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Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by John Richardson, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone, My Name Is John Richardson. I Recently Join Talk.drug abuse. I am very much happy to join this site. Actually, I want to know about drug addiction treatment. if anyone knows how we can stop drinking then please let me know.

    Thank You
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  2. deanokat

    deanokat Community Organizer Community Listener

    Welcome to the community, @John Richardson. We're glad you're here.

    I would recommend exploring the various forum discussions about alcohol as a starting point. There is a lot of good information here and a lot of insight from people who have dealt with alcohol addiction.

    Hope to see you around the forum!
  3. leewriter1

    leewriter1 Member

    You've already taken a huge step by admitting you have a problem that needs to be addressed. I have struggled with drinking for almost twenty years. My wife Amy committed a slow suicide via daily doses of vodka for many years. Her internal organs gave out and she died at the age of 41. I entered an inpatient rehab facility for a 21-day program (shortly after my wife's death). The route to sobriety is as unique as the individual. One of the next steps you should take is assessing the severity of your drinking problem. Abstinence is the only true cure but if you've been drinking every day for many years (like I had) then quitting cold turkey can be deadly. I suffered the DT's -- insomnia, confusion, hearing voices -- and my dad had to take me to the ER where the doctor on call saved my life by giving me a medication to counteract the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Assuming you're not at that advanced level of alcoholism, attending an AA meeting is a great start. And reading recovery literature -- online, printed material, watching videos -- is great because knowledge truly is power. And being honest with yourself about why you're drinking is crucial. In the end, all addicts and alcoholics use their drug of choice to escape the reality/truth of their lives. What you are trying to escape by getting drunk? You've got answer that question and then deal that issue instead of trying to escape it via alcohol.
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  4. leewriter1

    leewriter1 Member

    I would echo what deanokat said about exploring some of the forums on this site. I would also definitely recommend attending an AA meeting and try to get a sponsor ASAP. If you successfully quit drinking, the urge to drink won't ever go away. The frequency of your urges to drink should lessen but there will always be temptations to drink. That's where your sponsor comes in. You call them when you feel an urge to drink. If for some reason you can't connect with them, get a hold of a loved one or go to an AA meeting. If you've had a chronic alcohol problem that's lasted five years or more, don't quit cold turkey unless you're under medical supervision. I made the mistake of quitting cold turkey and suffered a bad case of the DT's (Delirium Tremors). I heard voices, couldn't sleep, nearly died from alcohol withdrawal. Hopefully you're addressing your issue before it's gotten that bad. God's speed, good luck and you can do it (with God's help and the help of others).
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