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Is marijuana the same thing as cannabis?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Peter Grinspoon, May 25, 2020.

  1. Although many people think there is no difference between the terms “marijuana” and “cannabis”, their meaning is not quite the same. Cannabis is usually taken as a short name for products derived from the most popular version of the cannabis plant, called Cannabis Sativa. Hemp, also known as industrial hemp is a variety of this plant with a high concentration of CBD cannabidiol, which has no psychoactive characteristics.

    Marijuana is a word, usually used when talking about parts of the plant or products with a high concentration of THC. Significant presents of this compound can have serious effects on the mental state of the consumers.
  2. I am wondering what the difference is between the marijuana used for medicinal purposes (prescribed by a doctor) and marijuana that is purchased on the street. I imagine the chance of that which is purchased on the street could be laced with fentanyl. But are the levels of THC the same or what other differences and similarities are there?
  3. MrMaheu1983

    MrMaheu1983 Member

    Thank you for this, i didn't know the difference.
  4. nieprophsono

    nieprophsono Active Contributor

    Moreover, there is a big difference between regular marijuana and medical. Medical marijuana contains more CBD than regular, that's why it's "medical". Some people just use pure CBD for medical purposes. I know a guy who prefers medical CBD, because he had heard that vaporising CBD can cause lung damage. He buys this stuff from Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Queens and use it 2 times a week. I tried this stuff. It makes you sleepy. And, as this guy says, it relieves pain.
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  5. Invisible

    Invisible Active Contributor

    Not true. There is no difference between medical marijuana and recreation marijuana.

    Look at the menu. Little to no CBD in most. The ONLY difference between someone with a medical card vs someone with no card is the price. Click the slider on the top right to medical and check.

    There are a couple high CBD lower THC strains. Most are not. CBD does nothing by itself. You can get 20% CBD .00001 THC at any local corner store here and I promise you it has no medical properties.

    THC is the medicine, very high levels of it.
  6. ohoward1987

    ohoward1987 Member

    I also used to think that marijuana and cannabis are the same thing, but now thanks to your explanation, I realized that I was wrong. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! What about СBD oils? Is it something similar to these substances? I have heard that they can be useful even for рets, especially for dealing with anxiety and getting rid of stress. I once came across an article on the forum about how useful CBD for pets are and I immediately tried it on my pet, these oils were really effective
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  7. landmarkboston1

    landmarkboston1 Active Contributor

    They’re both terms for a cannabis plant rife with complex cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBN. But calling it ‘pot’ or ‘weed’ versus ‘cannabis’ does bring to mind different associations, and have their own effects on the perceptions of others. I use the word ‘cannabis’ because I think it legitimizes referring to this thing by its truest identity: a plant.
  8. Invisible

    Invisible Active Contributor

    Right, cannabis is simply the hemp plant. At least in the states, on the federal level once it contains more than .003% THC, it is now marijuana.

    Also, my statement on CBD is not totally correct. There are lots of things it seems to cure. However high THC probably has more medical properties for the majority. There are a few strains that are high in thc and cbd I want to try.
  9. seb345

    seb345 Member

    I personally have been using CBD oil for a while now ad I really like it. it helps me with my anxiety I feel like you might find it useful as well. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for many months now even before the pandemic and with the self-isolation it kind of flared up all those problems that I had. While I was at home I ran out of CBD oil and I kind of panicked for a while. I decided to go online and order some more and that was when I discovered edibles. It never really occurred to me that I could just eat a gummy and it would help me out. I decided to order some and give them a go. After some research regarding who makes the best cbd gummy bears I settled on a brand and ordered it. I didn't really know what to expect but the results were really nice and I switched to edibles now. I hope you can work through your issues and everything will work out fine.
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  10. actually seems to be very effective, wanna try it. Marijuana is used for various purposes, I work in pharmaceutical medicine, and I know that it is described in various studies as therapeutic, but it depends on the dose. Nowadays, in modern times, you can just buy, at your discretion, and not worry about the recipes, but it still costs money. Therefore, it is easier to grow at home. If you have any questions about this topic, you can write in PM, or check which also tells everything. Be healthy, and take care of your cats.
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  11. HeidyD

    HeidyD Member

    Definitely they are the same. It is the same plant, bro! It is just because of the different regions and the name of this plant also different. But in general, is the same. You don't have to worry about the name you have to look for the quality and for the results that you can have using CBD. Recently I had bad flu and nothing helped me, don't worry it wasn't COVID lol. So my friend shared this site. From there I ordered a natural CBD oil and learned how to use it correctly. I ended with my flu in some days, isn't it great?!
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  12. Mannsean

    Mannsean Member

    These terms are really different actually. And I would really like to answer another question that someone asked above. There is either no difference between the "street" cannabis, and the one from the coffee shop, or a very great one. It depends, the one you get from the streets could have grown in some really bad conditions, and as you said the thc level might also be affected. I have actually found another product which could be better than mj, from the point of dealing wiht anxiety or depression. The kratom uses to help me a lot from this point of view, I am using some extract, and you know, it actually helps a lot.
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  13. lovecraftXIX

    lovecraftXIX Active Contributor

    There are no differences, this one and the same plant only has different names. The official name for marijuana is cannabis, and the term is widely used in medicine.
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  14. bomjik

    bomjik Member

    Marijuana and cannabis have several subspecies, which may be similar to each other, but in fact, they are different plants, as well as foreign substances. That's why it is worth studying the information about the plant first and then having a conversation on the forum.
    With all the facts that there are to date, I can highlight a single valuable resource, and it can be found at It is one of those few quality products that I use pretty often to avoid confusion between the names.
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  15. buratinos

    buratinos Member

    Cannabis stands for the substance CBD while marijuana is the plant
  16. azazello

    azazello Member

    Do you know any CBD drink recipes?
  17. teslastar

    teslastar Member

    Adding tinctures to alcoholic cocktails or, if you prefer, non-alcoholic cocktails instead of oil will allow for better blending. However, if you like the earthy taste that natural hemp oil sometimes offers, you can opt for it instead. Even better, some people report that adding CBD to their drink limits or reduces the likelihood of a hangover. There are a lot of recipes like this, and it's simply not realistic to remember them. So when I need a new recipe, I take it from and make it. Most of all, I like to use drinks with water-soluble products.
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  18. CholeBur

    CholeBur Member

    I completely agree with you. I grow marijuana professionally for medical purposes and sometimes use it myself in everyday life. I am wildly annoyed by the people who do not understand the simple things that you have just explained. I use different top LED grow lights for different sorfts of sativa, and when someone buys medicine from me, these people constantly generalize these terms into one. For an understanding person, this is very insulting, especially for someone who grows marijuana. Thank you so much for highlighting this topic to other people, I hope many will understand and distinguish it now. I wish you success and good luck!
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  19. kellywet20

    kellywet20 Member

    Not the same. They differ from this basic one in that they contain a different concentration. tincture of CBD. For medical purposes, it is used as follows: a few drops of flowers are placed under the tongue for a minute and a half to two minutes. Often it combines well with other medicines. Many people buy it in order to use it further. But the difference is that the desired result is achieved and not the intoxication effect.
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