who have lost everything to addiction, and I'm so glad that there is help available.

    Good article, Jen. Thanks for the link.
  5. bourge_21

    bourge_21 Senior Contributor

    I do agree inpatient works better than outpatient. Addiction is a horrible condition that necessitates time and rehab. It destroys lives. The good news is, it can be cured.
  6. cameronpalte

    cameronpalte Active Contributor

    Good point. However, negativities in people's emotions can also occur to inpatients that make them not as interested in healing compared to outpatients.
  7. StillFighting

    StillFighting Member

    After watching my ex-husband cope with his alcoholism, I can't even imagine him succeeding without doing inpatient first, and he had to go multiple times. I think he really needed the social isolation from any bad influences that he allowed himself to be exposed to, and he really benefited from the extensive education that the inpatient treatment allowed. It seems to me that a person who is truly addicted and chooses outpatient treatment only is stuck on the fence about if they want to quit or not. My ex had tried attending AA meetings before inpatient treatment, and even those didn't mean anything to him until he saw the light in his second or third time through inpatient treatment. I also can't imagine my ex succeeding without the outpatient treatment afterwards, which transitioned to him being on his own and continuing with regular AA meetings almost every night. This has worked for him. But I really think you have to make that initial, all-in commitment to complete inpatient treatment first if your addiction is out of control and you truly want to recover.
  8. NikkiDesrosiers

    NikkiDesrosiers Senior Contributor

    Honestly, I think both have their benefits. Inpatient programs are great for those who need one on one watch, constant attention and accountability. They are also great for removing people from the situation in which their addiction lies. Unfortunately in many cases when they return home -- they relapse. Outpatient is not as intensive -- however it allows people to live in the real world while receiving treatment forcing them to immediately start using their new coping skills and trying to avoid their addiction.
  9. mikeqin

    mikeqin Member

    The decision for inpatient hospital admission is a complex medical decision based on your doctor’s judgment and your need for medically necessary hospital care. An inpatient admission is generally appropriate when you’re expected to need 2 or more midnights of medically necessary hospital care, but your doctor must order such admission and the hospital must formally admit you in order for you to become an inpatient.
  10. globulon

    globulon Member

    In my opinion, both are generally required. Being an inpatient is not only required for medical monitoring and dealing with acute problems, but also for teaching strategies to combat and cope with addiction. However, taking what is learn in an inpatient program out into society is easier said than done. There are many factors in the outside world that can influence, positively or negatively, someone's recovery. An outpatient clinic would be a way to transition between the isolation of an inpatient clinic and the real world.
  11. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    I would always recommend inpatient and outpatient for people as the one goes with the other and it really does help to ensure that you have a big support system in place.
  12. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Senior Contributor

    Outpatient is so easy to skip and ignore. My mother did outpatient treatment for her alcoholism a few years ago and she sort of just went when she felt like it. They basically take any excuse for why you miss meetings and they don't check up on their patients at all, nor are there any repurcussions for missing a meeting. Plus my moms says that she was told that she's "no longer allowed to use their service" because after attending meetings for a certain amount of time (she said six months) they don't let you use it anymore.
  13. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    Outpatient is definitely only for after you have been inpatient as this is just to keep you on the right track when you feel down. If you can, it is beneficial to do inpatient as this is the quickest route to the problem and it stops you from trying to deny that you can do it on your own.
  14. 003

    003 Community Champion

    It really depends on the person. If the impatient doesn't want to be away with his family, from whom gets support, security and comfort, then it would be much more effective for him to be treated outpatient in which he'd live with his family. But if what he's looking for is complete isolation and be able to reborn again, then the impatient method would really do well. I think impatient is more effective and if the person is really willing he'd be strong enough to play well with the two, but all of us have preferences in which we think we'd be more successful in achieving our goals.