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Is marijuana addictive?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by JulianWilliams, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams Active Contributor

    I've heard some people say marijuana is addictive and I've heard some people say it isn't. I'm not sure what to think abut this subject now. Are there some proper studies regarding this issue, and what were their conclusions?
  2. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    I typically would type out a full paragraph on how pot is addictive, including study links to credible sources. Unfortunately my phone is going to die soon, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Addiction is possible with anything that gives a good feeling of any kind. So yes, sense people enjoy the effects of marijuana, they can (and typically do) become addicted to it.
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  3. JulianWilliams

    JulianWilliams Active Contributor

    In this case I suppose the claims that it's a gateway drug, leading to people using even more damaging drugs are true. A big problem has to be its "cool" image, where a lot of artists covertly promote it. I remember a Snoop Dogg video where he slowly exhales some really white smoke, which is obviously Marijuana smoke. It's this sort of stuff that's not helping us at all in the goal of reducing consumption.
  4. Morvack

    Morvack Active Contributor

    It can be a gateway drug, but is not always one. It was a gateway drug for two people I know.

    Yep, that is one of our biggest problems. Pots "cool" association. People like snoop dog don't realize they are indirectly killing kids my promoting the gangster life style in general, not just pot. One thing people don't realize is that if an opinion is stated to someone else enough, that person will start to believe it. Even if said opinion makes no sense. So all of these sources of said opinion are really just brainwashing people.

    The people who smoke pot and the supporters of it are typically under informed.

    my biggest fear is that this loss in iQ points of pot users will be passed down to their kids. So when marijuana becomes legal, American society will burn down in a cloud of pot smoke. We will eventually become idiocracy (it's a movie).
  5. mommyof4

    mommyof4 Member

    I have watched several of my loved ones battle trying to stop Marijuana so just from personal experience I would have to say it is addictive. If it wasn't then why can't so many people stop using it!
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  6. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    Research in the past several years has been showing its potential for addiction. I have spoken with people who regularly smoke it too. They experience withdrawal effects often seen in other substance abuse. Irritability, depression, and fatigue are only a few.

    This article has references:

    The image put out by pop culture figures is a huge detriment. Morvack, you said people like snoop dog don't realize the impact they have such as promoting gang violence, but maybe they just don't care?
  7. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    I would say that I used to be psychologically addicted to marijuana but not physically. I did not feel ill or have withdrawals when I stopped smoking but that persistent little nagging thought that I would like some. Anything can be addictive, food, sex, exercise, but some addictions are harder to quit than others. I found it harder to quit smoking cigarettes than I did marijuana so it's all relative.
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  8. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    That's true, juliaintheclouds. I think some substances are physically more difficult to quit. Yet there is some research showing marijuana can be physically addicting to. However, it is not to the same intensity as cigarettes. Are not cigarettes just as addicting as heroin? The new york times has an article on it I think.

    By the way, congratulations on quitting cigarettes :) that's great to hear.
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  9. elles-belles

    elles-belles Community Champion

    I think any substance or drug that gives you a feeling of euphoria can be potentially addictive, so yes marijuana can be addictive.

    I know people who can't live without smoking it on a daily basis and feel that it somehow helps them with setting their day off. They get grumpy and almost depressed when they haven't smoked it and that to me seems like signs of an addiction. It disrupts their whole day if they haven't smoked it and they only go back to being chirpy and bearable after having a few puffs of it.
  10. Charli

    Charli Community Champion

    Anything can be addictive if the right person gravitated to it. I think what the people on the negative side are pertaining to its lack of qualities as a physically addictive substance. No one ever gets the shakes from not having a smoke of this and instead the possible addiction is mostly only psychological, but the good thing about it is that it's not the type of substance that gets anyone addicted to the point where they would steal or kill someone just to get a fix.
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  11. zaerine

    zaerine Community Champion

    I have read somewhere before that there is a substance on marijuana that makes it addictive. I think anything can be addictive since there are lots of types of addiction already existing and some might not even known by us. It is an illegal substance here and really better to avoid using/taking this.
  12. juliaintheclouds

    juliaintheclouds Active Contributor

    I have heard that it's harder to quit cigarettes than heroin! I've thankfully never tried heroin so I really have no comparison but I'd imagine the easy availability and social acceptance of cigarettes must play into it a bit. When I quit cigs I didn't feel ill or have massive withdrawals like you see with heroin but I felt like I had a big weight on my chest for a while and I was really prone to crying! I can see why so many people find it hard to get through that first week.
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  13. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    I've never smoked cigarettes, but my boyfriend has. He's been in the process of quitting for awhile now and has finally been cigarette free for about a month now. Instead, he uses electronic cigarettes.

    I did smoke marijuana for awhile, and there were withdrawal effects. The depression and irritability was bad.
  14. primalclaws1974

    primalclaws1974 Senior Contributor

    People who rely heavily on pot will tell you it is not addicting, and not even see the irony in it. These are also the people that are likely to tell you of all the "good" it does for your body, as if you were taking a multi-vitamin. I have seen how daily users act when they don't have their weed. They get testy and some even turn violent. If that is not an addiction, then what is it? No, they probably don't have withdrawal symptoms, but it's not as innocent as eating too many sweets. When I get cut off from eating chocolate I don't get mad and break things.
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  15. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    This reminds me of someone I knew who said he smoked marijuana for his ADHD. Yet, he failed the class. He usually came to class high, didn't take notes, didn't have his homework done, and didn't pay attention.
  16. LitoLawless

    LitoLawless Senior Contributor

    I would have to say that technically it's not addictive. Although a lot of studies say so, I have seen a lot of my friends unable to do anything without smoking weed beforehand. That sounds like addiction to me.
  17. xTinx

    xTinx Community Champion

    Yes, excessive intake of marijuana can cause changes to the brain which may eventually lead to destructive addiction. Marijuana contains components that affect the brain's performance and eventually disrupt normal behavioral patterns. For more facts on marijuana, you may visit this government website.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Active Contributor

    I can speak from my own experience, that it is not addictive, at least not in a physical way like cigarettes do, I smoked weed for almost 16 months, and I quit it in the 10th of December of the last year, and so far I at least can say I did not feel withdrawal symptoms, and about the fact if is a gateway drug or not, I may say that depends on the person, because I only have tried Marihuana and LSD, but since I started to smoke pot, even when I smoked for so many followed days and the effect was weak, I never thought of going out and getting a more powerful drug, by example I always said that I would never try cocaine, and I did never used cocaine, so is just about knowing that there are some drugs that are really addictive like that one, or heroin, so yeah I used weed and I leave it without any withdrawal symptoms, but there is something that I must clarify and it's the next:

    I never smoked it in cigarette (with the paper), I smoked in little quantities various times per day (never a whole cigarette in one day), I smoked it in a pipe, a little cigarette of the size of a tobacco cigarette could last for me for even 2 weeks (not smoking daily but 3 or 4 days per week) that way I used to get high with a small quantity, and thanks to smoking it in a pipe, I saved my lungs from those toxic chemicals that are in the paper.

    I think that people that gets really addicted to marihuana is because they smoke a lot, here in my neighborhood I see people smoking for once a weed cigarette, and they can smoke up to three weed cigarettes per day, I never used that amount in one day, and in my opinion that is a lot.
  19. Winterybella

    Winterybella Community Champion

    I trust by now you have the answer to your question. There was never any doubt in my mind that marijuana like most any other thing can be addictive. It still saddens me that so many trivialize it use. That said here is an article that makes for some interesting reading.
  20. Jybrael

    Jybrael Member

    Anything that can be used to escape reality, give a feeling of euphoria can become an addiction it could be alcohol, it could be smoking and it could even be marijuana. A lot of people might try to go against me and say no, marijuana is not addictive but in reality it can be. So are video games...or are they going to argue that video games aren't addictive as well? I know people that lost their families wasting a lot of time playing games. Just listen to your heart and do your research and I am sure you will find the correct answer.