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Is there any way to use my parents plan without them knowing

Discussion in 'Low Cost and Free Treatment' started by TrixR4Kidz, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Don't underestimate the resources you can find IN rehab as well. Share what you're going through, let them guide and help you if they can. At this point you need advocates, and people that are there to worry about you. That's the main concern right now. Reach out for support and I think you'll be surprised at what you find.
  2. stagsonline

    stagsonline Active Contributor

    The fact that are willing to do anything to get help means that you are ready to take the bold step: accepting that you need help, genuine help. Lets say you use their insurance, what happens after they find out? They will definitely know that you have been abusing drugs behind their backs and even went all the way to use their insurance for rehab. That would not go well.

    My suggestion is this, be bold and talk to them about it. Accept that you have an addiction and you are willing to go for rehab. A parent who is concerned will actually do all the best to get you the necessary help.
  3. Nick W.

    Nick W. Community Listener Community Listener

    Not to be mean here, but talking to an abusive parent is about as helpful as a ham sandwich at a Bar-Mitzvah at this point. It seems that it would be equally as helpful as coming out of rehab and living in a crack house. Unless the root problem is addressed, stress, fear, and abuse, are only going to lead down a similar path. Step 1 needs to be getting help for the root problem.
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  4. TheKid

    TheKid Active Contributor

    No, I believe that would be impossible. They will find out one way or another.
  5. mimsee

    mimsee Active Contributor

    Tasha is absolutely right. You have to know WHY you're addicted to ever be able to get better. Rehab will definitely help you identify what it is that's going on for you that's causing your addiction. Trying to sneak rehab onto your parents' insurance will only exacerbate the problem, though. They'll find out and be upset that you tried to hide it from them.
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  6. lin-duh

    lin-duh Member

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible. I agree with the others -- maybe you can talk to another family member about the situation. You shouldn't go through this alone, and you shouldn't try to hide it from your parents -- I think doing so will only make it worse. I hope that things pan out for you. I know that addiction is a very scary thing.
  7. cc1001

    cc1001 Member

    I can understand how painful it is being in an abusive family. My step-dad was abusive to my mom and to all of my brothers and sisters. It was traumatic situation and I don't think I have fully recovered form it. If you need to go to rehab and realize you have a problem I congratulate you because some people stay in denial about their problem and will not seek help for it. Try to talk to your mom about it the problem and see if she can help you regarding it and getting to rehab because as it was previously mentioned your parents will probably find out about the insurance thing I don't think there is a way to hide it from them.
  8. HerrKaze

    HerrKaze Member

    Ploys and maneuvers aren't going to lead you to the results you want. Your stance here is tragically typical, and that in itself is a huge problem, but you cannot go through this on your own, and definitely not on the back of a scheme. If your parents aren't an option(which they should be), you need to find somebody, or something else to turn to. There are options.
  9. tasha

    tasha Community Listener Community Listener

    You have come this far to recognise that you need help!! Does it really matter if you let your parents know? The biggest and hardest step has already been taken and that is YOUR decision to go to rehab. Congratulations on being strong enough to make that decision. Your parents might not be happy or they might seem dissappointed but all they want is for you to be happy and of course healthy. Let them in and tell them what is going on so that you can get support when you need it the most.....when you are out of rehab and need to move forward.
  10. popcorn365

    popcorn365 Member

    I've read through all of the comments above and I mean no disrespect to anyone on this thread because I know you are all trying to help BUT just because two people procreated, made a life and are your parents legally does not mean they are your support system and that you must share with them your problems in order for things to get better. I'm thirty years old and have two parents that haven't been a support system for me in roughly 20 years. If I needed help, they are the last place on earth I would go for it or support and even if I did, I wouldn't get help from them anyways. Just because they brought you into the world doesn't mean they love you or are going to help you. I have a few friends, older and my age, that have been my rock since I was a 10 year old girl. They are with me to this day. Just because someone is family by blood, doesn't mean they are family and that they need to know your problems.

    Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone but I would suggest trying to find a free program to get involved in and in this case it sounds like there is a very good reason to not be going to the parents for help!
  11. mkCampbell

    mkCampbell Active Contributor

    I can't think of a way to do it under their insurance and not being found out. The bills, EOB's, and such would all still come to the address of the policy holder. Would they not? I think it's time to seek their help as well or that of an understanding family member.
  12. Davienna

    Davienna Community Champion

    I understand that you don't want to tell them, as they may not even know about your addiction. I am however sure they would be happy to know you have decided to go to rehab but it would be in your best interest to choose another route or simply gather the courage to tell them. All the best to you my dearest.
  13. cameronpalte

    cameronpalte Active Contributor

    I would guess that there is pretty much now way you could use your parent's plan without them knowing it. However, if your father is being abusive / if you are in an abusive home you should go get outside help and not have to worry about using your parents plan.
  14. I am pretty sure that if you are a minor and under your parents plan they are sent an Explanation of Benefits and this will explain where you went and who you were seen by.
  15. NikkiDesrosiers

    NikkiDesrosiers Senior Contributor

    In most cases your parents will be contacted by the insurance company regarding the services that are being paid for by their insurance. Your doctors are not allowed to tell them -- but the insurance company is not barred from contacting them. Your best bet is to contact your local clinic and ask them about free resources regarding dependence treatment in your area -- they should be able to lead you in the right direction. Do try to remember that yes, your family may be disappointed - and yes there may be consequences but your family loves you and they will likely support your decision to seek help.