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Is it really a problem?

Discussion in 'Alcohol' started by Hannah, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    Folks look at “culturally okay” in many different ways. Some are hard core against drinking; for them any amount is too much. Some approve of “social” drinking only drinking in a social environment and expect others to do the same. Others can drink several brandy or beer daily and function happy and productive through their life.
    I agree with lost247 and their opinions and experience on the many points they made; especially everything in moderation including moderation and when something is done to escape something.
    Most every doctor will suggest we stop drinking; they can give us many facts on how alcohol abuse can lead to many health issues. Each of us has to make our own choices and limits that work best for us to balance the daily routine of life happy and healthy without dwelling on what is “Culturally Okay”. Best wishes to you in your journey of life and the many choices you will be asked to make.
  2. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I am just in time to agree with you here. No judgement whatsoever @Hannah. Everything in moderation.
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  3. aimeep80

    aimeep80 Senior Contributor

    I think drinking every day would indicate a problem. What exactly do you enjoy about drinking daily? Is it the feeling that the buzz gives you or is it the taste? Have you tried to go a few days without it? If so how did that make you feel? I'm definitely not trying to make you feel bad by asking these questions, BUT if you came here looking for answers, I think you should ask yourself the questions I stated and see what you think.
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  4. oportosanto

    oportosanto Community Champion

    If we do it occasionally, I mean, a few times per year, I am guessing it's ok. But if we do it every single week or every single day, we have a problem.
  5. Rainman

    Rainman Community Champion

    @OP since you mention that you drink almost every night I think though you may not binge-drink and don't have a problem yet it might be very easy to stumble into dark places you certainly don't want to be in. Try drinking less often. Even better, on weekends only. And not too much either. This will keep you safe.

    All the best!
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  6. Min

    Min Active Contributor

    Don't fall down the rabbit hole of being a functioning alcoholic. I think many people will say, as you do, that they don't stumble around, they don't get sick, they don't pass out. So they're fine! Just because you can manage your daily interactions and your behavior doesn't mean you are managing the addiction. Doing something on a daily basis that you feel you must do -- that's cause for concern. I would examine that first and not pay as much attention to how the alcohol affects you.
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  7. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    As a bar owner for over 25 years I often drank several beers a day. I did not drink to get a “buzz” or to get drunk; I drank to socialize, be part of the crowd, because everyone else was drinking. For the first few years I would also drink shots of liquor several times a week. I had to stop drinking liquor due to the powerful (Jackal and Hide) effect it would have on me.There was not a time I considered myself being a “functioning alcoholic”. I love the taste of beer it is absolutely my favorite beverage.
    It is a proven fact that consuming several drinks of alcohol on a daily/nightly basis for an extended period of time can lead to dependence and addiction. Both are conditions that have consumed many a good person. Folks here offered great suggestions, ask yourself some questions about your drinking, answer honestly knowing you and everyone around you has to live with those answers. If you are happy with those answers and the life you are living that is what is important. Just do be careful about “falling down that rabbit hole of being a functioning alcoholic”. It can slip up on us, stay with us for years and consume us without us ever realizing we even fell.
    Best wishes to all on the journey through life.
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  8. Momma9

    Momma9 Community Champion

    If you are here asking this, I think that you suspect it is a problem. I agree with others; even if it is not a problem now, you are setting yourself for future problems. Not to mention that as a woman, your liver in particular, cannot handle much alcohol per day without eventually becoming a physical problem.
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  9. henry

    henry Community Champion

    I know this may sound sexist, but women should stay clear from alcohol. Why do I say this? Because they've got a lot more to lose than men. I knew a girl who used to like to get drunk with us. When she got drunk enough, every guy passed her around like an old rag. I never joined the party because it didn't seem right to me, even drunk. The next day, she used to call me crying. She got very depressed about the things she did that night. I used to give her advice at first, but later on I stopped because she did the exact same thing every time the gang got together to drink. So, if you like to play with fire, don't complain when you get burned.
  10. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I think drinking everyday can be a bad thing in the long run and can lead to addiction as the body get used of having alcohol content in a daily basis. It is just okay if drinking is occasional only.
  11. amethyst

    amethyst Community Champion

    I believe that consuming alcohol on a daily basis will eventually grow into something bigger. Please excuse me for this, but if you really have your drinking under control as you indicate, why do you have the need to drink so much until you are tipsy?
    This is a question that only you can honestly answer to yourself. You don't have to justify yourself for anything to anyone, only to yourself.
  12. LovesBigFool

    LovesBigFool Active Contributor

    I think those who are quote 'normal' unquote would not want to drink every day. It would be a burden for them and most people simply could not do it.

    If you find yourself drinking every single day, it is time to evaluate what is going on. You may want to run some experiments on yourself like stopping for awhile and then starting again. Take your time and most importantly be brutally honest with yourself. After all, you only have one life and you do not want to live the hellish nightmare that alcoholism becomes.
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  13. MrsJones

    MrsJones Community Listener Community Listener

    @Hannah. Hi. There have been a lot of good responses to your question enough so that you now have much to think about how you are indulging alcohol. Many are not so self aware of their habits to even ask themselves or someone else, is this a problem for me? I think that you have approached this concern early enough to make changes in your drinking habits.

    Whether or not you decide to make any changes of course is solely up to you. Just know that we are here to offer support should you feel that you need it.
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  14. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    I am not sure I agree with you on this. Women have every right to drink socially as much as they want as long as they can keep themselves in check. Both men and women are emotional drinkers, by the way. They both drink to drown out their sorrows during certain moments. However, their awful situations shouldn't be an excuse to drink excessively until they turn into alcoholics. Yours is a personal experience and does not really speak for all women but may speak for certain men.
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  15. innaf39

    innaf39 Member

    I learned that there are several ways of alcohol abuse, if you feel uncomfortable then you should definitely change your lifestyle.

    If not, then you should talk to your friends about the way they treat you and your lifestyle, maybe they are just curious about if you need support or not.
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  16. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    Playing with fire and complaining when you get burnt is a far cry from getting wasted drunk and “allowing” the “gang” to have sex with your comatose body. I say allowing because she continues to drink and do the same things; that is her choice.
    The first time or two I may feel sorry for her and try to console and advice her. After that like you I would steer clear and she would be on her own; doing as she “chooses”.
    I do agree that women do have more to “lose” than men do. Heck a gorgeous guy can get drunk pass out and very few women would rape or have sex with him. If a sexy girl gets drunk and passes out many men would not think twice about having wild sex with her. I would suggest to those disgusting “guys” to reconsider the fire they are playing with. One day the “old rag” they pass around like a rag doll could just wake up and file charges against them.
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  17. Loopulk

    Loopulk Member

    Is having a piece of cake every day okay? Is eating two Big Macs every day okay? It might not have short term consequences, but they will add up. This is the case with you drinking alcohol each night. You might not get drunk and vomit, but you're surely harming your health.
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  18. greybird29

    greybird29 Active Contributor

    Hey Hannah how is it going? Best wishes all is well with you; we would love to hear an update from you. I hope you have fit in a few days when you have not drank at all; if not it may be a good idea try and go one day or two without drinking at all. See how being totally sober for more than 24 hours makes you feel. You are the one that has to decide if drinking each and every day is an issue for you and your life style. It has been proven time and time again that excessive alcohol use will eventually affect your health. Best wishes you are doing well, happy and healthy.
  19. sillylucy

    sillylucy Community Champion

    I think it is a problem when you start to ask yourself it is a problem or you try to deny that you have one. If other people are telling you that you have one or if you are neglecting big things at home and work then you might have a problem. It is okay to drink socially, but if you feel the need to drink every day then you might want to take a break to see if you really can stop.
  20. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild Community Champion

    No matter what we do in life, we must try not to compare ourselves with others. We must learn to stand out, be unique, be different, be the one people look up to.

    We must be responsible for all our actions and above all, be ready to judge ourselves and not let others do it for us. As adults, we know what is right and what is wrong. Some things do not agree with our consciences, this is enough to keep us in check.