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Is Addiction Genetic?

Discussion in 'Questions About Treatment' started by Rainman, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Peninha

    Peninha Community Champion

    I agree, upbringing and the relations of people around us play a determinant role, I think the genes only play a role when we start consuming, in that case it's easier to get hooked.
  2. catherine_sky

    catherine_sky Member

    Wow, this is an interesting thread with lots of different thoughts and reflections. I've always found this interesting, because theories are never conclusive and there is always vulnerability factors, triggers and perpetuating factors which might be genetic or learnt or biological or psychological. My mum was alcoholic and my brother got into drugs very early in his life before it took his life when he was in his 30's. When I look at my mothers life, I see there was trauma which kick started her addiction and when I look at my brother I also see learnt behaviours of coping and also further trauma. Guess his vulnerability could be argued in the genetic link or in the other theories. I've always wondered why him and not me!
  3. LitoLawless

    LitoLawless Senior Contributor

    The funny thing is that a lot of people say that it is but I really don't think so. I have a friend who never touched a drink in his life and his father was a pretty heavy drinker. I would go as far to say that everyone in his family was, and yet he never drank in his life.
  4. muthoni

    muthoni Active Contributor

    I think that genetics contribute to an extent. They have the ability to influence our lives to a certain level. Will power can be obtained to overcome a challenge even if it is coded in our genetics. It takes a lot of work every day to say no to that drug. It is a continuous every day battle.
  5. Tournique

    Tournique Senior Contributor

    Could be genetic but it's more tied to personality more than anything. Discipline and will power definitely can change your way of being though !