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Is addiction a symptom?

Discussion in 'General Substance Abuse Discussion' started by GenevB, May 1, 2015.

  1. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about the fact that most of the people that I know to be addicted to something are addicted because at some point into their life, they needed the substance of addiction very much, it was like a way of escape. For example even myself I started smoking when I had some big problem in my personal life, before that I wasn't even thinking I could ever smoke. I know people who started using weed and lsd because they had no parents to take care of them. My theory is that, every addiction is not an addiction, is just a symptom of a tragic event or so in someone's life and they are somehow trying to cover the lack of something. I could even go further and state that you could cure an addiction if you find the cause of it and make it disappear, but that in most of the cases is almost impossible since you can't bring back dead people and you can't reverse time.
  2. RingoBerry

    RingoBerry Senior Contributor

    I'm not sure about calling it a symptom when most people who resorted to addiction uses it to get away from their problems. Its like an option of the less kind instead of facing their problems head on. I also know of people who had an almost perfect life before they started using and eventually getting hooked on drugs. They tried it out of curiosity or merely just to fit in. This is just what I think though.
  3. imperivm1

    imperivm1 Community Champion

    I guess addiction is a symptom of having a problem. I wouldn't regard it as anything that could be considered safe or good. Being addicted means you're in dire straits. It means you have a problem that needs addressing. Those who realize this are granted second chances in life; those who don't suffer the consequences. It's as simple as that.
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  4. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Even for those persons who had an almost perfect life before you can call it a symptom, they got bored of having a perfect life, I think that it is demonstrated that having a perfect life can also cause depression or anxiety of some kind.
  5. gracer

    gracer Community Champion

    You actually have a point especially when you said that in addiction you have to find the root of the problem. That is true because that will be the tool needed for reformation. A person abusing a drug or substance is undeniably torn and bruised deep inside and unless he/she tries to face that problem, the addiction will not disappear. A person has to face his/her inner demons first before he/she can finally face his/her addiction problem.
  6. Rholm

    Rholm Member

    Studies have shown that addiction is caused by having a poor social support system, people with addictive personalities tend to center their lives around their addiction because they have less going on to prevent that temptation - In that sense, addiction is a symptom of a lack of a good support system to fall back on.
  7. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    Maybe you are saying that addiction is a sign. A sign that a person is suffering from certain problems or even illnesses that is why they become addicted. I think there are various reasons why a person become addiction not just because they have problems. Some just like to experiment or become curious and not able to control it and become an addiction.
  8. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    As I have said, even being curious might be a problem, since this would mean you are bored of everything else. Having a perfect life can bore a person because it becomes a routine, so this would also mean the addiction is the result of a trauma of some kind.
    I totally agree, but sometimes it's too hard for someone to face their own demons, sometimes people never really get cured, even if they quit their addiction, shortly their addiction will be something else, not necessarily harmful.
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  9. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    Addiction is a signal that there is something wrong with the way you process your emotions. If you trace the reasons why people get addicted, they mostly have something to do with unmet or unresolved emotional needs. The need to fit in, wanting to escape problems, hoping to boost their confidence and feel better about themselves - all these are emotional issues. They must first be addressed in order to avoid addiction.
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  10. EditorsRHumansToo!

    EditorsRHumansToo! Community Champion

    Symptoms are signals in the body telling us that something is very wrong. A high BP is a symptom that tells us that our "warring" functioning cells (immune system) are working hard to eliminate the toxic wastes, poisons and stressors we've stupidly put into our bodies. Fever is another symptom telling us that our good cells are sending "repair cells" to the inflammation area. Migraines are caused by bad habits and bad diet-- or migraine symptoms are just telling us that our brain needs oxygen, and the body is dehydrated. So, drink lots of water-- H2O. H2Oxygen is very elementary to figure out.

    So, symptoms need to be embraced and faced with fortifying cell-nutrients. We address the symptoms bravely-- drug-free. Popping in more toxic drugs to stop the symptoms DO NOT help what's left of our good cells to keep us alive.
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  11. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    You have a point when you said that addiction is a symptom of someone having troubles and that is their way to cope, but it can also be just due to curiosity, peer pressure, via a doctor's prescription, etc. Not all cases are the same, but I think if the cause of addiction is depression, then the person's friends and family must work overtime to support the person and show him that he can lean on them when times get hard to make him not turn to drugs when he gets depressed.
  12. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Community Champion

    People resort to drugs/substances due to various reasons. It could be some sort of coping mechanism or an escape to reality. We can never really judge or assume. Each person has a story to tell.
  13. Clairelouise84

    Clairelouise84 Senior Contributor

    I think sometimes addiction is a symptom of something that is wrong with someone's life, it was for me. But sometimes it is simply an addiction that has happened. Some people have the kind of personalities that become addicted to things very easily and others do not have those, it does not mean they are weaker or stronger, just different.
  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Community Champion

    An addiction is a sign that something is wrong in that person's life, so on that sense your right, I guess it can be classed as a symptom.

    As for people only becoming addicted because they're bored and don't have anything better to do, I can't agree with that argument. People become addicted for a variety of reasons.
  15. oraclemay

    oraclemay Community Champion

    The fact is that many people have cured their addictions once they found what the underlying cause was. In many instances individuals were in pain because of some past experience that had never been dealt with. However, this is not always the case. There seem to be some people who have never had bad experiences, yet still take drugs.
  16. GenevB

    GenevB Community Champion

    Yes, that was totally my point, a lot of people got "cured" after dealing with past experiences who caused them traumas. I don't think there are people who never had bad experiences and just get addicted, you just have to dig deep enough because no one's life is perfect.
  17. d4rk3n

    d4rk3n Active Contributor

    There may be some people who were addicted but don't have the root of the addiction centered around some problem in their lives.
    Sometimes, curiosity kills the cat. 1 sip becomes a drink and that becomes addiction.
    Sometimes bad company is the sole reason of an addiction. Choosing the right friends is always necessary.
  18. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    I agree that this is often the case. Addiction usually happens for a reason and the only real path to sobriety involves trying to determine, and deal with these issues.
  19. Danyell

    Danyell Community Champion

    Addiction is the solution. I am a heroin addict and I truely believe this. If you take away the drugs/alcohol/whatever but don't change/address anything else in your life, then you are just abstinent. You have to dig deeper and find out the problem so you do not turn back to the only way you know how to cope with things.
  20. bluedressed

    bluedressed Community Champion

    I think that's sort of proven by different studies? One of them concluded that the war on drugs is useless, because addicts are usually people who try to alleviate the remains of past trauma, and so what they need is not to be persecuted, it's to be helped. Another study explained that in lower socioeconomic communities, addictions developped more even if the drug USE was similar to the upper classes -- because lower classes had less resources, less of a network and less opportunities, so using drugs was not the same "easy" as for richer people with backup and chances.