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Discussion in 'Withdrawal Symptoms' started by akiram13, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    I have a younger sibling who now suffers from withdrawal affects. One is he hardly sleeps and that causes issues all in itself. He has anxiety attacks or panic attacks, one time we found him trying to strangle his self. As well as he talks to voices he hears or spontaneously laughs at what they tell him.

    I love my brother dearly and want to help him. It's so hard witnessing the struggle he now has to face and how it is affecting his life. I'd really appreciate anyone who can give advice on how to support and how to help him out.
  2. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    I wish you had more time to spend with him to rid him of his imaginary company; also, I advice you speak to a professional about this. It could be an online professional, try to understand what your brother is going through. I am scared about the strangling part; you should take quick action and protect him for a brighter future.
  3. melody

    melody Active Contributor

    I hope that your brother has a doctor. There are many different ways to respond to withdrawl, but when you talk about him talking to voices, then you have a red flag. While it could be from withdrawl, it could also be a sign of other underlying medical issues. Your brother could have been self medicating for something he did not even realize he had. I do wish him well. I know it is difficult to watch. It is now that having the utmost compasion as a human being because more important than other. Be brave, and be strong, that is the duty we have to one another. A duty many have forgotten in a war beaten world. Forgive your brother his moments of insanity, an love him even more. Sometimes love is the best medicine.
  4. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    When we found him trying to strangle his self and hurting his girlfriend we called the ambulance to take him into a rehab so that he can be monitored properly. I am not sure what medication he is on now. The voices don't seem to be appearing but it was weird. It wouldn't matter if you were with him because he's space out and talk to them or laugh at something they said. I can never stop loving my brother but I feel out of control in this matter I have no idea what to think or do. So far he is doing good. Although he is hardheaded and doing the things he isn't supposed to I am happy he isn't as far gone as before. It scared me to see him like that.
  5. girly3333

    girly3333 Member

    I hope your brother gets better, I know you are so scared for him. Keep us updated, o k.
  6. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    @girly3333 Thank you. I visited my family just this past week. I barely got to see him because he is now cooped up in his room playing video games. It worries me because he needs to sleep and be active. It affects his eating habits and hygiene. He forgets to drink his medicine. Although it is better than before I just hope he can get better and have a life outside or do something productive.
  7. remnant

    remnant Community Champion

    I have a similar case of a brother who we tried to influence and cajole to quit drugs. We even went as far as changing his environment and even taking him to a rehab centre to no avail. His problem was nicotine addiction which was the root cause of his marijuana abuse. I realized that the first step to winning the war is acknowledgement by the addict that he has a problem. The best strategy to help him is multifaceted: physical, spiritual and social. A community of recovering addicts will also help him to win the battle since they will buttress each other in a rehab facility.
  8. akiram13

    akiram13 Community Champion

    He recently got out of one and he did improve big time. He is not allowed to have vices and that is why it was good for him to be in rehab. But now that he is out he slowly gives in. Back to smoking and he knows very well he is not allowed to drink especially under the medication he takes. Its hard for us because we can't tell him no without a war breaking out. Also when someone wants to do something no one can stop them. I am happy that he is getting better but now its gaming addiction and smoking. Problem now is he isn't sleeping which also triggers off his symptoms.