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Is Ritalin the teenager's starter cocaine?

Discussion in 'Prescription Drugs' started by JoanMcWench, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. JoanMcWench

    JoanMcWench Community Champion

    I've been noticing a dramatic spike in the abuse of Ritalin with teenagers. Part of me wonders how they come to the conclusion that this is something they should do. In interviews it seems like teens are learning how to abuse things with the help of the internet. I understand there is an inherent curiosity in teens but what leads you to smash up your Ritalin & snort it?
  2. bsthebenster

    bsthebenster Community Champion

    Well it's a stimulant. Just like cocaine, meth and Adderall. It has recreational value and that's why they do it. It's also rather cheap.
  3. missbishi

    missbishi Community Champion

    The media is full of stories on celebrity drug abuse so it's no surprise that teens know which drugs will have an effect. Plus, there is limitless information on the internet on how to prepare these pills for snorting etc.

    I suspect that the majority of the teens who are using Ritalin are using it to juggle the demands of studying and work.
  4. serenity

    serenity Community Champion

    I remember hearing about Ritalin and how teenagers snort that thing up when I read about it in Seventeen magazine during the late 90's. Well, you know how teenagers are, they like to experiment on all types of things, especially sex and drugs, so no wonder they turn to just about anything to get high.
  5. timelord731

    timelord731 Senior Contributor

    I always thought of it as prescription speed, so I guess. I never loved stimulation, so there's that.
  6. blur92

    blur92 Senior Contributor

    It's our culture that leads to abuse. Using drugs is often glorified, especially in the music industry. At that point of development teenagers are looking to role models to aid in developing their own identity. They see in music videos and hear in the lyrics about substance abuse being a way to party. I don't necessarily think Ritalin leads to cocaine abuse. Instead, negative influences do.
  7. JohnBrock

    JohnBrock Active Contributor

    I'm fairly sure that the rise of Ritalin usage is not due to the internet, but word of mouth. At my college it took very little time before we started talking about recreational Ritalin use. I think it just speaks to the nature of youngsters who are pressured hard in college, we need a way to cope with the work-load, and we're used to overconsumption of coffee and sugar in an order to meet that need, so using medicine prescribed for attention deficit disorders doesn't seem like to big a step.
  8. HugsNotDrugs

    HugsNotDrugs Active Contributor

    The kids do it because they hear about other kids doing it, they just use the internet to research it. Honestly, I think it's better that they can research dosage and whatnot if they're going to do it anyways.

    Most kids see their friends do it and raise their GPA or lose weight and they go hey, I want to do that too!
  9. asfandsh

    asfandsh Member

    Ritalin is easily available in India, and many of the online pharmacies that supply the drug are from India. The cost of Ritalin is fairly low compared to the United States, so some people prefer to buy it online. Ritalin is just one component of the nootropics family, that enhances attention and makes you feel awake. I had a friend who used to consume 40mg/day and his study efficiency increased multifold, whereas another friend experienced increased attention at activities classified as procrastination. Teenagers may start taking it for recreational purpose, but may feel it is necessary once their exams begin. There were also talks of urine tests for Ritalin before exams.
  10. vegito12

    vegito12 Community Champion

    Teenagers think there is nothing wrong or, they see others abusing it start to do it too and don't think what can happen to the body and affects it can do to it. Since it is bought online and assumed the person will use it for good use it is not monitored too well. The charges for these drugs can be severe in Bali you would face the death sentence most likely would be very hard to appeal there.
  11. ProShell

    ProShell Member

    When I was a college kid, everyone was looking for an edge.

    People would fight over the best places to study, best access to coffee or tea, best places to sit in class so that the professor would see and notice you, and the front seats during recitation so that the graders would know you by name and face.

    It's no surprise that these same young adults were willing to go beyond the limits and seek an advantage, but it's disappointing that so many of them would misuse prescription drugs to do so.
  12. karmaskeeper

    karmaskeeper Community Champion

    there is no way in hell I'd put my kid on that drug or any other for that matter. I think it is used way to much by kids. I have even known parents that give more to their kids then the prescribed dosage .
  13. Tsky45

    Tsky45 Community Champion

    Ritalin is a drug that can make you a zombie. The reason teenagers are using this, is because they know it can put you in another world. A while ago I heard they did research on this drug and said it could be as addictive as cocaine. Why someone would want to snort this up there nose baffles me. This stuff shouldn't even be used for medical reasons, and definitely not to get high with.
  14. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu Community Champion

    Like many legitimate medications prescribed for real medical issues there is the potential for abuse or the potential of somebody being misdiagnosed and receiving it. It doesn't mean that it is always the fault of the medication. I do belive that ADD & or ADHD or being over-diagnosed but I also believe Ritalin has legitimately helped those that actually need it.